VPCOK Sous Vide Cooker Sous Vide Precision Cooker Immersion Circulator Sous Vide Machine : Happy purchase

Excellent quality and value for money. My first ever sous-vided item was a beef topside joint done for 14 hours at 57c then blasted in a red hot oven for 10 minutes – absolutely delicious. Need to buy the right water bath although for small items a deep pan is ok. Great product, used it non stop. Silent in operation, set cooking temperature is accurate to 0. 1 degrees centigrade throughout the temperature range, cant fault it, a quality product. All you need to try a very different method of cooking.

Decided to try something new and bought this device. First of all i want to notice that sous vide does not mean boiling food in a bag. The point is cooking food gently in a low temperature. Yes, it takes time, but the food is really tasty. Especially i enjoyed cooking beef in this way. Just use sous vide and then grill it on a barbeque. It is the most delicious beef, more tender and flavorful than any before. By the way, don’t worry if you do not have vacuum-sealer, to get started with sous vide, regular ziplock-style bags will do just fine. Just use good quality food-grade bags. The device works well and it is not expensive to try this new cooking technique.

 i brought this sous vide after visiting a friend that had one. She had cooked us all steaks and they were so tender and juicy. It is so easy to use but you must make sure you have a deep pot otherwise you will get a error 3 come up. Attach the sous video to the inside of your pot and switch it on. You then choose from the top the temperature and how long you require the meat to be cooked. It automatically defaults to 2 hours, but just press the timer on the top to adjust the timings. Then you can leave it alone to complete the cooking. No more dried out steak for me. This is a quality piece of kit.

The timer moves a bit fast when you’re setting it, otherwise perfect.

As a way to dip a toe in the water (not literally) this was a great device and good value. It doesn’t have the fancy bluetooth gimmicks but does what i need. The only drawback is the clip, which due to the shape at the top limits the depth it extends to in some pots and the side vide poly baths don’t work with becuase of the lip. I had to modify a bath with the dremmel to resolve this. Judging by the results rather than scientific measurements, it delivers the texture and taste i hoped. The belly of pork was outstanding.

Tried with ribeye steak, very impressive result with juicy and tender steak. The product is easy to use, just set temperature and timer and that’s all. I used the original vacuum sealed package from supermarket, since i set a low temperature so hope it won’t cause any health problem. Have no idea why the sous vides are all so big. It just contain a heating component and a motor driven stirer. And some sensor and controller. Anyway, happy with the purchase.

I love sous vide cooking – i had ivide machines before but 3 in one year as they kept developing a fault. I’m hoping this make will be better. Ive only used it twice but it seems fine and very good value for money compared with the other more well known makes.

First one was faulty, but that hasn’t deterred me, the second one was wow.

  • very useful for steak

  • Useful kitchen appliance

  • Excellent cooker

Sous Vide Cooker VPCOK Sous Vide Precision Cooker Immersion Circulator Sous Vide Machine, Accurate Temperature and Time Control Sous Vide Cookbook Included

sous vide

VPCOK Sous Vide Cooker

Precision cooking with accurate temperature and time control.

Low temperature will not make the food overcooked or taste dry but remain the fresh taste of ingredients.

sous vide cooker

Why Choose Sous Vide?

  • Comparing to traditional cooking means, cooking with sous vide will keep more nutrient substance in food.
  • Its oxygen-deficient environment and low temperature will make delicious elements completely permeate into the food, decrease harmful substances, lower the fat use but ensure healthy eating.

Precision Cooker

VPCOK Sous Vide Cooker

Package Contains
  • 1 x Sous Vide Cooker
  • 1 x Cookbook
  • 1 x User Manual

Technical Parameters

  • Rated Power: 1000W
  • Voltage: 220-240V~50Hz
  • Timer: 0-99:59
  • Temperature Range: 0-99.5℃ (0-211.1℉)

Why Choose VPCOK Sous Vide?

  • Accurate temperature and time control is the key to sous vide cooking.
  • Based on thousands of cooking temperature and time tests, VPCOK Sous Vide has achieved accurate control of the cooking time and temperature.
  • Your preparation of each meal will be perfect achievement. Delicious foods will be served to you after quite leisure time.

