VonShef Filter Coffee Machine Drip Maker : Five Stars

Currently sits in the kitchen and gets set each night for the following morning. We live in a shared house so ideal for making three/four mugs from a half-full reservoir. Well worth the money, does the job and easy to keep clean.

Really good coffee maker works like a dream and makes a really nice mug of coffee, providing you buy good coffee to use in it.

I would call it excellent if the pot had removable top.

Very fast delivery of excellent product.

The new design coffee/filter holder is oval and is too deep to use with paper filters. The hot water/coffee spills out of the filter into the jug. I much preferred the old model that i purchased about 2 years ago but, sadly, it has stopped working.

This is exactly as i expected.

It is only programmable to a very low degree. . And has to be reprogrammed whenever it is switched off at the mains.

It has a large capacity for entertaining. I use paper filters and that is fine.

  • Nothing more needed for a coffee lover
  • Lovely coffee with no fuss.
  • Good efficient machine that makes coffee ready for me in

VonShef Filter Coffee Machine Drip Maker, 14 Cup, Digital 24 Hour Timer, Reusable Filter, Hot Plate

VonShef 1.8L Filter Coffee Maker

Prepare the perfect cup of coffee with ease with this Filter Coffee Machine.

Clear backlit LCD display with programmable timer gives you the freedom to enjoy freshly filtered coffee whenever you like. Whether you like your caffeine fix first thing in the morning or to combat the mid-afternoon slump, this appliance makes coffee making convenient.

The VonShef Coffee Maker comes with a removable funnel and removable filter, saving you the expense of buying paper filters.

Large 1.8L glass jug with cup markings holds enough for up to 14 cups of coffee – that’s more than enough to see you through the day or brew up a round. The jug comes complete with a lid to keep coffee fresh.

The Coffee Maker also comes equipped with a handy hotplate, which will keep coffee warm for up to 35 minutes.

Clear water gauge with markers lets you see how full the coffee machine, so you can brew just as much as you need.

Strong yet sleek stainless steel/ black design adds a contemporary touch to the kitchen.

Great for use in the home or office.

Size: 32.8 x 23.6 x 42.8 cm
Power: 1000W
Capacity: 1.8L

Comes with coffee measuring spoon!

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Very pleased with this coffee machine ,good quality ,nice to look at. It is good to be able to make coffee in one go instead of having to fill it up again as it holds quite a bit.

Fresh pots ready when i wake up :-).

Looks good and makes a lovely coffee x.

This is a really great coffee maker, really easy to use and makes great coffee. The timer means you can wake up to the smell of coffee in the morning.

Good flavor, easy cleaning, easy programming.

Great coffee maker for the price. Mine had a small scratch on it, but i am overlooking this because it’s such a good product.

Coffee mad : arrived as advised, in good condition and product is as described. Vonshef had been very helpful and offered good customer service. The only downside is that the glass mug is not thick enough to sustain the heat and will crack sooner that desired, which had been a problem o our previous model. Nevertheless, still a good product.

Promptly delivered and well packaged. Good efficient machine that makes coffee ready for me in the morning (on the timer). Reason it is not getting 5 stars is that it takes quite a lot of preparation to get rid of the plastic taste at first. I ran a cycle with a pint of white vinager and 2 cycles with salt and bicarb of soda, as suggested by another amazon commentator. Plus another ten runs with just water. Now we are enjoying freshly brewed coffee in the morning.

  • Nothing more needed for a coffee lover
  • Lovely coffee with no fuss.
  • Good efficient machine that makes coffee ready for me in

VonShef Filter Coffee Machine Drip Maker, 14 Cup, Digital 24 Hour Timer, Reusable Filter, Hot Plate

Very quick in making coffee better than other coffee makers i have owned.

Recipient likes it and was very pleased. It looks good and is easy to use and clean.

Stays hot on 30 min hot plate.

Had this a while now very good value, makes lovely coffee would defo recommend. Bought it for its size more than anything. Looks good in kitchen easy to clean.

Keeps coffee hot for 30 mins after.

Good quality and value and excellent packaging.

Great little machine for the money, would defo recommed to any coffee lover. Timer function is easy and quick to set with the delay brew switch left on over night, then awaking to the smell of fresh coffee. Perfect 🙂 for just under £25 you can’t go wrong.

Does everything it’s supposed to. Huge capacity and a timer so you can get up to the smell off fresh coffee wafting through the house. We recently had 4 guests staying with us and, with so many people in the house it proved invaluable.😉👍 it also looks like a professional product too.

I had a coffee machine from vonshef before and was really pleased with it. Unfortunately i broke the jar. I decided therefore to treat myself to a new machine. I love the new metallic design. It’s really easy to operate and makes a good cup of coffee.

I wake up to a lovely hot brewed coffee every morning. It’s amazing and keeps the coffee hot for ages. Buying my nephew one for christmas.

My husband is very pleased with this coffee maker, he only drinks decaff so this is exclusively for his coffee. He likes the fact that it turns off after a while, no more coffee tasting stewed, he just pours it out and puts it in the microwave for 1. 20 mins and is ready to drink. Makes six mugs of coffee to keep him going all day.

It makes 5 x good mugs of coffee in one go (my last one just about did 3. 5), easy to fill both water and ground coffee without spilling. The coffee doesn’t spill out when brewing thanks to the deep container. It looks good and is great value for money.

I particularly wanted a machine with a good sized jug for when we have visitors and one with an integral filter. This one scores on both counts. I can just about squeeze six mugs out of it and five easily. It’s easy to set up and operate, brewing is quick and the coffee tastes good. I would give it five stars but for three things. Firstly, it turns itself off after 35 minutes. Apparently modern regulations dictate this, but it’s a pity you can’t override it like you can on some other machines. Secondly, the window for the water reservoir is angled slightly towards the rear so when you are filling the reservoir you have to peer more than halfway round the machine (or turn the machine) so you can see when to stop – an irritating design flaw. Thirdly, the brewing process leaves rather a lot of water (presumably from condensation) at the top of the machine, particularly inside the lid. It’s not really a problem, but none of my previous machines was this bad.

I bought the coffee maker on-line as a christmas gift for my son. It was an immediate hit with him and met all expectations. Easy to use, performed very well and looked sharp. Also, delivery was completed within days based on my order from the u.

First it does what its made for and its very good, however like several other machines it has its issues. It needs slightly more water than required to match the mug(s) capacity as there are so many underlid areas that form condensation ‘puddles’ that do not drain through the coffee filter into the jug. Then when you open the lid, the condensation flows back down the lid into the reservoir but also dribbles a little down the outside leaving watermarks. Then there is a flat bottom to the filter casket, which does not drain, beneath this there is a further flat area again does not drain. None of these affect the coffee flavour, but are a nuisance to have to dry off after use, something our 10+ year old £15 machine did not require, hence the 3 stars rather than 5. The jug also has to be almost turned upside down to drain all the coffee then the lid flaps open, why is it designed with so little practical input.

I’ve drunk better coffee from a machine, but for its value when i got it (30 pounds, now it is 22), it is quite good. If you look for something decent but cheap i would recommend.

I bought this to replace yet another expensive espresso machine and decided i wasn’t going to pay that sort of price again so i chose this filter job. It makes a very good cup of coffee with minimum fuss that tastes just as good and brews in the same time and with my lovely krups milk frother and same brand of ground coffee i’m quids in. I agree that the plastic used feels a bit flimsy and the glass pot is none too sturdy but with care it should survive. It’s a bit bigger than i thought and has quite a large footprint but i can live with that so i’m pleased with it and wish i’d bought this type of coffee maker before.

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