Wahl James Martin James Martin ZX834 Citrus Juicer – Citrus Juicer

Use it daily what a great time saving machine. Had the problem that some other people had here ie. But fildled with the spindle and seems to be ok now. Easy to clean and the machine has a handy cord storage provision on the base. Normally do 4 large oranges daily but have done 8 medium sized ones. One thing that i feel could/should be addressed is the sharpness of edge on the juice outlet.

Wife likes it so if she is happy then so am i.

Not as handy and compact as the one we had from philips. However, we are slowly getting used to it.

This is a great gadget for the price, and it does the job very well.

It is really one of those things you buy and it sits in a cupboard but we got it when we were doing a lot of juicing and drinking hot lemon water on a detox, it saved a lot of time hand squeezing lemons which can’t really go in the juicer.

Very user friendly and easy to clean. Very reasonably priced, high juice yield, much better than our old one, would highly recommend.

This is amazing little machine easy to use and to clean brilliant.

Very simple i use for oranges and lemons. The pulp gets stuck occasionally which is annoying, but it’s very quiet and does the job.

. Good if you got a small kitchen or lack of storage space. . Maybe you should invest in a whole fruit juicer instead of just a orange sqeezer but for what it is you can’t fault it. Works fine slightly only slightly under powered.

This was a replacement for another make of juicer. It is a good product for individual glasses of orange juice and is straightforward to clean.

My mother has 2 grapefruit every day. Now the carers can easily juice them for her with no wastage. Make sure that the fruit is cut across the middle as some people seem to cut it length ways which dosen’t work very well.

It’s so simple to use, and produces the most delicious orange and grapefruit juices ever.

Easy to use, wash and store. Love the fresh juice from james martin by wahli can recommended without hesitation. Here are the specifications for the Wahl James Martin James Martin ZX834 Citrus Juicer:

  • Powerful 60 W juicer
  • Two juicing cones ideal for most citrus fruits
  • Automatic start stop operation
  • Easy pour spout lets you juice straight into a glass
  • Easy clean removable parts

Very easy to use and the job perfectly. In fact, i cant fault this product in any way.

It replaced an old juicer i used. I would like to thank you for suggesting it to me.

Great i have been looking for this for awhile it works great and just great value for money i am glad i bought this item.

Bought for my partner who only has one hand and he thinks it’s fab.

It ticks all the boxes i’m using it for and honey drinks just perfect.

I liked this juicer because it is an ideal size and i can just make enough to suit my needs. It is very reasonable price and i would recommend it to all my friends.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • does the job
  • The choice is to Juice or Chew!
  • Not as refined as it looks!

The weak point is the juice spout pivot support. Ours snapped after a year or so. The strong point is the customer service. Even after a year of use, they replaced it with a brand new one. Thanks to wahl for backing up the product but it is not the best of designs. If not for the weak spot, it should last years. Basic tool but does the job.

Sturdy and powerful and can recommend. However, am only really using it for small quantities for hot lemon/orange/honey drinks due to my arthritic hands, having also realized that you need a lot of oranges to make a larger quantity of juice. I therefore now prefer just to cut my oranges into small segments, but nevertheless its a good well-made product.

Just cut an orange in half and press down. In only 30seconds you have all the edible part without any waste. Cleaning the juicer is also quick and easy.

Best £20 i have ever spentdoes exactly what it said in the description.

I am a little disappointed in the quality of the item. The pouring spout seems very fragile and the item just feels cheap and not the quality i expected. It does however produce juice with little effort and is easy to clean.

Easy to use, easy to clean, terrific customer service alas, the juicer couldn’t stand up to daily use. I bought it may 2014 and its poor little motor just packed in today. I’m going to try a different model with an integral jug; the pulp getting stuck in the spout was really annoying me.

This is such a cheap and effective way of juicing citrus. Had a few expensive phillips juicers but they burn out sooner than later.

This is a very basic juicer but that is all i wanted, easy to use, easy to clean and small enough to store in a cupboard.

Very smart, easy to clean and very much like the pouring spout. Great improvement on previous juicer.

Came within time scale given. Looks good and performs very well. For me a must in the kitchen.

Bought this juicer for my partners birthday. He makes large amounts of marmalades and jams. It has saved him so much time (and stress). He loves it, should have bought one long ago.

This product is exactly what i wanted, the 2 different sized cones allow me to easily juice both oranges and lemons, it works perfectly, looks good and is very reasonably priced.

The tiny plastic stopper on the spout falls out easily when cleaning the juicer. The 2 different sized cones are difficult to separate after use. I bought a different juicer after 2 weeks.