VonShef Premium 12L Halogen Air Fryer Oven 1400W : I’m in love!

Perfect for almost everything from chips to a roast. Not had to use my big oven since getting this. Lots of accessories for any type off cooking. This is my second halogen air fry and def the best.

Very well packaged, very smart looking item. Takes a little getting used to but it is brilliant. No waiting for the oven to heat up. Seller was easy and pleasant to deal with.

My old halegen oven i used for a good five years finally died, tried living without one but missed so much, i was torn between fixed lid or like my old one a lid that could be turned upside down to store away, only trouble with that was having to find something to put the hot lid on. I chose this separate lid oven and really happy i did it comes with a lid stand, it store’s away and had a stand.

It’s great oven i love it cooks fast.

Met my expectations and the accessories are excellent.

Easy to use, not quite got the timings right, but its early days.

Came earlier than expected and great price considering all the extras it includes. Ok so it cooks realistically in the same time that any fan assissted oven does, not science fiction fast and after reading reviews i was aware of this. In comparison to my main electric non fan oven it is alot quicker especially at reaching temps quickly. To be honest there is nothing you can’t cook in this that you wouldn’t cook in your full size oven. I use my stove top for par boiling potatoes and hard veg before they go in the halogen oven and also for cooking rice and pasta (which you wouldn’t normally cook in an oven anyway). Especially love the self wash function and that all of the racks and shelves clean so easily even with burnt on bacon fat etc.

  • Could be better
  • Very efficient, quick cooking oven.
  • Great little machine

VonShef Premium 12L Black Halogen Air Fryer Oven 1400W, Includes 8 Accessories, Timer & Extender Ring

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I’ve got it just two weeks and still trying to discover all food preparation option.

This product is very good nd service was exlent xx.

This is my 3rd halogen cooker.

Great little machineperfect for cooking chips with little to no fat, and heating or cooking things that need crisping up. I have a lot to learn about how to use this machine to capacity, but a new halogen oven cookbook (also from amazon) will certainly help in the coming days. It heats up to high temps very quickly and thus far has been brilliant-i’m looking forward to learning how to use it more.

This is identical to the first jml one i bought, the problem i have with this, is the heat resistant cable is to stiff, the cable could do with changing for a more friendly one. At the moment if you are not careful it catches other things and knocks them off.

When my friend told me to buy a halogen oven, she said ‘you’ll never look back’. From meat to jacket potatoes to cakes, it is fast replacing my conventional oven. Buy one and see for yourself.

If you want to take care of the health of your family this product is a must. I hope you will enjoy it as much as me.

Great kitchen addition to the cooking equipment. A recipe book would be a good thing to add to the ovens contents. Luckily amazon have several and they are not expensive.

  • Could be better
  • Very efficient, quick cooking oven.
  • Great little machine

VonShef Premium 12L Black Halogen Air Fryer Oven 1400W, Includes 8 Accessories, Timer & Extender Ring

Excellent product,it came well packaged on time,could do with a cooking time guide though.

This is a very efficient oven and easy to use. It does not come with any recipes but there are lots of these on the internet.

Wouldn’t be without this love it.

Wonderful just what i wanted french fries in 9mins and a medium chicken in 60mins great.

Unfortunately too big for my needs and i have returned it and ordered the smaller size i still await the completion of my refund.

I wanted a halogen oven for my caravan so thought i would give it a try. Never had one before so i didn’t really know what to expect. I was nicely surprisedthe cooker is quiet and not too bright, both of these i thought would be a problem but it is fine. The first thing that i cooked was a whole chicken, i noticed that it very quickly started to turn brown and was sealed in it’s own crispy skin. So after it has rested for a little while the chicken is very moist and juicy. I have done garlic bread which is very quick and browns all over. Roasted vegetables, again very quick and just needs to be turned over once. A full english, complete with eggs. Nice crispy bacon and sausages.

Why did i wait so long before buying one of these?. A great piece of kit, simple to use, easy to clean. Didn’t get a recipe book with it but i cannot give a lower mark.

I buy a lot of von shef/haus products and generally find them better than more expensive alternatives. This one is not a great example though. I’ve had 2 of halogen airfryers previously. One broke after several years and i ‘gifted’ away the second. No doubt about that but it just doesn’t seem to cook as evenly as my previous ones. They weren’t expensive options either. The best one came from aldi and another from tesco. I know for a fact that there are better examples than this, so word of caution.

Arrived very promptly and meets all expectations.

I cant comment oit as i havent used it but if its the same as the last one i had no complaints.

I bought this for my grandfather after his last one broke. The photos have changed since purchase however what drew me to this one was the plastic “cage” around the bowl, i know for some this can hinder the view into the oven but i liked it from a safety aspect in that if my grandfathers clumsy hands came into contact with the bowl there was a level of protection. There is a clip on the lid handle to prevent you switching it on which i didn’t notice at first and worried would be fiddly for him but it hasn’t been a problem at all and he really liked this. Food cooks great, as you’d expect from any other halogen oven really. There is plenty of space to do a roast chicken, more attachments than you’ll likely ever use and is very easy to clean. Living alone this make so much more sense than heating up a full oven so saves money, even so things do seem to cook better. After seeing his in use i’m thinking of getting one of my own.

Love my halogen fryer i couldn’t be without it highly recommended.

Excellent arrived with a couple of days. Had one previously and missed it.

Brilliant, thank you for the speedy delivery.

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