Voyager 9 inch In Car Portable DVD Player : Exactly as expected

This was purchased as a christmas present for my daughter, who sits in the back of my car for an hour or so when i pick her up. She always loves watching dvds on this screen, the picture is super clear, setup is easy, however i would suggest getting another cigarette lighter socket hardwired into the inside rear of the centre console, this way the connector will not accidentally get knocked and the wire broken.

Speakers are on the front so the noise isn’t too distracting. Easy to fit as most require you to remove headrests and this did not as the clamp splits. Kept my little one entertained on a bumpy 4 hour drive to wales and never missed a beat.

This is a good value package – i bought the pm version which is the dual screen one – so both screens show the same dvd, whereas the more expensive dual player version (pp) allows two different movies to be watched across the two screens. My two kids are 5 and 7 and share tastes sufficiently that they are happy to both watch the same disney etc movies. My research led me to discover that these voyager branded products are actually made by nextbase, who make a whole range of in-car portable dvd players and seem to be the leading brand in the uk. I went for the voyager units for a few reasons:-1. They come with stanchion mounts. In contrast, the cheapest nextbase units, which are sold here on amazon and look similar to these voyager units, come with an inferior strap-on velcro and elastic mount system. That system is inferior to a stanchion mount system as users report that it takes more time to mount and dismount the units and, perhaps more significantly, the velcro partially covers the built-in speakers on the units, masking the sound/reducing the volume. The stanchion mount supplied with these voyager units is excellent – it’s made of aluminium and plastic by the look and feel of it and it is very quick and easy to fit. It allows you to adjust the angle of the units as well as how far away they sit from the head rest (can be varied about 2 – 3 inches). You can leave the car mount in place, mounted to the car seat head rests.

These were a saviour for a 6/7 hours car journey. The children could watch the same or different things and my 6 year old was able to reach and load his own dvds. Take care with headphones though as some just aren’t loud enough so we will have to shop around as the ones we had already weren’t good.

Buy it and enjoy your car journeys with your children again.

Purchased as we have a 1 year old who gets grumpy in the car if the journey is longer than 50 metres. We thought if she could watch peppa pig it might keep her quiet and so far it is doing the trick. Fixes securely to the headrest, has good picture quality. I’m sure there are higher end products but this fits our needs nicely. Wish it could hold a charge and the in car power cable could be longer. Can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to wear headphones so we don’t have to listen to peppa pig every journey.

Sound and picture quality very good, easy to fit and the dual mode is great. Came quickly and well packaged. Suggest buy a case at the same time as once you get them out of all the packaging there’s a few cables to be stowed as well as finding somewhere to put the screens when you don’t want them in the car.

Really pleased with this item. One thing that let’s it down is the remote control won’t work unless you point it directly at the front of the player. Not ideal when your driving.

  • Excellent Car Dvd Player System
  • Does more than it says on the tin .

Voyager 9 inch In Car Portable DVD Player with Easy Fit Mount

Product Description, Simply slot your DVD player onto the car mount and off you go! Standard in-ear headphones included, wireless headphones (pictured) can be purchased separately Voyager 9 – Slim-line, Portable DVD System Journeys just got fun!, The new Voyager 9, portable DVD player system, is the ideal companion for any journey. It’s all new slim-line design, vivid 9″ widescreen display and patented car mounting system make it the perfect solution to keeping the kids happy in the car. The 9″ tablet style screen can be installed and ready for use in less than a minute, without any need for tools. All you then need to do is insert your DVD and off you go! The Voyager DVD players are fitted with high resolution LED true colour pixel displays (800 x 480px) ensuring you always get a perfect picture. Unlike many other portable DVD players the Voyager DVD systems are specifically designed to be used in the car. They have a wide viewing angle and an inbuilt anti-skip mechanism which allows everyone in the car to keep enjoying a movie even on those bumpy journeys. The Voyager DVD system supports a huge range of disc types and formats, including: DVD, MP3, CD, JPEG, CD-R/RW, DVD+/-R and DVD+/-RW. The wide range of format support means that it can be used not only as a portable movie player but also a music player and a picture viewer. The DVD players are powered by the 12V car cigarette lighter cable (included) which provides endless hours of enjoyment. A 240V mains power cable is not included, but is available as an optional accessory.