Sous Vide Machine

sous vide

sous vide cooker

Precision Cooker

Step 1:

Put ingredients into vacuum bags, exhaust air then seal.

Step 2:

Fix the sous vide to a container, set cooking temperature and time.

Step 3:

After water temperature reaches a fixed temperature, immerse packaged ingredients in water and cook.

Step 4:

Put ingredients in a microwave or a barbecue machine to roast.

Sous Vide Machine


  • Please let us know if you have any problems during the use of sous vide cooker. We are always here!

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I bought this to keep a water bath at a constant temperature for colour film developing. It works well for this keeping the temperature correct to within 0.

 i’ve seen one of these in tv program. The idea is very good and it works wonders to be honest. Basically it warms water up and keep it at the same temperature for preset time. Very well made and looks expensive. Circulation of water should enchant the process. At the moment i’m expecting with it but already like it a lot. I don’t see a reason to spend more for other brands, thus one is definitely good for the job.

I all ready had a vacuum sealer so after reading the reviews i thought i’d give it a go and i had some pork chops in the fridge and cooked them for 60 minutes on 60c and they came out delicious and so tender i added some olive oil and some fresh rosemary before i sealed it and was yum also for the price you can’t go wrong it’s very well built and strong great value for money.

I have been wanting to try sous vide cooking for a while. Using this is amazingly easy. I start with water from my tap as hot as it goes and then set up the vpcok sous vide device. It warms to temperature in just a few minutes. I’lll cook more to her with this.

I did try few dish from 2 hours to 48 hours. I also tested the accuracy of the water temperature with a wireless meat temperature and they showed the same temp. Great price for great quality sous vide. It doesn’t have wifi feature as other expensive ones. That is the only down side i can think of.

Only used it a few times but it’s worked perfectly so far. Simple to use, no unneeded features and a third of the price of other more famous brands. Time will tell about reliability but so far 5 stars. I also highly recommend getting resealable/reusable vacuum bags. No need to dispose of a plastic bag every time you cook.

I’ve seen a lot of posts on social media by my friends making the best pork ribs and pulled pork, i had to ask them for a recipe. Actually before i didn’t know such a thing even existed. My first attempt was to make ribs. After using sous vide i’ve put my ribs on a bbq for around 15minutes, then another 10 minutes with a glaze on. It tasted better than from my favorite restaurant. Next plan is to make pulled pork. Absolutelly brilliant item, woth investing your money.

Sure, you have to plan a meal in advance, but the meat comes out so tender and juicy, it is worth the extra time. I haven’t owned one of the more expensive ones, but this does the trick quite nicely.

  • very useful for steak

  • Useful kitchen appliance

  • Excellent cooker

Sous Vide Cooker VPCOK Sous Vide Precision Cooker Immersion Circulator Sous Vide Machine, Accurate Temperature and Time Control Sous Vide Cookbook Included

I was very excited to use this. I watched quite a number of instructional videos on the internet before using this. I would recommend this if you’ve not used it before. I left the steak in the water bath for an hour and the steak was just seasoned lightly with salt and pepper before puting it into a ikea zip lock bag. Once removed from the water batch i dried it thoroughly with kitchen tissue before i pan fried it on a cast iron girdle. I’ll update when i try it with chicken and salmon. Please take a second to hit the helpful button. It makes writing these reviews and constantly updating them worthwhile.

Solid packaging and complete. The product looks reasonably robust (some reported it broke early, so let’s see). The “cookbook” that comes with it is useless. Temperature tables are mentioned, but not in it. The last two pages are empty; perhaps they forgot to add them?. It’s easy to find better advice on the internet. Ideally you need a pretty deep pot. The min and max markers are at about 6.

Friend of mine bought such an appliance and i found it quite useful to have it in your kitchen. At the beginning i couldn’t really understand how to set it up cause usually i don’t read instructions but in this case i said that i really need to read it and i advice you as well cause there are some important safety advices that every user should be cautious of them. After you follow instructions steps is quite easy to use it. Looks very expensive and made of a good quality. Also, you get a little book with different recipes which i find it very interesting.

