Waring WSM1U All-in-One Soup Maker/Blender : Four Stars

This is a hands on soup maker, we like it better than the other type, as we have more control over the end product, and it is so easy to clean especially when using the self clean mode.

Just bought this a few days ago, to replace my blender that decided to die. So far this is a better replacement in every way. It is powerfulll enough to handle everything i use it for. I bought it mainly as a smoothie/milkshake maker, but i have also made my own soup for the first time ever and with this machine, it was so easy to do, quick too. Very well built and sturdy machine, near effortless cleaning and simple to use. I’ve so far made soup, milkshakes, smothies and used it to crush ice for cold drinks. This machine has a pulse function and 4 power settings. So far i have not had to go over the lowest setting, as that os is about equal to the highest setting on my old blender. Great value for money and is more than powerful enough to do the jobs its designed for.

Everything is perfect about this glass soup maker with the sauté function, simmering, two heat settings. A bit heavy to handle but that’s due to the thick glass used for the container.

I have one problem with the simmer setting, seems to heat up boil for a few seconds then go off, not very good for anything you do not want to boil.

Any soup you want in 30 mins. , i use for quick stews, as well. Only thing i can say against it once lid on, you can’t pour, so have to remove lid which is very tight suction fit. Honestly , easy to live with as a gripe. It is also jug heavy, not easy lift with wrist problems when full. Ok to clean can get wet base, and 1 star away because getting right under blades bit tricky. But had a bendy bottle brush that did the trick.

I was very impressed with this product, easy to follow instructions, easy and fast way to have piping hot soup.

I cannot rate this soupmaker highly enough. I got it as a gift and it has revolutionised soup making for me as you can make just 4 portions at a time. I don’t bother chopping the veg – it is a blender after all. I put a cup or two of water into the jug and feed the veg through the chute with the blades running so it does the slicing and dicing for me.This cuts prep time down to single minutes and works fine if you don’t want to saute the veg first. I have made soup every other day since i got the machine and it has never let me down. Even cleaning is a breeze as it has a self-cleam function.

Best soup maker i have ever purchased. This is my third soup maker and by far the best. Robust, great capacity and so easy to use.

  • I Love It

  • exceeds my expertations.

  • So good that I bought it for a present too!

Waring WSM1U All-in-One Soup Maker/Blender, 1.75 Litre, 1000 W

Product Description, Make deliciously fresh soup in just 20 minutes with this Waring soup maker, featuring an adjustable timer and stir function which mixes ingredients as they are cooked. Select low, high or simmer from the heat settings for effortless control and use the sauté function to brown onions and garlic, or blend cold ingredients to make a refreshing smoothie. Measuring 21l x 17w x 42h cm, the powerful blades and four speed settings will blend to your perfect consistency, then serve straight from the jug.

Box Contains, 1 x Waring WSM1U Soup Maker 1 x Recipe Book

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This soup maker is far better than the one i had previous. It doesn’t burn like the last one, also it’s sturdy and very well made. The booklet is very informative although it takes a few attempts to get used to it.

Bought this machine to start my soup making period . Does an excellent job and is simple to use and clean. Would certainly recommend this one.

Easy to use and keep me have some free time.

Love it, a little bigger than i thought but, not a problem. My wife has alzheimers and now struggles with solids, so soups and smoothies are just right for her, and me.

What a fantastic product, so easy to use you just add the ingredients set the timer and leave it to cook, made enough for the whole family to enjoy in 25 mins. I absolutely love this, it’s exactly how it was described if your someone who makes soup regularly then it’s a must have and really good value for money.

Brilliant love this soup maker fantastic machine have made some fantastic soups i can not praise the machine enough.

Very good product just a bit nosy.

It feels well built and tough. The glass jug is thick and has some weight to it and the motor is very powerful. It’s not fully automatic, you need to bring your soup to the boil on high, then switch it manually to simmer. That being said, it’s more flexible, you can use frozen veg for instance, it’ll just take a couple of mins longer to get to the boil. You can simmer soup for longer if it has tough swede or parsnip in it say. So you get more control and better soups as a result. There is a low mode but i never use it and a stir function which doesn’t pulverise when it stirs. It has a built in gutter, so even if you accidentally boiled it over your counter might get a tad wet but your machine won’t be ruined. Super easy to clean, great as a plain old blender too.

  • I Love It

  • exceeds my expertations.

  • So good that I bought it for a present too!

Waring WSM1U All-in-One Soup Maker/Blender, 1.75 Litre, 1000 W

Having seen videos and reviews i know this is a good product, but pulse feature did not work, the blender was also temperamental, the control i knob seemed to be loose. Have asked for a replacement as i’m sure this is just a minor issue.

