VonShef Food Mixer – 1000W Electric Stand Mixer : Been looking at buying one of these for a while

Excellent product, works well, offering very good vfm.

It’s lightweight & easy to clean. My only gripe is the noise but i knew it would be loud when i got it. The motor did sound like it was struggling when beating the dough but i’d still give it 5 stars and still recommend to everyone.

Very good but can’t do small mixes as misses the bottom.

I brought it for mixing bread dough and its does an excellent job.

The paddle supplied with this machine does not (in our opinion) beat butter and icing sugar together well enough to make a light smooth mixture. It does mix but not as well as the mixer it was bought to replace. Cakes have all turned out well from small sponge cupcakes through to very fruity christmas cakes. Please note that this mixer is very noisy and it is impossible to have a conversation in the vicinity of the mixer. Also it cannot be run for more than 5 minutes at a time which makes beating a smooth light mixture a bit of a challenge. When putting the bowl in place care needs to be taken not to make it too tight as it can be difficult to remove without help.

Easy to use mixer, comes with splash guard.

I have only used it once so far and it went very well. I have only used a hand mixer before and i was not sure what to expect. It was quiet and simple to use. The price was reasonable and it looks very smart on my worktop in my new kitchen.

This was a christmas present for my wife as she is a keen baker. The outcome from her using it has been overwhelmingly positive and has made her life much easier with baking. It’s very straightforward to use. Easy to clean components and seems like it will have a long life. Would highly recommend to a friend.

  • Good for the price but has downsides!

  • Excellent for the price

  • With being disabled and used to be an avid baker

VonShef Red Food Mixer – 1000W Electric Stand Mixer with 4.5 Litre Mixing Bowl & Splash Guard – Includes Beater, Dough Hook & Balloon Whisk – for Cake, Batter, Bread, Desserts and More


VonShef 1000W Red Stand Mixer

VonShef 1000W Black Stand Mixer

VonShef 1000W Stand Mixer

VonShef 1000W Stand Mixer

VonShef 1000W Stand Mixer

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Splater guard is a little difficult to keep in place but works well once in fitted.

I like the design nice and easy to use.

I make a lot of doughs, and it’s very shaky when i use it. Other than this it gets the job done well and it is very easy to use.

Easy to use but the balloon whisk has started scraping on the bowl after a few uses. Also a lot of movement even when the sucker pads are fully on the work top.

Made bread dough and a cake and some icing did it all very well the dough it didn’t like till it was the right amount of liquid but soon as it got past the start made a nice dough.

It seems ok but doesnt appear to be capable of any thing heavy duty. Motor sounded under duress almost immediately. Worried as the connections are plastic.

I love this is a lovely little mixer clean and quiet i could bake all the time.

We brought this for my mum for christmas she very pleased with its easy to use a nice size doesn’t take to much room so she can keep it out to use any time thank you just needs a cover for it now she says my mum is 81 likes to do her own cooking and likes to make a lot of cakes.

  • Good for the price but has downsides!

  • Excellent for the price

  • With being disabled and used to be an avid baker

VonShef Red Food Mixer – 1000W Electric Stand Mixer with 4.5 Litre Mixing Bowl & Splash Guard – Includes Beater, Dough Hook & Balloon Whisk – for Cake, Batter, Bread, Desserts and More

For the price this is a ok mixer, not used the dough hook yet. The negatives;mixers (blade and whisk) don’t go to base of the bowl, therefore requires a lot of scraping down and mixing the bottomthe arm of the mixer doesn’t lift high enough above the bowl, this makes it awkward to add ingredients and mix the bottom (see point above)the plastic shield pushes onto the mixer but falls off and not very snug fittingthe blade part isn’t metal so not sure how long this will hold up, the whisk and the dough hook aregood points;lightweight but moves around a bit when on high speeds with a lot of ingredientsbowl easy to remove and cleandoes the job for the prices but would recommend spending a bit more as the negatives really bother me.

 i was looking for a mixer but i dind’t want to spend a lot of money. I used it with a bun dough (500gr) and, although the mixer isn’t too sturdy, it could with it. I add a video with the noise that it does at maximum power, at lower power it does less noise. Of course it beats the whites of the eggs until they are stiff. I would like to have a bigger bowl but it is a good value for the money.

