Wacaco Minipresso NS : Great service.

Had problem with first one, returned and got replacement very quickly.

Works great, was more manual than i expected to be honest but my partner uses it everyday at work so he’s happy.

I bought this for my son who loves coffee and can’t always get a good one ( he works abroad) he loves the concept but one draw back, there seems to be a lot of coffee grounds in the cup. I sent him nespresso pods and as i don’t get that with my machine i’m not sure why.

This is for a xmas present so don’t know how it works at present.

Would recommend this item to anyone that loves there coffee pods.

Love this, such a clever product. Bought one for my brother and he’s already saved money as he takes it to work. Coffee tastes good and it’s so easy to use, either fill it up with the kettle at work or take a flask, depending on where you are.

Does the job despite the pressure of extraction for obvious reasons can’t be compared with the nespresso itself. But its a completely life saver. When you are addicted to coffee.

Initial feelings on unboxing were those of happiness. The wrong instructions were included – for the ground coffee and not for the ns model. But it’s obvious from the products ergonomics where to put the nespresso pod. The quality feels solid on the threads used to screw the unit together. I washed with hot water first and flushed with hot water to warm the unit. I think this is a good idea, as it would also be to warm the cup you are using too. I filled it up with water, added a nespresso pod. Screwed together and started to pump. You need to do it pretty firmly, and after 4 pumps as the pressure in the unit builds, you could hear the pod inside engage with some very sharp teeth which puncture the pod. Don’t touch the sharp teethstrong coffee started to flow.

  • That is just great idea ! Small, portable
  • Needs getting use too.
  • A great way to get good

Wacaco Minipresso NS, Portable Espresso Machine, Compatible NS Capsules (Nespresso Original Capsules and compatibles), Small Travel Coffee Maker, Manually Operated from Piston Action

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Arrived promptly & appears to make really good coffee.

This is all right as a coffee machine where it is only possible to boil a kettle. It needs getting use to and is a bit messy. It’s best to run hot water through to heat it as otherwise you get cool coffee. Don’t exceed the max fill level and make sure you screw the parts together properly as otherwise the water squirts out the sides. Let it cool before emptying the pod. Add the larger water tank means you don’t have to refill if you want more than an single espresso.

As long as you’ve got access to boiling water you can make a tiny espresso, which of course you can dilute to make an americano. Easy enough to use, but drippy when you’re removing the coffee pod and leaves a bit of water in the little tank. So make sure you’re not holding it near yourself when you empty it.

It’s pretty handy and makes a nice coffee.

I was sceptical about this product but it functions very well indeed use it on all my long bike rides and every day at work.

The hand pump deliver a superb espresso. The espresso delivered by the pump look like an espresso you would get from a baron the continent. I bought this item for my camper van however starting using it more for day to day as the coffee is excellent. If you are a lover of espresso and love life on the road too, this hand pump is perfect for you. I have decided to review this item on the basis of coffee experience rather than product robustness and seriously hope the hand pump will work for a long time.

Excellent product, you have to be a little bit careful after the final pour as it can sometimes spit, but it makes amazing coffee anywhere.

Excellent item, perfect for work.

  • That is just great idea ! Small, portable
  • Needs getting use too.
  • A great way to get good

Wacaco Minipresso NS, Portable Espresso Machine, Compatible NS Capsules (Nespresso Original Capsules and compatibles), Small Travel Coffee Maker, Manually Operated from Piston Action

I was looking for a portable alternative to my nespresso machine and this is perfect. I’ve used it at work but am planning on taking it in holiday abroad and on a camping trip. I simply heat some milk up in the microwave at work and add it and get the perfect latte.

Loving the hot coffees on the go in this weather.

Pump action have to be quute strong, good for 1 cup of coffee.

Take it around the world with me and it works perfectly.

I was somewhat dubious about its abilities, but once i tried a cup of coffee produced by this device i was blown away. It tasted even better than from my full sized nespreso machine. Taking it to thailand with me on tuesday so i can enjoy my coffee on the beach.

I already had the version of this for ground coffee and although it produced a good espresso it was quite messy to use, especially as it was bought for travel so would be used in hotel rooms. When i saw this nespresso version buying it was an easy decision. I have used nespresso for years and love the quality of the coffee coupled with no mess, easy use. I have used this version for one trip and it’s great. Run some hot water through first or the coffee will not be hot enough and do not rush with the pump as pushing to hard can collapse the capsule. Pre heat and a steady even pump and the coffee is a good as my nespresso machines. Seems well made and not too bulky for travel. Good crema on coffee as well. Seems even better than i got on the ground coffee version.

I really dislike instant coffee and use a nespresso machine at home and really miss having a good cup of coffee when travelling, not any more, this little gadget is the first thing on my packing list, that, a few capsules and some little cartons of “tastes like fresh milk” and i’m in coffee heaven, as other reviewers have said it produces surprisingly good coffee, an excellent crema, almost as good as my home machine. Also as others have said, it is hellish hard to pump, but the promise of a good cup of coffee spurs you on.

Omy this is just what ive waited all my life, i have no idea how people can not manage to work it out or expecting americano, flat white or cappuchino ,funny :d but this tiny little monster delivers you fresh great nespresso shot when you need it – all you need just hot boiling water. I take it everywhere with me now to get my coffee, i usually use one nespresso capsule twice, pour water twice and pump it twice to get a normal cup of americano, you can add milk whatever the coffee is with you.

The concept is good and it makes nice coffee but it’s quite messy to use. Also the first one jammed i the first cartridge. The replacement arrived quickly and had been fine.

Brought this as i love my coffee brought it for work and holidays. It does make a decent coffee it is a little hard to pump at times but it is worth it in the end. The larger water tank is better for me as i like my coffee with hot milk so i can make a slightly larger coffee, there is no mess with the pods which i like.

It is fantastic to have the possibility of prepare a nespresso anywhere.

Difficult to aim and pump together.

. It’s so good to have a good coffee when we’re out and about camping.

This makes the nespresso pods just like the machine at home but is not near perfect. The bottom cup is about two thirds of a normal espresso, so you have to refill it to get a normal sized espresso. It also retains a large amount of the coffee (that you cannot pump out), which requires careful clean up to prevent very hot coffee from going everywhere. Not worth it for indoor usage i would say.

Disappointed with this espresso press was meant to be an upgrade from my cook works one and is no better at all, it will only compress a set amount of water no matter how much hot water you put in also retains a lot of water at the pod end which makes for a messy clean up not great at all unfortunately.

Have just tried it once so far. Seems very compact, sturdy machine. Almost seems to be too hard to press at one stage.

A great way to get good, easy espresso while camping. Top tip: always preheat the device by running one cup of hot water through it before inserting the capsule. I prefer my espresso slightly longer so i need to run two cups of water through a capsule to get my desired length.

Such a great product, very portable, and the coffee tastes good.

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