VonShef Hot Water Dispenser Instant Kettle/Catering Urn – Great addition to my kitchen!

I’m really pleased with my vonshef i much prefer that i’m in control of how much water i dispense rather than my previous machine. Did have a chemical taste to it which didn’t clear even after flushing it through a few times , but i put half a cup of white vinegar in the tank with the rest filled with water flushed it through then flushed through with just full tanks of water twice more and this completely got rid of the taste , really pleased and wished i had purchased this in the first place also i received 24hours after ordering.

Perfect, should have purchased this piece of kitchen equipment a long time ago, i can get the right amount of boiling water i need for teas, coffees etc. Saving me time & waste of boiling that old kettle. Would highly recommend this product.

A neat machine and fine for a time, then hay ho like others my switch has failed, why does it need it anyway one switch would suffice and yes just before xmas, wonder what customer service will be offered??. For the person who had trouble removing sticky labels just spray with a little furniture polish. Well this company honoured their guarantee and sent a replacement machine. Thank you, it is nice to know there are some that offer a good customer service.

I bought this for my office to help people like me that don’t like coffee (yes, such odd people do exist) and want an individual cup of tea. It’s very simple to use and, unlike a lot of the other dispensers i have seen, it operates on a simple on/off switch and so accommodates mugs of any size. The water comes out very quick with minimal splashing and it has proven a it with staff and visitors alike, due to it’s speed and simplicity.

This has a good capacity for water but i was expecting it to come out much faster than it does, maybe it was me being naive but it trickles out at times and isn’t full flow of water. The other problem is it doesn’t stop at a certain point, numerous times my father has switched it on and turned his back and it’s gone all over the bench so the advice is never take your eyes off it. They should have added a cut off point to stop this happening and it would have been so much better.

Takes a few tanks for the plastic taste to go but once it does it’s excellent. Takes perhaps 30 seconds to fill a mug (i haven’t timed it) which is fine. Wouldn’t recommend if you regularly make lots of drinks at once though as a kettle would be quicker. There’s only 2 of us so it’s perfect.

We had the ‘tefal one cup’ for a number of years and then purchased a ‘bosch filtrino’, which recently packed up, (after several years use i should add). The bosch may have 5 different cup sizes but we use large mugs which meant having to go for two ‘cycles’ and stopping the second halfway through. I had decided to go for the filtrino 2 which is supposed to be quieter than the first, but when trying to order they were out of stock, which turned out to be to our benefit. I have to admit i didn’t put a great deal of faith in this item and only purchased it as a temporary solution, it was half the price of the filtrino 2. It turns out that this product far exceeded our expectations and is our best one yet. It is 1000 watts more powerful than the bosch, yet is really quiet. It is also very fast in comparison, i would not hesitate in recommending the ‘von chef’, i am just thankful that the filtrino 2 was out of stock.

This is just a wonderful machine which was purchased to replace our standard kettle. It produces very hot, maybe even boiling, water at a steady but not too fast a rate. It’s easy to use and refill with cold water and the water container can be detached, if you wish, to be re-filled though we are happy to top up the reservoir by the plastic jug supplied. One final thing, having shopped around other makes before opting for this one, this product does not have different cup settings as others do, as it keeps on pouring until the switch is stopped. However, i find this an advantage as i can stop the flow of boiling water whenever i want, and not when the machine setting does. You cannot of course turn the water flow on and leave the machine to stop automatically. It has to be done manually, but as i said that is what i like, especially when you are looking for more water than a cup or mug-full.

Product is excellent, and does save a lot on using kettles. Just a little tip, to ensure a cup of tea is at it hottest run a little water off before using your cup or mug, this then ensures a perfect cup of tea or coffee. This supplier has a very good customer after sales- we had a small problem occur with one of the switches and contacted the seller-within 24 hours we received a replacement. That is what i call excellent customer care. Seriously you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

Love itbought it for the mrs who has issues with holding a full kettle. Flick the switch and about 20 seconds later hot water comes out. Turn it off when your coffee is full. Kids are instructed to fill up the tank whenever they walk past. She even uses it to fill her hot water bottle. We have really hard water so it scaled up after about 2 weeks, but that isnt the machines fault. White vinegar cleans it out nicely.

