VYTRONIX CUP01 3000W Fast Boil One Cup Kettle 300ml Instant Hot Water Dispenser Boiler – Great product

Bought for my grandson to use in his bedroom. A good size, one mug size, heats up very quickly and is compact so fits well in the bedroom.

Good size easy to use a fast cup off tea. Water boiling and exactly the right amount my friends impressed by it as well.

Purchased for my sisters birthday she has a motor home and was continually complaining how long her kettle took to boil. She loves it as she said she now gets her cup of tea in an instant. Also the fact you are not boiling lots of water at a time.

I have had one of these for years but was made by morphy richards. It started to leak so looked to replace. M richards no longer make it so was very disappointed. Kept the old one going for a bit longer, then came across this one. Definitely recommend this product.

One man i use this in my bedroom room first thing in the morning. It’s a must as an org it’s just a spot on.

Marvellous contraption, takes 30 seconds to make a steaming mug of tea best thing i have bought in ages.

I got this to use as a teasmade as i only want one cup and dont need to set a time, dont knpw when i will wake, perfect for the job.

Only had it a week but love it. Ok, the tray doesn’t ‘click’ in under the tap & max water fill is 300ml, but that’s conserving both power & water. It has a cute, but practical design & the instruction booklet provides info on how to clean etc. , if you live in hard water area’s it’s very lightweight & takes approx 16 seconds to ‘boil’ with capacity water. That will fill a large, wide mug. Less water will obviously mean fewer seconds. Overall, it’s brilliant – wish i’d purchased it ages ago.

I love it so quick and easy to use,great if u cannot lift a kettle,very hot hotter than my kettle.

Only makes one cup but all i needed as replacement for a teasmaid. Very quick to boil and no spillage.

I need to return this product as the steam scolded my mums arm also the switch will not stay down it is faulty after a 3 wks could you help please.

Moving into a flat at the end of the month and wanted a cost-effective way to boil water without a kettle, my parents have one similar to this but didn’t want to splurge. Boils water to 85 degrees (celsius), perfect temperature for a cuppa. Ideal for someone who is concerned about energy costs. The only downfall is if you have a lot of guests over.

Excellent easy to use,can’t fault it. Here are the specifications for the VYTRONIX CUP01 3000W Fast Boil One Cup Kettle 300ml Instant Hot Water Dispenser Boiler:

  • FAST BOIL – The powerful 3000W element delivers boiling water in a fraction of the time of a traditional full sized kettle.
  • SIMPLICITY – With its easy to use design, making a quick cuppa could not be simpler.
  • ONE CUP CAPACITY – The compact water tank holds and boils a single cup of water in 30 seconds.
  • COST EFFECTIVE – With an estimated £68m a year being wasted by boiling overfilled kettles, the CUP01 will save you time, energy and money.
  • CONVENIENT – Dispenses the perfect amount of boiling hot water for a single cup of tea, coffee, soup or hot chocolate in next to no time.

This seems like the perfect product for my needs however after using it twice i noticed it seemed to be leaking water underneath – after checking how much water i had added it was obvious i caused this by overfilling it. Once i used a measure just it was fine. Books really quick and minimal noise – great product.

This is a fantastic water dispenser, but i personally found it a bother having to keep filling it after every use. But i can’t fault the actual product.

I have had this long enough to say it is exactly what i wanted. Hesitated at first as name not known. It clearly states “one cup” so i have no problem with that as it takes so little time to do two if needed. I like the look of it, it’s quirky, black ideal for moving about but i am thinking of another to leave in bedroom. I find if i fill my chosen cup up with water to where there will be enough space for milk left and tip it in, and press the button, you can have a mug or cup in seconds. My family think it is great for me instead of a heavy kettle which most people overfill costing more in electricity.

I dithered about not knowing which one cup kettle to buy. I plumped for this one and i certainly don’t regret it. I have it on my bedside table and have a cuppa first thing in the morning. Very quick to boil, easy to use and just the right size. I wish i had bought one years ago.

I like the product overall as it’s compact so doesn’t take space up and it boils quickly. I could only give it 3 stars though as it always takes 2 to 3 tries of pressing the button before it works and sometimes it switches itself off partway through boiling.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Just what I wanted.

  • Brilliant

  • Great wee product. Does what it says it does.

I bought this to boil water for a small cup 150ml. It boils water quickly and water-comes out at 100 degrees unlike water from coffee makers. This is good and what i wanted to make a good cup of tea. The on switch is a bit unreliable and sometimes has to be held down to stop it clicking off. You cannot see the water level in the tank after filling. It is not possible to see inside the tank and therefore impossible to know if the tank is completely empty of stale water.

I am pleased to have this in by bedroom and make a cup of tea. Just pour the water from cup into reservoir, switch and a few moments later the water is heated and in cup.

