Wacaco Minipresso GR : Great product

Brilliant for all your camping/ trekking trips. Do not grind coffee beans too fine as this will increase pressure within the pump, coffee grind slightly finer than french-press i found to be best.

Recipient very happy with it.

A very well designed product that produces an excellent cup of espresso.

Nice quality – would be nicer with case included for the price.

Received my minipresso after watching on youtube have to say i was a little dubious but after trying it the expresso is very nice the pump action is quite stiff but a must have for coffee lovers.

Makes a lovely coffee, perfect for camping etc.

I own a minipresso since october. I’m an espresso lover and i have to say this changed my office life – i’m so happy with it. I can prepare ristretto, espresso and cappuccino – and it’s better than 95% of the coffee shops i’ve been to. Once you discover your coffee brand and grind size and get used to results you will start noticing that even the coolest coffee boutiques aren’t consistent in quality and they sometimes burn or make bitter espresso. You need good enough coffee and a proper grind. I get very good results with lavazza oro coffee (see picture attached). So if you are not a perfectionist you might be extremely happy with a good supermarket coffee. You can’t use too fine a grind, and a too coarse grind will not extract all the good stuff from coffee. The perfect grind and the perfect coffee are the only challenge you have – but these are the challenges for any espresso machine. You need exactly 8 grams of coffee (no more) if you want the best pressure and a consistent quality.

  • Makes a great coffee
  • An absolute life saver!!!
  • Problems when making the 2nd shot

Wacaco Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine, Compatible Ground Coffee, Small Travel Coffee Maker, Manually Operated from Piston Action

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They recommend running hot water through it before making your drink so you get the hottest possible brew, which definitely helps. The only downside i’ve found, is when trying to do that you can’t get all the water to pass through because of the pressure build up in the cavity with no coffee grounds fitted. You also have to hold the unit pretty steady while pumping to make sure you make it into the cup, as you have to pump while its pouring to get any out of it. (other makes get you to pump it a number of times to build up the pressure, then release it with a single button while holding it over a cup, so its not moving around while you’re trying to aim)the quality of the espresso is amazing though. I never expected to get such a smooth coffee with such great crema while 2000m up on a mountain side, so its definitely a plus from me, getting all 5 of its truly deserving stars. The price is a bit steep, but if you’re out and about regularly and love a good espresso, this is definitely worth the cost.

Works well and makes a nice one shot espresso.

Choose a good coffee and you will have an excellent expresso, it’s excellent.

It does make very good coffee. It does need to be warmed first and it is a bit of a fiddle to use.

Brought this to take camping, the product is well made and the instructions are easy to follow, my advice is pour hot water through the machine before using otherwise you wont get a nice crema. The coffee comes out easily could be hotter but otherwise, brilliant and far cheaper than a handpresso.

This is a handy gizmo and it works well for what it is. The coffee it produces is excellent but it is best warmed up first by passing hot water through.

It makes great coffee and it is well built and compact. The downside is it is quite messy to clean the coffee container. So first coffee is great but if you want to do a second one you will get a bit dirty.

This is a great idea, and makes great coffee – just too little of it. It is a bit of a faff to load it up, then have to wash it all out, just for one small espresso. But then it is an espresso maker. Perfect for one person camping or on the move; i would definitely buy a bigger version that made two cups.

  • Makes a great coffee
  • An absolute life saver!!!
  • Problems when making the 2nd shot

Wacaco Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine, Compatible Ground Coffee, Small Travel Coffee Maker, Manually Operated from Piston Action

Little expensive but works well, make a good expresso.

Well-made and packs a punch for a portable espresso maker. Espresso is good and the mini press i produces nice crema.

The espresso is good – not amazing, maybe borderline great, but definitely a solid good. When you’re camping or riding or hiking, it’s an excellent way to have a brew without needing to carry milk. It’s easy to use, fairly easy to clean – although you do need to pump clean water through it a few times to really get it decently clean. The espresso always has a nice crema, considering it’s hand pumped and you don’t really need to pass boiling water through it, the extraction is really surprisingly good. I occasionally use it at home to put an espresso in my nesquik after a long run, but generally it’s for the outdoors.