Fits perfectly in the liner for my instant pot electric pressure cooker. Just a shame that the clip won’t stretch a little wider as it would then work with the liner in the instant pot base, for better heat insulation. Note: you do not need an instant pot to use this, it just happens to be a great fit.

 water heats up really quickly. And maintaining the temperature very well. Really easy using this to cook and less messy than using frying pans. It kept my meat juicier than before.

I bought this cooker to replace the 2nd of 2 anova cookers, both of which are considerably more expensive (both returned), but in my opinion are poor quality by comparison with this cooker. I find the cooker to be very easy to use, quiet in use, with the controls well thought out, user friendly and responsive. I have no idea what the manufacturing quality control is, but this cooker seems very well made and for the price- good value. I have only used it twice, but so far, very pleased.

The first test objects were some beef medallions. The temperature was tested with additional calibrated thermometer and was stable throughout the whole cooking process (1:30 h), within 0. I found it perfectly easy to use even without the use of the user guide. The water circulation was strong, with stream visible on the surface of the water. The steaks were perfectly cooked just as desired. I still have no long history of using it so i can only hope it will work reliably for a long time. The first impression is more than excellent. Edit: since then i have made many steaks, but also a couple of 24 hour cooks – an octopus and a whole chateaubriand for a beef wellington as well as a pork rib rack for 20 hours, that was smoked afterwards. Works like a charm every time.

Not well known, not as expensive as the big brands but does the job as you would expected it to. More sophisticated than expected so i like it very well. Great buy and it will ideally complete my preserving set.

I bought this for my steak cooking. In the past i cooked the steak what usually happened is that the outside is overcooked and cripsy but the inside too much undercooked. With this machine, i set the temperature for 50 degree and cooked for 2 hours. It doesn’t really matter how long the hours are set because the temperature keeps the same. After 2 hours just simply take it from the water and stir each side for 30 seconds. It would be better if the product goes with a plastic bag and sealed machine but overall it works.

Read all the reviews for this and seen all the great feedback so i thought i could definitely benefit from this fantastic product. It’s absolutely great for meat. The results were amazing, meat was very tasty and tender. I can’t stop using this product now for all my meats. It’s also great value for money.

Changed the way i cook chicken , meat and veg , highly recommended.

The item works as expected, cheaper than anova yet still cooks great steak. Tips:- the clamp is a bit loose, you need a deep tank to hold the device steady. – error code “e03” means there is not enough water. It took me a while to find it out since there is no reference in the manual. – 57 c x 90 mins for medium rare steak.

Is doing the same job as joules or anova. I use it many times and the final product is amazing. Is more silent then the more expensive products.

Did a good job of steak, but a bit of a faff compared to my usual method with a frying pan. Will try it out when there are a few more eating at once and i’ve studied some recipes.

Great purchase, husband loves it.

Been using my sous vide for a few weeks now as i love cooking gadgets and had been looking at one of these for ages. It’s been great i have been using it mainly for yoghurts and to infuse drinks but it’s such a neat way of cooking and easy to use. I also purchased a vacuum seal for meats etc and it’s so versatile.

Cooking at lower temperatures saves taste and texture, flavours and tenderness. I shall mention benefits for health as well. The results are consistently good. I do not have undercooked, chewy or burnt food. It saves time and helps to plan cooking.

Features and Spesification

  • Sous Vide Cooker: Cooking with vacuum microtherm and slow boil will keep more nutrient substance in food. Low temperature will not make the food overcooked or taste dry but remain the fresh taste of ingredients.
  • Accurate Intelligent Digital Display: Sous Vide cooking is based on accuracy. VPCOK Sous Vide accurately displays cooking time and temperature. The clamp makes it firm fixed on the container.
  • Ergonomic Design: The Sous Vide Cooker is ergonomically designed, waterproof and stable that can be easily and securely fastened to the container or plywood. It is easy to use for making your kitchen more comfortable and safer.
  • Constant Heating Design: With water circulation system, 360 degrees water circulation transfers heat efficiently. Water temperature is kept constant. The fiber of food will not be destroyed.
  • Professional VPCOK: Feel free to contact us if you have any problems during the use. We are always here. Please refer the User Manual carefully before use.