Very pleased with this mixer. Excellent quality and very sturdy. Delivery was 1st class service and was kept informed about when it was delivered. Like the royal mail service as i was not worried that it would be delivered if we were out as i knew it would be safe and could collect it the next day, which we did.

Love the mixer, very easy to use and love the colour.

Got this for the wife to get back into baking and she was thrilled. Few batches of cakes, some pizza dough and a few bread dough later all was fine. Then during a whole meal bread mix with the dough hook the casting warped. Looks like it was melted by the motor. The mixer still works but would expect the casing to have lasted longer than a couple of months.

The main reason i bought it was for dough (attah) it does really good with dough however it can only handle a low dosage, if overloaded you can hear the stress of the motor. It would be better if the head could lift even further as it is hard to att stuff into the bowl. Other than that it is neat and compact.

Bought as a wedding gift from the couples list so not able to comment yet.

Haven’t tried this for bread dough but it started to struggle with a thick brownie mix, as expected bread may need to be hand mixed but good product for the price.

Easy to use anames hands down,nd gives excellent results. This manufacturer beats the pricier.

I bought this for my granddaughter for her 13th birthday – she absolutely loves it. Seems well-made and substantial, with various beaters, enabling her to make a variety of cakes etc. It’s solid and i think (hope) will last her for many years to come.

Lovely machine works perfectly and an affordable price.

Been using it for the last few months and happy to recommend it. I read other reviews which highlighted that hooks broke after first use. This hasn’t happened with me, i don’t put extra strain on the machine and use on low speed when dough is really thick. The motor has got the power too and it’s easy to clean.

Been looking at buying one of these for a while now, found this one reasonable price, does the job of a £400 model but only a fraction of the price.

Just a nice size for everyday household cooking, i haven’t had a chance to make much so far but all seems really good. Stable on worktop and not too heavy to lift and put away into cupboard. Very simple to work and change paddles etc.

Simply i just love this product. It made for me pancakes and breads already.

When i first got my mixer i was so excited, it’s such a beautiful colour (red) and it was a nice size so fits underneath cabinets easily and not to heavy to shift back and forth when i need it. I’ve made a few things with it now and it’s been great apart from when it comes to making bread. It’s like it can’t handle the extra work of making the dough and it really slows down and almost sounds like it’s struggling, it does keep going but the speed does drop and the first time it happens i i did worry it was going to stop altogether but i kept it going and did do the job. So mostly i am happy with it, i wouldn’t be using it every day so for me it’s fine but for someone looking to use it more often for bigger masses maybe not so.

I’ve used this so many times now and it is brilliant. It has bungs on the bottom which stick to the surface when using the mixer but are easily lifted when moving it around. It is so easy to clean as you only need to wash the bowl, miser and lid. Everywhere else just needs an easy wipe down with a cloth. Definitely would recommend buying. It took my partner and i 40 minutes to beat some egg whites by hand as we haven’t been in our house long and had nothing to do it with. That same night i bought this machine and it is honestly the best choice ever.

Features and Spesification

  • 8 SPEED SETTINGS & PULSE – choose the setting best suited to your recipe. With a stainless steel dough hook, beater and balloon whisk, this is an essential for baking bread, cakes or making desserts.
  • LARGE 4.5L STAINLESS STEEL BOWL – Use the bowl cover/splashguard to minimise mess when using the attachments, maximum capacity 4.5L, working capacity 3L
  • TILT HEAD DESIGN – easily add ingredients, check progress and add or remove the bowl thanks to tilting head. When 1000W motor is in operation, a blue LED light will illuminate as your power indicator
  • DISHWASHER SAFE – spend less time washing up and more time enjoying your culinary creations thanks to dishwasher-safe stainless steel attachments