Purchased one of these direct from domu. The water is not hot enough to make tea. I think the water from my hot water tap is hotter. The design and concept are good, but the product is not. Contacted them on their chat line to find out if my one was faulty, but the person i spoke with had absolutely no idea what i was trying to convey. Now on its way back and full refund.

This produces really hot water- making great tea and coffee. We also use it for making up the baby bottles water for the day (add powder baby milk just before feeding ) and for boiling water for cooking as its so much quicker than waiting for water to boil in pans. With our very busy lives as foster carers with numerous visitors during the week, this has proved itself invaluable and cheaper to run than our old electric kettle. The only minor gripe is that very occasionally it drips a little after use, but there is a drip tray underneath which is more than efficient. We were dubious when we bought this but felt we should review it as we are so pleased with it. If you have small children ,. I would strongly advise that it is kept well out of reach or switched off at the plug between uses as it is very easy to switch on.

I am finding this so convenient compared to a kettle. It looks smart and the tank is big so doesn’t need filled too often and when it does this is easy to do. One of the reasons i chose this one was because i control the size of the drink with the on/off button rather than pre-set cup sizes which may not have matched my own mugs.

For making just one hot drink it’s ok, but i can’t do anything else whilst it’s filling the cup, it needs to be watched the whole time, i’ve over filled and soaked the worktop three times now so i’ve gone back to my kettle. I (personally) believe the kettle is quicker for anything more than one cup, and know the kettle is quicker for three or more cups. I’ve done no testing, but i suspect the power efficiency is better for a kettle also.

The water is hot but not boiling, tea is ok other drinks are fine. When you look at the dispenser its seems to be slow in filling a cup or mug, however if you are distracted for a second it over flows. This product produces much less steam than a kettle as it does not boil the water. Temperature 92 degrees, tested with an un-calibrated meat thermometer. We are happy with the product.

I wish i’d discovered this hot water dispenser years before i had my previous one (which wasn’t nearly as good). I like the large capacity water reservoir which doesn’t need filling every time i make a cup of coffee. It’s almost whisper quiet compared to my last one. It’s good to have control over how much water is dispensed as it means i can boil anything from an egg-cup full to a large flask full. I love the colour – it matches my kitchen. This is very easy to keep clean without any small corners and crevices to collect limescale or algae. Very pleased with this purchase :).

Very pleased with my purches arrived earlier than expected ,so glad i have it ,,the down side for me was trying to register my 2 yrs warranty ,it kept say my address was diffrent and the itam was not in my house a nightmare ,in the end i had to phone the help line given ,,i dread to think how much it cost me the time i waited for an answer ,got it sorted in the end thankfully and they were very helpful in helping me ,,.

Had the standard breville dispenser before, which we loved. Wants something with a larger water tank capacity, that we wouldn’t have to refill so often. The vonshef has solved that problem, but it’s so messy. It spits and splutters everywhere, we now spend all our time mopping up after each use.

Love the look/style of this. Yes, the trickle flow seemed a little slow to start with but i’m used to it after a couple of uses and it’s not a problem at all. You need to flush it through 4-5 cycles before using or you’ll get a funny taste.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best one yet.
  • I’m really pleased with my vonshef I much prefer that I’m in
  • This produces really hot water- making great tea and coffee

This is a product that once received you’ll wonder how you lived without it. My wife has bad arthritis in her hands so now she doesn’t have to struggle with a kettle of boiling water to make a brew. (1) make sure you flush through at least 50 litres of water to remove the slightly metallic taste. (2) swill some hot water in your cup before making a cuppa, then you’ll finish up with a hotter brew,.

Bought this item a few weeks ago now so tried & tested. I defiantly won’t be going back to using a kettle. You don’t have to wait long at all for the water to heat up even when it is full. The kids love it & find it easier and less dangerous to use than a kettle so now they make their own hot chocolate etc. I will still have a kettle in my cupboard though for filling up thermos flasks or if i have a lot of guests around for tea.

Brought this for my daughter after she just broke both wrists, as she was unable to lift kettle she can manage to fill the reservoir with the jug providedthen it is simple to make a hot drink with just the touch of a button. One benefit of this machine is that you can get as much or as little hot water outas required.

Instant hot water its great, makes a great drink we only use bottled water in it as we live in a hard water area and i do not want to damage it.