No problems with button like others had. Just moved into two storey so needed a cuppa upstairs. It’s a brilliant 30 sec boil, perfect in bedroom where you don’t want a steaming kettle. Has taken 8 boils so far to clear plastic taste, but a couple more should do it.

This is an excellent product makes a perfect cup of tea. I had major surgery and was not to lift heavy kettles so this was ideal so easy to use i never make tea or coffee with a kettle now great product and it looks good too.

Brilliant product for boiling just the amount of water required. Will boil between 150 to 300 ml really quickly, enough to fill a decent sized mug. Very easy to set up and use.

Been using this for a few months now it’s great. Easy to use, fills a decent sized cup. Slight taste when new but wears off.

This is so easy for me as 1 cup of tea with this machine is so easy & saves me boiling a kettle. Had 1 made by another company for several years & i’ve been looking for a new one for quite a while now.

Got this for my mum who is disabled and cannot stand long she loves this and is thinking of buying 1 for her bedroom.

Replaced an old maplin one that had served for 7 years before giving up the ghostquite loud when heating up – but completes task amazingly quickly. It then switches itself off which my previous one didn’t. Odd that you fill up a reservoir and this then drops into another so looks empty. You need to remember you have done this as caused a problem when i inadvertently refilled againreally happy with the single cup coffee maker. Would definitely recommend to others.

A bit daunting when first used as it discharges boiling water without command once ready. Once user is aware of this cycle , no problem.

I ordered this for a friend. I have one myself and she was so impressed she asked me to order one for her. Plus, another friend also has one after seeing mine. Its brilliant and really quick to reach boiling point. Oh, and it arrived the next day.

Great little machine you can make a cup of tea in less than a minute. The only reason i have it 4 stars is when you switch it on it flickes it’s self off again. Switch it on again and it’s fine.

Came next day and looked smaller then i expected but is really nice in the kitchen and so easy to use.

This i fine if you only want one cup but a pain to keep refilling after every single use.

Would have been nice to get a water jug with the item, but all good works well.

This is better than i expected. Drip tray easy to remove to wipe out if needed. I’m so impressed i’m going to order one for upstairs and one for my daughter for xmas.

Would buy again, simple instructions to follow and use.

When thay say one cup dispenser they also mean only holds one cup of water constantly refill the water storage one cup at a time so if you are making tea for 2 you have to fill it twice.

It is a great kettle ideal for one person.

Perfect for me and my lifestyle.

Exactly what we wanted, we had a morhy richard’s one for last few years and were looking to replace it but they no longer do this one. This product is identical apart from the brand name. Easy to use fill a mug pour it in and 60 secs later hot water, saves wasting energy boiling a whole kettle to go sit and go cold. Read some of the negative reviews re only holds so much and water pours out (when overfilled) yep folks clue is in the name ‘one cup’. We have used this type for cuppas for good few years now. Still have a kettle for boiling lots of water when required but this is ideal for a couple or person on their own.

Super fast boil, great for early morning tea.

Boils just as much water as i want, from half to a full cup. There is no funny taste, but we live in a soft water area, and have had no trouble.

Bought this for my elderly mother-in-law and she loves it. Has allowed her to safely have a cup of tea in bed in the morning without having to handle a kettle of boiling water. Tempting to get one for myself.

Have already reviewed this product and was so pleased with it that we purchased another one for my elderly mother in law, who is also delighted with it.

This item is for my mum as she has not opened it yet i cannot really give a review, but i’m looking forward to her seeing her open it on christmas day.

I put the water in before i go to bed and get my cup ready. Flick the switch on the morning and get a cuppa in less than a minute without leaving my bed ☕😁.

Great little machine bought for elderly relative, but it broke down after a few months’ light use. Haven’t been able to get through to an adviser at vytronix uk customer support by phone for several days, so now trying to contact them by email. It is still under guarantee, so vfm score may go up if company responds to email and replaces the item. Update vytronix have offered a replacement so score goes up.

Switch doesn’t stay on have to hold down to make a drink.

The pros are it’s compact, quick boil, hot cup of tea without leaving your bed. The cons are the drip tray is a little flimsy, i’m not sure long the “on” button will last and there is a slight chemically taste to the tea which i hope will fade. Also it’s a fairly noisy boil but over quickly.

So handy, wanted it for my bedside for when i can’t sleep or struggle to get out of bed and want a hot drink. Brilliant product and really easy to use.

My mother-in-law loves this as it is very easy to use and suits her needs. Was delivered on time and exactly to description.

It’s perfect for my early morning coffee without getting out of bed.

I have had the morphy richards one cup kettle for years (now discontinued) and absolutely love it. Bought this one as a replacement for my mum’s, which was leaking. Very simple to use and super quick to boil. Pour in the exact amount of water you need, turn on, put you tea bag in the cup and walk away. Come back to perfectly brewed cuppa. No overflow and no reboiling of water. Love it, i was so pleased to find this vytronix one cup and hope they never stop making this model.