Infra-red wireless headphone support, Why not make the whole system even simpler to use? The Voyager DVD systems come as standard with inbuilt infra-red wireless transmitters. This means you can easily add the optional wireless headphones. These headphones offer incredible comfort and sound with the freedom to move around, and are ideal for adults and children alike. Standard in-ear headphones included, wireless headphones (pictured) can be purchased separately

Install the whole system in less than a minute, with no need for tools, The Voyager portable DVD players all come with a new patented car mounting system that is incredibly quick and easy to install as well as being much safer and easier than conventional “headrest bags” that come with many other DVD systems. Traditionally you would have to “strap” your DVD player to the headrest which was time consuming and messy. The Voyager car mount is easily fitted to your vehicle in less than a minute and then left in place. Two thumbscrews secure the mount to your car and no tools are required. You then simply slot the DVD player into the car mount and it locks in place, meaning you can start on your journey straight away.

Auto Resume, Being specifically designed with travel in mind we know how hard it is trying to keep the kids happy on long trips. With this in mind, all Voyager DVD players have an ‘auto resume’ feature that automatically remembers the point in a film where the players were switched off, so you won’t have to worry about having to skip through chapters to keep enjoying your movie.

Key Benefits,

  • Voyager Car Mounting System Included
  • Designed for car use with Anti Skip and Auto Resume features
  • Multi-region as standard – plays DVD’s from any country
  • LED panel with wide viewing angle
  • Ideal for children with ability to add optional wireless headphones
  • Support for USB and SD memory cards,

    As well as supporting a wide variety of discs the Voyager DVD player has an SD/SDHC card slot and USB socket (supporting up to 16GB). This is ideal for storing a number of movies or albums directly from your computer to be available to watch whenever you like – perfect for when you rush out the door and forget your DVD’s! The Voyager DVD system also comes with a remote control so the player can be comfortably controlled from your seat, making your journey that little bit more relaxing.

    Watch one film on both screens?

    Watch one film on both screens OR watch two separate movies?

    Compatible with optional Nextbase wireless headphones?

    Patented Voyager car headrest mount/s included?

    Compatible with USB and SD Card?

    Box Contains,

    VYDVD9 Car DVD PlayerEasy Fit Car Stanchion Mount12V Car Power CableRemote ControlEarbud HeadphonesUser Manual

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    This has been a long journey life saver for my wife and myself. Our 5 year old can now watch something other than the motorways passing by and the questions of ” are we nearly there yet?”. Have been almost all but forgotten. Easy to set up, install and i can even listen to the film soundtrack in the front, whilst driving, if we unplug the headphones – great if it is a film with good songs. But maybe not always ‘frozen’.

    I’ve got the dual screen ones, so i can either play the different movies or the same one. It’s easy to operate, my 3yo figured it out before me and on the long journeys you can’t ask for more. Four and a half hour trips go beautifully, the kids are quiet, happy, don’t complain or argue. Strangely enough they don’t sleep during the journeys as well (i guess the movies keep them awake) so the bedtime after the long trips are easy peasy as well. It’s easy to install and take off, just s bit annoying i’ll have to get a case for them now but it’s the price i’m happy to pay for the scream-free driving.

    This keeps me sane while driving. I only put this on for long distance journeys (say over 30 mins) and it has proved fantastic. The remote is not very responsive sometimes and you eally have to push the buttons hard to get it going, but there are buttons on the screen anyway if you are in a hurry.

    This was a sound investment for our family holiday to cornwall. The hell of an 11 hour journey was alleviated by my three children being able to watch endless peppa pig episodes and disney films. I was able to change the dvd’s from the front passenger seat and with the direction of my 5 year old could get the films started with the remote. I’m sure in years to come we will invest in headphones.

    Great product, lifesaver on long journeys. The kids can get bored easily when in the car for a long time so this is great to have. The screens are a good size and the wires that connects them are long too.

    Easy to fit and great that you can watch a different dvd on each screen. Easy to control using the remotei have two very happy little girls.

    Excellent pictureeasy to usewatch individual dvds or share on bothyou can watch videos on your 16gb usb pen (no bigger) same with memory cardsencode your videos using xvid convertorsound is ok, but highly recommend headphones to keep kids happy.

    Great service and very happy with the dvd player, which we found very easy to install with plenty of lead to connect from socket to dvd player as we have a people carrier and wanted to fit it in the back. Really good picture and sound, so far no problems and a very happy child.

