VPCOK Air Fryer Health Fryer Oil Free and Low Fat Cooking – Brilliant

Now my wife is spending less time in the kitchen. Good size for cook 3-4 person. Good design, very easy to control. Easy to clean, the food is healthier, with no oil.

Great airfryer with an easy to read digital display. Cooks great frozen chips freezer to plate in only 15 mins and so crispy. Brilliant,especially for the priceit is so easy to use and cooks food quicker and healthier than in the oven.

It is so easy to use and it got the pre manually cooking setting. I cooked chicken legs and it was so delicious only 20 mins that’s it.

Finally i have air fryer now. I have only used this a few times as it is so new but everything so far has turned out well. It saves me having to put the big oven on for carts in things.

I am very happy for this purchase. It is very good as a quality and price. Nice design and very good bull. It is touch screen nice too. So what i can say, i suggest it to everyone who want a air fryer.

Very good for chips which is all i have used up for so far. They taste like deep fried but are much healthier. Easy to use and very easy to clean.

Food cooked in it taste amazing. Unfortunately is not as big as i hoped, the description stated family size, but it’s more a two people size, however food is cooked fast, so you can cook in more batches. The digital display also makes it very easy to operate. Will keep for now to get a hang of it, but will be on a lookout for a larger capacity.

To be honest when i bought it i was 2 minded whether its a good value of money or will it be easy to use but u won’t regret buying it. Its very easy to use and clean and the most importantly it cooks far better than branded air fryers.

This is my first air fryer after lots of persuasion from friend. Just tried the fryer with chips. Really enjoy the air fryer chips. Also the air fryer easy to clean. Should have bought the air fryer early. Overall, very pleased with the purchase. Will definitely try it with other foods.

This product is perfect if you’re trying to eat healthier. I love the fact that you can cook different meals without much oil, is easy to use and clean and you can have your food quick and without fuss.

After used and found very easy to operate. Cooking recepies is a bonus. I cook the chicken breadcrumbs and the results is good. Very easy to used and cleaning,thanks to the non stick surface. Will recommend my friends :).

This is very handy for me as i love my fried food this fryer actually made everything easier for meeasy to clean,not messy no spitting oilcrispy fried foodit’s also very easy to use as referring to the booklet.

Very impressed with this – i have tried halogen ovens as an alternative to ovens but it didn’t come out as crisp and as quick as i’d liked. I’ve been wanting to try these air fryers and it did not disappoint. It only took 15mins to cook chips which usually take 45 mins in the oven (steakhouse chips) and they were so crisp and potatoey – i guess this is because there was nothing added to them – i even did a fry up with it over the weekend – the only thing i couldn’t do was egg in it. Here are the specifications for the VPCOK Air Fryer Health Fryer Oil Free and Low Fat Cooking:

  • Healthy Frying: High-speed air circulation replaces traditional oil-rolling frying that makes it heating faster and more evenly. Being oil-free and healthier for making a variety of delicious meals. Different from traditional cooking, this airfryer is equipped with an air filter to ventilate and cool away after cooking.
  • Excellent Details: Made of high-quality and high-temperature shell to prevent burns and non-stick coating liner to make it safe and non-toxic. With separable fried basket and hollow design on the bottom, this air fryer is safe to help you effectively remove superfluous fats of food. With the design of anti-scaling handle, heat-resistant material and automatically power off when basket removed, this airfryer is safe and reliable for use.
  • Intelligent Design: The cooking time and temperature can be set according to the different ingredients with simple operation. There are seven simple and fast-fried recipes on the touch screen, which can be help you enjoy delicious food quickly by easy setting on the airfryer.
  • Easy Cleaning: Small size but large capacity that can meet the needs of the family. The fryer and frying basket are separated and designed for easy disassembly. Made of non-stick material, this air fryer can be cleaned easily by a cleaning cloth.
  • Professional VPCOK: Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues with this airfryer. Please refer the User Manual carefully before use.

Air fryer sent was faulty, but the company responded promptly and replaced with a new one. Very pleased with this fryer, the pre-programmed settings are spot on. Very easy to use,i find doing a short preheat first with a little oil and food comes out nice and crispy. Quiet compared to my old cucinagood basket and easy to clean. Overall excellent fryer and i would recommend this vpcok air fryer and the seller.

I bought this air fryer to made beef jerky. It is quite easy to use and the design of the screen is super good. And next time i will try french fries. It’s a good choice for me to make delicious food.

I have been thinking about buying one of these for a long time but didn’t know wether it was worth it or not. Now i have bought this one, i can honestly say it is worth it, the fryer’s user manual script were really easy to use, all the chips and chicken came out a lot better than the one that i normally fry in the pan, on top of that, it’s really easy to clean and dry, it’s really a really convienient and useful thing to have for a family.

When my air fryer first arrived i thiught i had made a mistake but when i used it all those thoughts went out of the window i never thought i would never have any fried food without the fat and grease how wrong i was the kitchen smells better no lingering smells only the smell of nice food its easy to maintain just a quick wipe and thats it , i would defiantly recommend buying one you can do virtually do anything in it.

