Waffeleisen Professional Waffle Maker : Great Fun

We had delicious belgium waffles for breakfast this monday bank holiday. Machine is great to use the only thing we would have liked to see is more detailed instructionsl.

While this waffle make makes great waffles, (so far), it does have one major issue. The plates are not removable for cleaning, this makes for a difficult cleaning job, due to the bulk of the thing and the auto rotate feature meaning that the only real position that it can be cleaned in is open (as in the picture).

Automatic turning and beep timer. After batter poured in and lid closed it rotates after 15 seconds to remaining cook time then it rotates back at end. Different times can be set for desired level of cooking and an additional crisp button. Solid build and well built great cooking plates – totally non stick. Make sure you have the maple syrup and other toppings in the house. Takes 2 to 3 min to cook 2 large waffles.

Excellent gadget,so easy to use, and it makes excellent waffles. Automatic timer is first class and the optional extra crispiness feature is very useful. It was delivered to us in rural scotland on the third day after ordering, no problems and what a pleasant surprise .

This is an excellent waffle maker i brought this for a present for my partner as he loves waffles and he couldn’t be more happier with the product it cooks waffles perfect and really easy to use the only downfall to this product is that most of the instructions are in german as it come form germany.

Silently turns, easy to clean. 2 minutes to cook 2 good size waffles. Great quality item, worth the extra expense compared to others.

This product represents real value for money. It looks good, robust but contemporary, well made in true german fashion (it even comes with a british conversion for the german plug). It makes great waffles (after a few practice runs) and the mess is surprisingly minimal. You can also attach it to the wall if you so wish. The only complaint i would make is that when rotating the plates, the machine sticks slightly and sometimes requires a helping hand. But quite honestly its such a small thing i couldn’t be bothered to send it back.

Very pleased with this waffle maker. My old machine took forever to cook a waffle, this one seems to take half the time, and the built in timer ensures consistent results. Using too much mixture stops the device from turning, and manual intervention is needed, as described in the manual. However, once i got used to it, this ceased to be a problem. Worth mentioning there is a gadget included to convert it to a uk plug.

  • Sturdy, heavy construction
  • Brilliant waffle maker.
  • It looks good, robust but contemporary

Professional Waffle Maker for Thick Belgian Waffles Fully Automatic Timer + Beep for Best Waffles

Professional waffle plate for thick Belgian waffle waffle (fully automatic timer + endsignal=optimal waffles). – Fully automatic automatic waffle rotation: waffel plate for optimal backergebis. – Taste baking tray with high thickness Belgium/Brussels waffles. – Thanks to the rotating mould, timer + fine signal and extra crispy function you always get the perfect cooking result. – Professionally delicious waffles in a strong 1400 Watt cooking minutes. This waffel plate is a gastric machine with its functions. – See item description below.

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Be prepared to fiddle with receipes and don’t be greedy and over-fill it. The “crisp” setting still doesn’t make them crisp enough for our liking so we just do it twice. No big deal and that’s just us. Overall, very pleased with it.

Got today and gave it a quick waffle test. I had a feeling before i bought it that it would stick when rotating and my feelings were correct. The motor is too weak to rotate the waffles back to the start point and it needs some manual intervention that confuses the thing. Maybe i got a duffer as most people give it a good rating.

Just a well thought out waffle maker. Super easy to clean,removable waffle plates and drip tray is a great touch. Perfect deep belgian waffles every time. Beep function means you can just shut it and not worry you’re going to burn them. I’ve had many others but this is just a different class.

The best waffle maker on market 🙂 easy to use , nothing stick to it. Looks very professional, makes evenly baked belgian and normal waffles. Will not buy anything else anymore 🙂 germany made.

  • Sturdy, heavy construction
  • Brilliant waffle maker.
  • It looks good, robust but contemporary

Professional Waffle Maker for Thick Belgian Waffles Fully Automatic Timer + Beep for Best Waffles

Features and Spesification

  • Automatic waffle maker: fully automatic rotating waffle machine for an optimum result.
  • Extra thick mould for delicious, thick Belgian/Brussels waffles.
  • Thanks to the rotating mould, the timer, the ready beeper and the extra-crispy function, you will always get perfectly made waffles.
  • Professional, delicious waffles can be made at a rate of one a minute thanks to the powerful 1,400 Watt output. The functions of this waffle maker are in every way as good as a professional waffle maker.
  • A more detailed description of the product is given below.