    • Excellent Car Dvd Player System
    • Does more than it says on the tin .

    Voyager 9 inch In Car Portable DVD Player with Easy Fit Mount

    Nice but let down as it wont automatically remember when restarting car if a) playing from memory stick and restart (though does from dvd’s) or b) remember if operating in dual mode (where one playing and both showing dvd) – so you’ve got a minute or two of extra faf each time you set off.

    Not quite as a good as the nextbase system i had for the kids. Mainly the remotes, must be pointed directly at a certain spot on the front of the device for them to work. Nice fitting though easy to install.

    These are so much better than my last set and the brackets are much more sensible and user friendly. The first set got wedge stuck in the brackets, but as always amazon swiftly replaced them without any fuss.

    This dvd player was just the job for our summer holiday which involved a lot of long drives. My daughter was very happy sitting in the back with this to keep her occupied. We bought the nextbase nbcgirhfsbp headphones to go with it and they were great too as they allowed me to listen to the radio while she listened to the dvd, so everyone was happy. The mounting system to the headrest was easy to install and then it was very simple to take the dvd player of the mount every time we went into a service station or whatever. We used an old laptop bad to keep the player, headphones and some dvds all neatly together.

    One of the screens decided not to work after just 2weeks use, hence 3stars. When it did work it was fine, got a replacement and had no problems so far.

    Keeps child entertained on long journies. Adult can control with remote from front seat. Dvd change not so easy to do from front seat.Does not include mains adaptor only one for car.

    My kids love itjelous i can’t sit in yhe back and watch tv 😂😂.

    Bought them to keep my 9yr old and 5yr old entertained on an upcoming long holiday drive. Have tried both briefly and both seem to work fine. One thing that lets this product down is why have 2 players but one one car charger, seems a bit pointless. Other than that, i think i may have made a wise choice.

    Took a gamble with these screens, but strangly for me, they paid off. Great picture and good sound. A little fiddly and confusing to connect it all together – could have used colour coded inputs, and the access to the dvd slot is a little narrow. But aside from some minor gripes this is an excellent purchase. The attachment to the headrest is very good – lots of options for adjustments, but again a little fiddly to remove the screen – minor gripe.

    Worth the money kids love them easy to use and put up.

    The voyager twin screen has been great, they are clear and the sound quality is very good even when driving on the motorway. The head phones are not such good quality as the screens, i needed to purchase better ones for my young children. The brackets for the car are also of very good quality and are very sturdy, the feature i like the most is how easy it is to attach and detach the screen so you can put them out of view when not in use.

    Well packaged, and works fine. Should be ideal for occasional campervan use. Picture quality excellent, sound adequate.

    Great product, clear screen and very loud speakers. Perfect for our two year old on longer journeys. The remote controller is a little hit and miss but can allow a front seat passenger to reach around the restart a dvd. We have used it for hours and it hasn’t skipped a beat, even on rough roads. Installation was easy in our nissan qashqai with the head rest brackets and long power cable. My only minor criticism is that the player should come with a pouch to protect it when not in the car as the screen would scratch easily.

    So much better than our previous one (next base). Great picture, easy to use and the in-car mount is excellent. The remote control is useful if a front seat passenger needs to change the volume etc. Only downside is you can only power it with an in-car charger, so no use out of the car (e. All in all a great product, worth every penny.

    I was pleasantly suprised at the screen quality and resolution of this product. We bought them to keep the kids quiet on a very long drive into france, and i would say it was worth every penny. It was also very easy to set up (plug and play) although the separate player option may be a temptation, my thought was how long would the kids be happy to have headphones on for private listening?.

    Only improvement i suggest is headphones. We are using his product -like most people- for children- well my grand daughter who is one year old and can not possibly use headphone included. For this price i am sure they can add a more user friendly headphones. But that does not take away the pleasure seeing her watching her favourite programmes during journey.

    Great system with very good quality picture. 9 inch much better than the 7 inch screen. Pity that it does not come with a carry case but i did buy one of those from halfords.

    Bought it for a 400 mile journey with out 6 year old granddaughter to relieve the boredom and the constant ‘are we nearly there yet’. We have it in the car when we go out and it is used on and off all the time.

    Features and Spesification

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    • 9″ Car DVD Player
    • Includes premium stanchion mounting system
    • Multiregion DVD playuer with Auto resume to allow the kids to enjoy the film instantly