I looked at lots of reviews before i bought this and i made the right choice. You can make all kinds of soup and taylor them to suit you. Most machines you put veg in and set the timer and leave it but you don’t know what your going to end up with. This machine has a glass jug and you can see what’s happening. When you mix at the end you can see if it’s smooth enough or chunky enough. You can also saute your veg first in the machine.

We love this soup maker – a lot more robust than the last one we had.

This was my replacement due to a faulty soup maker. You can sautée onions firstyou can set the timerthis is not an automatic put your stuff in and press startyou can change temperature. Please read the instructions as they’re informative but necessary.

To replace my father in laws old blender.

Yesterday i was i unpacking this beauty, just arrived and my very first impressions were of quality. Today i made my first soup from this machine. I cannot praise this robust machine enough. Follow the instructions for making soup, with this type of machine and it will do you proud. There are lots of different soup making machines out there. And in my opinion the majority of them are the fully automatic type. Where you throw everything in, press the button for smooth or chunky and hey presto they try and produce you a soup from there generic settings. This beauty allows you full control over what it does, some soups require sautéing ingredients like onions and garlic in a splash of oil softening/browning etc you can do all this with this machine and much more. Not with those fully automatic flask and jug jobs all you can do there is press a button after throwing in all the ingredients and fingers crossed something resembling soup will eventually materialise.

Absolutely love this product, it’s solid, sturdy, easy to use. It has loads of great functions. Looks really nice and is well designed.

I have to say, this makes great soup, easily. But like so many others have said, the interior base of the jug gets dirty real fast and it’s impossible to clean it fully. I love the speed, the ease and the results. But clean up is a pain and the markings on the buttons fade very, very quickly. For the money, i’m not really that impressed with the construction. For ease of use and results, i’m extremely impressed. The recipe for chicken soup in the recipe booklet is simply delicious. But if i can find something similar with an easy to clean jug, i’ll probably retire this model.

I like them fact that the soup can be made from start to finish in just one container.

I don’t add butter or oil (always dieting) to cook off onions. Just add all ingredients and switch it on. Pulsing button is perfect for lovely lumpy soup.

Making my first batch of soup, hubby standing watching me, all he keeps saying ” far easier to open a tin”, i just ignored him. Soup ready to eat, and he absolutely loved it, he kept saying when can we have some more. So far made 4 lots of soup, and he just loves it. Easy to use and wash, must be careful of the blades.

This soup maker does everything from start to finish when making soup. It was only when i read details of other soup makers for comparison that i discovered just what ‘everything ‘ meant. The only problem i encountered after using it for only a few times was the black plastic casing around top of handle had started breaking, i returned it to the shop where i was given a full refund, and then, as i loved the product bought an identical one online. Hopefully, this damage will not occur again.

Versatile kitchen gadget, many users. Easy to use & cleanhave made many different types of soups & smoothies. Very happy with my purchase.

I have had soup makers for many years. Most produce a gloop, this produces soup. I bought this from a great supplier too called tatty box. Because it is a brand i didn’t know i settled for a ‘used very good’ model which arrived as good as anything brand new straight out of the box. I picked up from other comments and reviews that the writing (simmer, boil, etc) on the machine controls wears off quickly, so first things first, before even using it i bought a wide thickness roll of clear tape and carefully cut it to fit my soup maker control buttons. It now keeps them both clean and unlikely now to suffer wear and tear because the writing is protected and covered. As far as making soup goes this is the best i have ever had. I have coeliac disease so have to be mega careful with everything and find buying anything soup like that is shop-bought is usually dangerous. Making my own is safer, better and cheaper too. I have made apple and parsnip with honey from the book – absolutely delicious.

Found this to be an excellent and easynwaynto make soup. Only criticism ( and it by no means detracts from the usefulness of this item) is it can sometimes be a bit difficult to clean. Would recommend it to anyone considering the purchase of a soup maker.

Just bought one and have to say where has this been all my life its a bloody marvel, cleaning, although some say its hard,really. Come on is so simple, the end product is restaurant quality soup. We’ve done 8 types of soups so far from easy 20 mins to tricky 40 mins all fantastic go on treat yourselves you will love it.

It’s very large you can make soups and smoothies that last forever. I never have taken it to full speed. Can’t speak about the durability because i’ve only had it a week.

Features and Spesification

  • Simply blend, cook, simmer or sauté all of your favourite ingredients to make delicious soup with this all-in-one Waring soup maker
  • Wonderfully easy to operate with a countdown timer, the soup maker is capable of producing delicious soup in as little as 20 minutes
  • Use it as a traditional blender to make tasty smoothies, purées and even to crush ice, with 1.75 litre capacity for cold ingredients
  • The glass jug has millilitre markers, a handle so you can serve straight away and a triple seal lid for total confidence as you blend