Waring WTK17BKU Traditional Kettle – Great toaster Bring back the bagel button.

Had many 4 slice toasters this is the best i have ever had,toast bagel function is great for rolls to,also makes great toast everytime.

The toaster still looks good after almost three years though it did give up the ghost recently. The three year warranty came in very handy and the importers were very helpful in providing a replacement promptly and without any hassle.

Started to leak after few days.

I had never heard of this brand name until i started souring the reviews in search of a replacement for my aging toaster. This was a good purchase & not only does it perform well, but looks great on my worktop.

I wouldnt hesitate to purchase it again. Its quick , not too noisy and hold 1. Its also easy to keep clean and has a lovely finish.

Very good quality , works well.

This is my favorite toaster. They do keep breaking, usually around the two to three year mark, which is annoying. However, with a 5 year warranty, i would continue to keep replacing them in the hope that once day i’ll get one that just keeps going. Unfortunately, they’ve super making them with a bagel button. This is replaced with a defrost button, which is surely just the same as turning it down?if i can find one with a bagel button, i’ll be getting another one. In the meantime, after being let down by the performance of the dualit lite, i’m on the hunt for another model.

Good looking, quick to boil, reasonably quiet, easy to read to required fill level, saves over filling.

Bread fits in slot perfectly no bits sticking out. Been looking for toaster like this for ages.

This is the most lovely, well designed kettle i’ve ever used. The materials used are high quality. It boils efficiently, and quietly, and looks really good.

Easy to fill and pours well.

This toaster may not have unique functions but it does the job well. Some toasters only fit small slices but this one is on par to designer makes or one of the commercial brands.

Bought a much more expensive toaster, that broke and so did its replacement. Bought this one, not expecting much, but i have to say that it’s been great. The holes are nice and long so you can fit in large pieces of bread.

Pours water lovely without splashing. Will gdt the kettle as well.

This stylish kettle looks great, with a rapid boil and doesnt leak when pouring. More thsn hsppy with my purchase.

Does what it is supposed to. Time will tell,as i have tried many toasters,cheap and dear,and the element is the key.

Rather large toaster, works well.

Lovely kettle, ticks all the boxes of a high class quality kettle at a good price. Very pleased, quick delivery very well packed.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Slightly obsessed with new kettle
  • Great toaster Bring back the bagel button.
  • Is there such a thing as a ‘pro’ toaster?

Fabulous price i’ve seen a lot more expensive.

This looks a stylish & substantial looking kettle. It boils quickly & pours very well. I have docked 1 star as the viewing window is that big on both sides that you can see into the kettle including the discolouration and/or limescale build up on the bottom of the plate which doesn’t look too pretty we have soft water and i use filter water every time but it still showed up within the week.

If it is possible to be a bit obsessed with a kettle, then i am with this one. Having done loads of research, i plumped for this one over a dualit. It looks and feels like a quality item – good weight (not too heavy), sturdy, and the finish of the black is great – not ‘flat’ black. Boils quickly, switches off quickly, and doesn’t seem overly noisy to me. Also, haven’t suffered any steam injuries while pouring, and the spout is truly non-drip, so i don’t have to take an ecloth to it every five seconds. Very pleased with it, and managed to grab it when it was £40, so even more chuffed.

Really impressed – tried a lot – mainly because many of the rest have stopped working – but so far this is quick, even & seems quite sturdy.

Cant get a good toaster these days.

Brought as a thank you present to the vet practice i trained in, who have many brewsvery quick, very quiet and pours well. It is a shame the hard water in london caused limescale build up :(.

Well in reality it is a 4 slice toaster but after years of chucking out £20-£30 buys that have lasted a year i though i would spend a bit more for something that hopefully will last a bit longer. Well 2 months in and all is well although the toasting dials don’t match time-wise with 4 slices with one or other sides popping up ahead even if you match the positions. It however looks very solid and some would say ‘upmarket’ but in reality it is a toaster and with my dreadful cooking skills it tends to be relied on heavily by myself so it is a so far so good.

Knobs and buttons feel great. Not sure yet if it toasts the whole toasting area yet.

Commercial toaster for household price.