It cooks quickly and it looks fabulous on my work surface. I’ll need to buy an air-fryer cook book to get recipe ideas though because the book that came with it is very brief y.

I previously bought myself this air fryer,and decided to purchase two more for christmas presents for my bestie and my neighbour. It’s so easy to use,and gives great results to saving time to cleaning. It would be nice if they came with a divider for cooking more items , but i would still recommend this product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Efficiemt and effective alternative fryer

  • Fast and beautiful design

  • brilliant piece of equipment

Have used this fryer a few times and have had great results . Chips have been golden, crunchy and not greasy, my husband had no idea that no deep frying was involved lt’s very quick , solid feeling and much healthier.

We just received our air fryer and after some difficulty made some sense of the manual. (air fryer beginners please take note)the operation of it’s basic controls was fairly easy to deduce but pretty much trial and error as the manual is about as much use as a chocolate teapot having the briefest mention as to what the fryer is but no clear indication of the operation of the keypad functions or pretty much else for that matter, you’re on your own basically. The recipe book is equally as useful having only a handful of things very unlikely to get someone familiar with it’s capabilities, so the purchase of as much additional support material and groundwork appears essential. That being said, as an entry level air fryer it ceratinly does a great job of just doing some chips to get started. It’s certainly worth a try this one, and with a little bit of patience and perseverance i think most people would be happy with this basic air fryer.

Have been considering buying an air fryer for over a year and decided not to due to the cost and being unsure if they were worth it. Then decided to treat myself as i had started slimming world. Read all the books and the advice given on how to use. Very simple and easy to get used to. The machine is fairly compact and well made. I liked the fact that it was smaller but deeper than some of the other makes, as it takes up less room on the work surface. After just 18 minutes, chips are cooked to perfection and even my children were impressed. Incredibly easy to rinse down and clean the pan afterwards. Since then i have cooked several different things in it and each time i’ve been really impressed.

Really surprising product ,like the non greasy chips too much. Only need small amount of oil ,low fat crispy chips. Less mess and multiple function. Don’t produce smokey in kitchen save time to clean after use.

What can i say, this device has honestly changed my life. It’s like having a second pair of eyes in the kitchen. Cooks fast, no preheat time and clean up is a doddle. Food is crisp and event cooked through and dare i say it healthier. No kitchen is complete without one.

Same taste as regular fry just healthier. Even zucchini crisps taste so nicetotally recommend.

I have been wanting to get an air fryer for a month but have not had the time to go to a shop and get one but my friend recommended this one and its the best decision i have ever made. It is really easy to use and to clean out. It cooks the chips and wedges to perfection in under 20 minutes. It also cooks faster than a oven and its much healthier. Further more i also recommend this air fryer because not only is it cheaper than other fryers its also very impressive. The packaging is perfect when arrived. Have no complaint what so ever.

My friend recommended to buy it, i also sent my good friend, today my friend received it, she is very happy and like, the express is also very good, will recommend to more friends to buy.

It’s so easy to use, it cooks a large range of food. Pretty much anything that you would fry it with, this’ll do the job.   my wife is still getting used to it and hasn’t cooked much yet apart from chips and chicken goujons. I think it took her around 15-20 mins to cook them, but my oven would take double that time. This had made our life so much more easier in the kitchen with working and have child. It is super easy to clean too. Perfect for a small family and good value for money. It looks stylish and compact so good if you don’t have much space.

I can’t wait to cook when i reviewed it the first day. I have done a lot of things in it and less oil,more health for us. It is so easy to use and clean.

This product is great for people who are trying to lose weight. I’d like to make some fish, sirloin steak, sausage and so on. But i also like its simplicity and ease of use. I look forward to using it to experience and try different recipes.

This air fryer was strongly recommended by my friend, finally i bought it before christmas. My husband operated it to cook sweet potato and chicken nuggets. It was easily to operate and quicker than oven. Besides, it was easy to clean. If you fry or heat small portions of foods with less oil, this air fryer will do excellent job.

I was introduced to this by a friend as i had never heard of them before. It saves so much cooking time and food tastes great. It does easy food like nuggets and chips in 7 mins. I also cooked steak in it this weekend and it was cooked to perfection with having the digital timer and thermostat. Its so versatile i even cook part baked bread rolls in it in a matter of minutes. It also saves on energy as not heating up an entire oven. I will never be without one now.

As soon as the air fryer is received, i will follow the instructions to teach how to clean. This air fryer is very easy to use. It is easy to clean and saves.

Since getting this fryer a few days ago most of our meals have been made in this. From chicken, omelets, steak to french fries. It is simple to use, very easy to clean and i have even used a bit of the drippings from foods to make chicken wings came out golden and crispy with no breading or extra oil. My husband even fried bacon. The nice thing about having two is that in one, you can make your veggies/fries/etc and in the other- your protein. I would encourage someone considering a fryer to make sure you buy the bigger one like this one. The smaller ones are good for a small snack or side dishes but not if you have more than one person waiting for their meal. This is a must-have in the kitchen.

