VonShef Stainless Steel Meat Slicer – Specialist Cutting Machine : Love

I have used this many times and find it first class, with one reservation. The thickness adjuster is extremly stiff to move, which makes life a little difficult if you have problems with ones hands, as i do. Easy to clean, a nice size and looks good in the kitchen.

The slicer is very easy to set-up and use. So far i have only cut ham joints and it slices beautifully. I find it easily cuts down to the last slice. The blade is easy to remove for cleaning and as the previousreview stated, the machine is a doddle to clean. As regards the thickness control being a little stiff to use,it is, but i prefer this as opposed to it being loose and easily accidentaly moved when in use. The machine is robust and i am very pleased i bought it.

Great wish i’d bought 1 sooner.

Almost all metal construction, so feels very sturdy. The motor is a good size, but a bit noisy, as the transmission is by gears rather than belts. Pros:-the slicing can be made wafer thin by the cam adjustmentonce oiled, the sliding table moves very smoothly, and lifts out of the way for cleaningthe pusher plate means you don’t have to handle the item you are slicingcleaning is very easy, just turn one knob and the blade comes offcons:-the gap between the sliding table and blade means that meat gets forced into this 5mm gap, preventing even slicing, so one has to regularly rotate the slab of meat 180˚ – this could be improved by adding 5mm to the width of the table. Doing a lot of slicing the motor starts to labour, so one has to stop for a while. The top of the thickness plate flexes slightly with pressure from the pusher plate, so support is needed with the left hand when slicing wafer thin. Having said that, the machine sliced up a full serrano ham (minus bone of course) with very little fuss, so it gets my recommendation.

Cannot comment on durability yet.

A really good slicer very sturdy and does al that is required would higly recomend it to any purchasers.

Cuts beef chicken etc excellently.

Now i can slice the meat to make it go further. Your service is excellent the slicer came on the 3rd day of ordering. Well done,keep up your very good work.

  • Use it regularly and have no problems

  • VonShef Stainless Steel Meat Slicer

  • Sturdy construction

VonShef Stainless Steel Meat Slicer – Specialist Cutting Machine for Deli Meats, Cheese, Bread, Vegetables – Featuring Thickness Control, Smooth Sliding Plate, Food Pusher, Anti Slip Feet


VonShef Meat Slicer

VonShef Meat Slicer

VonShef Meat Slicer

VonShef Meat Slicer

VonShef Meat Slicer

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Very good well made machine can recommend 1t.

It tends to jam slices of bread in the depth gauge rear plate,which makes slicing a loaf dangerous as you have to pull nearly every slice through from the backapart from that it seems quite well made.

The best food slicer we could find on the market. Stays firmly on the work top and cuts through all meats like going through butter. I would highly recomend this product to everyone for home or commercial use.

Works and looks like a professional catering slicer.

Have used this even more than i thought use it to slice both meat (sunday joints etc) and home made bread works perfectly highly recommend.

It did what i wanted it to ie slice home baked bread using a panasonic bread machine. Only problem having to put loaf on side as too tall for blade otherwise. Easy to clean using a pastry brush to remove crumbs.

Easy to operate, clean and store. No dislikes about the machine. Is safe to operatewould recommend it to a friend without hesitation.

Excellent product my wife always wanted one easy to use easy to clean only used once at moment but a great addition that will be used many times in the kitchen love it the price was fantastic well worth it.

  • Use it regularly and have no problems

  • VonShef Stainless Steel Meat Slicer

  • Sturdy construction

VonShef Stainless Steel Meat Slicer – Specialist Cutting Machine for Deli Meats, Cheese, Bread, Vegetables – Featuring Thickness Control, Smooth Sliding Plate, Food Pusher, Anti Slip Feet

Excellent product, cuts bread really well, very pleased 5 star rating.

Used for the first time on sunday roast, worked and sliced perfect great buy very easy to clean with steamer.

The machine is very good, but the round blade & the serrated blades have a problem with the centre locking device its very hard to turn & they squeak very loud when you turn the machine on, it sounds like they are binding.

Works well cutting the salame and prosciutto .

This is very good better than the one i got from the shops.

So far only used it to cut cold joints of ham. Can be a bit of a pain to clean.

After the first one was delivered damaged, i was offered a replacement which seems fine. It is a good size as much bigger than the usual ones i have purchased in the past. It is a little bulky to store in a cupboard, but if you don’t mind it sitting on a work surface, then i would recommend it.

Brilliant piece equipment wish i had bought one before good quality cuts really well lovely to cut hot and cold meats would recommend to my friends.

An ok unit, not the easiest to clean and items get stuck when you pull back so often needing to replace.

If you’re thinking of buying you won’t be disappointed. Cut all my christmas meat on it & got double to what i would’ve done cutting it with a knife.

I wanted to wait a while before posting a review to be able to review the item after ongoing usage. I am very pleased with the slicer. Cleaning the machine is fiddly though. I use a pastry brush to ensure any residue meat is cleared from the machine.

Good looking nice price works well love it.

Unfortunately the rotating blade turns alot faster when you are not slicing, i found that when slicing even ham the motor and speed of the blade not only sounded but became laboured.

Haven’t actually used it yet, though it seems solid enough.

I find it quite difficult to clean.

This machine is now on our kitchen counter and i like it. I mainly slice hungarian salami with it (it needs very fine slices, and i am quite happy with the result), but have also used it on bread and roasts with thicker slices. The cutting disc can be taken out for cleaning, even though a bit awkward, as the back of it is full of lubricant grease which has to stay on i suppose to help it rotate without problems, so you can also carefully clean the front and take out remains that clogged the disc. The one thing missing is a little tray to catch the slices that fall out. It’s a bit messy as they roll onto the counter top. You can’t really fit a plate or bowl properly underneath. Overall, a recommended buy if you slice a lot – but be aware it’s quite bulky and heavy, so one doesn’t feel like moving it around too much.

Best thing we ever bought now my hubby can slice the sunday roast instead of just me or my son if he is here.

Features and Spesification

  • ADJUSTABLE CUTTING THICKNESS – whether you’re slicing meat, cheese or bread, this electric slicer gives you total control with a simple ON/OFF switch, a thickness control dial (0-20mm) and 3 specialised 220mm stainless steel blades
  • PREMIUM BUILD – constructed from durable stainless steel with rotary blade bearings for long-lasting, stable performance
  • SAFE OPERATION – double rail sliding plate design and suction cup feet combine to deliver enhanced stability to make slicing a smooth and safe process
  • EASY TO CLEAN – detachable sliding plate and easy-to-remove blades make easy work of cleaning after use. Dimensions: H31cm x L43 x W26cm. Weight: 6Kg