VYTRONIX VY-HMO800 Digital Microwave Oven 800W 20L 5 Power Levels Freestanding Solo – Good value microwave

Nice microwave with some good features after reading instructions a few times it becomes easy to use.

We needed a new microwave and found this one. We wasn’t sure, but it offered all we needed and more. We love it, easy to use, stylish and has replaced our old one perfectly 👍.

Easy to use, looks good and serves the purpose.

I usually go for same brands, russell hobbs or something similar but thought i’d branch out and glad i did, everything is easy to use and self explanatory straight out if the box. Side note, it may be slightly underpowered but i just add an extra 30 secs or so and it does the trick, doesn’t detract from the overall performance.

Seems like a reasonable microwave functionally. But it appears in the amazon photo to have a silvery mirror finish to the door. In reality it’s just black glass, and looks quite a bit different to the photo.

Great value for money and looks really good in the kitchen.

Very stylish and good value for money.

Our previous microwave oven died after years of service, and this vytronix looked like a suitable replacement – same power level, digital display, five power levels, timing to 10-second accuracy, and reasonable value. So far i’m pleased with it, my main criticism being that it takes 20–25% longer to heat something up than our previous microwave, which was also 800w. Either the wattage is actually well below 800 or the heating is less efficient. I have a few other minor niggles:• i like the ‘quick start’ function, where you press the start button several times to increase the timing, but why does it go 30 seconds, 1 minute, 1 minute 30, 2 minutes, 2 minutes 30 and then bizarrely 3 minutes 30, 4 minutes 30, 5 minutes 30 and so on?.Surely 30-second intervals up to 3 minutes and then 1 minute intervals thereafter would be more sensible?• there are too many buttons, and they are so close together that’s it’s hard to tell at a glance whether the labels refer to the button above or below. • the defrost program stops partway through and beeps, then waits for you to turn the food over and press start again to continue. This might be useful sometimes, but most of the time i just want to set it going and let it finish. This feature should be optional, if indeed there at all – in my experience defrosting varies between the centre and the outside of the food and turning it over makes no difference to that.

Great value microwave, cooks food well with easy to use buttons. Not used the defrost setting yet. Clock time easy to set, very pleased with it.

It looks fantastic and works well.

Great microwave for the price, does the job, nice and simple to use and size is convenient too.

Nice little compact microwave. Here are the specifications for the VYTRONIX VY-HMO800 Digital Microwave Oven 800W 20L 5 Power Levels Freestanding Solo:

  • Large 20L Capacity
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Auto Defrost
  • Multi stage Cooking
  • 5 Power Levels

This microwave s amazing and work well. I will surely recommend this microwave.

Had this item nearly a month, does the job no issues, simple to use and looks smart. Hopefully stands the test of time.

Working good and looking good too.

I like everything about this product. Great price looks far more expensive than it actually was.

Great microwave, great size, great price.

Excellent product for the money. Looks very smart, easy to use.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great value for money
  • Does exactly what it says on the tin
  • Child lock

It’s nice, pretty much, what u see is what you get.

The heating and cooking of baby food and milk.

Attractive to look at and easy to use. Good, straightforward microwave, just what i wanted.

It’s very smart and easy to used.

Very affordable quality microwave, simple and straightforward to use, great capacity and looks amazing in my kitchen.

Bought this for our daughter, she loves it. It works very well and looks fancy in their new place, great purchase.

Used mostly for reheating and defrosting as you do. . Works fine as you,d expect.

Does the job really nice and tidy.

Microwave looks good and does the job perfectly. Could be a little higher for a jug but otherwise is perfect.

Very nice looking microwave and works well, very happy with the price.

Quick delivery and easy to use.

I have had microwaves for the last forty odd years – in fact i used to sell them in my shop and organise demonstrations of these machines at the time. However this model is very much over rated – it does not give the advertised of 800 watt. You will need t increase your cooking times by at least 25% to get anything like the results you are expecting. It really is a shame as the design, controls etc.

This microwave does everything that is needed.

Looks great works very well love it.

I’m delighted with my microwave it’s perfect thanku.

Good price, great quality – recomend.

Product was well packaged and came on time but some of the writing on the microwave is not clear a little smeared of and blurry.

Cool microwave just slightly confusing to use. Press the power button then turn the knob to choose any time you wish.

For this price i wasn’t expecting nothing crazy. It looks a bit ‘cheap’ i would say, since the numbers and words next to the buttons are already fading away. Also, it’s too light, since as soon as you open the door you take the entire microwave with you. Otherwise, it works just fine, as i said, it does the job.

A smart addition to our kitchen as really looks smart. Does the job we bought it for and very easy to use, i would definitely recommend this microwave to family and friends.

It’s a good microwave, it microwaves things. It arrived quickly in pristine condition. It’s just a little light so you may need to put down something to stop it slipping as the pressure required to open the door is enough to pull the thing across a kitchen counter.

Stylish, easy to use, does the job, great price, very rapid delivery, well packaged.

This microwave looks stylish and very easy to use. One of the reason i purchased this microwave is for the child lock as i have two so called helpful children. I have large square plates and turned easily without touching the sides. The microwave in whole is light so when opening the door i had to hold the top as the whole thing moves, so i got a little gripping mate which did the trick.

Purchased for the office , very popular with staff.

Rarely use a microwave, so didn’t need anything too fancy, this is the perfect size & has a modern look. Simple to use & no problem heating food. Small niggle is the weight of the microwave, it’s quite light so when you pull the door open, you end up pulling the microwave towards you also. A push button release or a bit more weight in the base would sort this, but obviously doesn’t affect the performance.