It is powerful and there is no need to pre-heat it, i used it to cook small pizzas (microwave a min first before putting it in the air frier) and heat up croissants. Therefore, it saves me a lot of time and offers me convenience as well. I also used it for ready cooked fried chicken, sweet potato fries, etc. The fan does not stop when you power it off, it keeps running for another 30 second to a minute to cool down the fryer to prevent users from being burned. You can get the frying basket out easily by pushing down the button near the handle. I am happy with the product.

Was so looking forward to getting this as gift for my mum arrived on time so that was good gave it to her she was over the moon only to plug it in and get error code e1 flashing googled the code no fix just return to manufacturer sigh the hassle not even an option to get a replacement had to send it back first yeh was not impressed at all. So not going to give it a 1 star just cus it was broken i think i just got unlucky maybe give the option to replace tho.

I’ve been wanting to purchase a airfryer for quite a while but found them too expensive but was pleased with the price & look of this one. Its fantastic it cooks brilliant and its so easy to use and clean. The little recipe book provided was also great to get me started.

My oven has pretty much become redundant since getting a slow cooker ages ago & now with this air fryer, the cooker top is redundant too. Food tastes – well – like it should.Unreal for chips, bacon, burgers – all that you ever wish/need to fry goes in here & tastes a 100% better. Don’t get me started on pizza in this thing. The quality & versatility of this item for the price?. I would have paid twice as much & still been 100% satisfied.

This is my first time purchase air fryer. Been thinking about getting one of these for sometime, now that my deep fat fryer died i made the plunge i wish i had done it sooner everthing i have cooked so far has come out quite well from chicken to chips roast potatoes and even bread (part baked rolls) i am well pleased the food comes out very healthy no more soggy chips they are how a chip should be nice and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside no sign of grease, it’s big enough to do a modest meal for two (chicken and chips) and so easy to clean and healthy and econical to use no more buying lots of oil just a little squirt with that i cal oil spray, it so easy to use, highly recomended.

This air fryer is amazing because i just use a little bit of oil and it fries like when i normally fry my food. Also it fries really quick and it has no smoke. As well as this i can cook numerous dishes inside it. In the future i won’t be scared to cook fried food anymore. I recommend this product to people who don’t like oily foods.

Been looking to buy one for ages, and decide to take the plunge. To be fair, it’s a great product and i’m hoping it will help me shed some pounds. This particular one is very easy to use, just follow the instructions and you can’t go wrong. I’ve tried many different recipes and they have worked out perfectly, cleaning is abit time consuming but needs to be done.

I was on the fence to buy this air fryer. Dose pizza in 10 mins chicken goujons and chips in 15 mins, my oven would take double that time. Baked potatoes and veg to perfection with olive oil drizzled over the potatoe. Most important it’s easy to clean. Very healthy for my three young children. . Would recommend to anyone. Always remember to shske the basket half way through timer.

My first air fryer and i love it. Crispy chips are so easy to make now. The interface is intuitive to use and i find it easy to clean. Just spray a little oil on the basket before putting any sticky foods (e. Great for the price and will definitely be using this for a long time.

This is working well exactly what hat it said in description , it is quicker than my old one. I tried with couple of different items like potato chips are very crispy and tasty with almost no oil, and tried with sweet potato chips were very tasty. And tried to make some pastries as well. So far i am happy with this and hope works for longer.

This fryer is easy to operate and the buttons are clear to understand, chips made by this fryer is actually better than cooked in deep fryer, also this air fryer is brilliant for saving you time by cooking a whole meal at once and is particularly good at cooking meat and chips. It can be used with or without the tray and this is easy to add or remove, very happy with this purchase so far.

This is our first air fryer, other members of our family have them so thought we’d give it a go. Have to say really impressed with the results, especially chips and mozzarella sticks, and so easy to clean. Healthier alternative to deep fat frying.

This air fryer have so many brilliant features such as: no steam coming out through the top, can fry fries and other kind of food (that are supposed to be). And can crest great meals for my family.

Recived fast delivery, good air fryer. Exactly like the picture, good size and easy to use. I did used it to cooked few types of food now. Fast , cooked chips in 20mins, my kids love it.

It’s a good size, easy to clean and use. It makes perfect chips within 15 mins with less oil, and can also cooked fish, steak, chicken,it’s fast and easy, also with no much oil. Would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about healthy eating. The pot it’s non stick, after using very easy to clean.

Have not used the item as yet as although there was a cook book included it did not in fact tell you how to use it. So will need to get a book suitable for beginners in the new way of cooking.

Did take me a while to figer out how to take the fryer contanter out as this was not clearly explained.

High quality and large capacity. 7 litre which enough to fit in the whole chicken. The cooking time and temperature can be set according to the different ingredients with simple operation. There are seven simple and fast-fried recipes on the touch screen. Easy to clean and very healthy fryer.

So happy with this airfryer was contemplating replacing my deep fat fryer for a while because i couldn’t justify the price. But i’m glad i did now, this cooks chips and other frozen foods for the kids in 15 mins with no oil. Simple to use didn’t bother with instructions.