I have used this product for over a year. During this time we have spent much of it travelling and made around 3-4 cups of coffee every day for 400 days, you can make it anywhere you can boil a kettle. We could buy coffee anywhere in europe that we went as it is standard espresso grinds (this was not the capsule one) and it makes a very good coffee as seen in the photo. Finally after close to 1,500 coffees the seals have worn and it no longer holds pressure. I consider that excellent for the price as it means (including the price of excellent lavazza coffee) i paid about 10p per cup, less than 4p of which was the machine cost.

It’s a perfect espresso maker in your pocket.

Well, i’ve had one of these for a year which i essentially use when i go on holiday or travel. It has replaced my stovetop espresso machine when i travel, although it will in no way replace your home espresso machine. Like some people on here mine developed a gasket leak and was three days out of warranty. To their, credit wacaco gave me a good price on a replacement but given that i don’t use the product that much i am concerned about the build quality and the fact that it may happen again (so it loses a star). There are essentially two types of people who will use this. Hipster coffee geeks that drink espresso or americano all day and don’t want to have to pay coffee shop prices or tolerate somebody else messing about with their preferred taste and blend. It comes into its own though when you are traveling and just want a consistent hit of coffee with a good crema. It is a real faff to prepare, but on holiday, where time is on your side, the ritual is part of the pleasure. Sipping a strong americano at 4 p. On the back of a dive boat in the red sea in egypt makes this bullet worth it’s weight in gold.

Great little machine, my first one leaked but they quickly sent out a replacement.

My sons christmas gift he works shifts so really useful and loves it.

Brilliant product, i travel alot with work and this guarantees a decent espresso wherever i go.

Fantastic easy to clean and can take anywhere with me being a coffee nut.

Instructions hardly needed as it’s all pretty self-evident. Great for making coffee on the run or in a motorhome/campervan, as i do.

I use it at work to replace the awful coffee from the canteen. At the beginning the coffee was too watery in my view but reducing the amount of water in the water tank the coffee comes creamy and thick. The only issue is the temperature of the coffee itself which is never as hot as it should be. Anyway it is way better than espressos from any high street chain coffee shops.

As a father to two young children working a day job and a part time job as an on call firefighter that sees me working all hours of the night a compact and mobile espresso press is the best bit of kit in my day to day life. Easy to use and with the ability to put whatever ground coffee your prefer in it (much less expensive than the pod version) this really is the right choice for the sleep deprived who is always on the go. Would be good if the water compartment was insulated but carrying around a thermos of hot water comes in handy to warm little ones bottle too. I never leave the home without it.

Well it turned up next day as promised. I have now tried it and am impressed. I have had a very nice espresso with a decent crema. Slightly thin consistency but more than acceptable. Remember it is not a £900 espresso machine. I was wary about it only having 8 bar pressure [the handpresso has 16 bar which is the main norm but this does not see to be a big issue. I watched a good youtube video https://www. Com/watch?v=5aeq2eprlbs that helped me decide to go for the minipresso over the handpresso mainly because of the quality. The fact it is £35 cheaper also helps. ]

Very practical but a bit heavy.

Makes a really good espresso. Easy to use if you follow the instructions. Good option if you rely on a bean to cup machine and are forced to go away on holiday :).

As this a christmas present i hope that it will go down well.

I bought this product on the recommendation of a friend and while it works, it can be intermittent. When i go to do a second shot of coffee, this is when i have problems. If i am making coffee for 2 people, i find that assembly on the second shot isn’t so easy. After emptying, washing, drying, refilling and placing the grind container into the middle section, i find it difficult to screw the outlet section on to the middle section. For some reason it doesn’t want to line up and coffee grinds end up in the coffee that comes out. This is without overfilling the basket. Once the outlet section is screwed on securely, the middle section (with the pump) starts to leak from the pump area and squirts hot water everywhere. Sometimes it’ll leak from the water tank section or even the outlet section. When this happens i have to rescrew thse sections back on. I’ve noticed it’s done this for a few months now and i received this in nov 2018.

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