Weking Rice Cooker : Twice as Nice Rice

When looking at the reviews i was a bit skeptical cause there was so many ( perfect possitive reviews or mega negative ones ) i ordered it 22 pm a tuesday and got it thursday morning at 10 am and i got the standard shipping so i was soooo of happy when i got it so fast cause it had originally told me the earliest i’ll get it will be in 7 days , i live in london idk if that’s a reason to why i got it fast ??. I’ve used it once cooks the rice really nice cause u can make the rice to your taste by how much water you add , i used easy boil rice though so imma try with other rices in the future , the machine looks mega cute and it definitely is smaller inside then your regular 10 cup rice cooker , cause when i took a look at it inside it seemed that you can either boil the rice or use the steam basket, cause with the huge rice cooker i had before you could even use both at the same time, but i don’t mind cause i really needed a rice cooker that could cook smaller portions since i need it for max 1-2 people since. I am 23 currently studying so it’s also a big plus that it isent as big as a normall rice cooker it’s like a mini me version. Anyhow i am happy and i hope it lasts for a good time and now i can take use of that 10 kilo rice bag i got.

Easy to use and makes great rice.

Looks iffy but works well, not he last word in quality build standard but you can’t argue with the price.

Love my rise cooker , a very good buy .

I have had this rice cooker for 18 months now. Cooks great rice, is a nice big size and seems really easy to clean. Works good as the day i got it.

The brush is not easy, the rice sticks easily.

It keeps rice hot and doesn’t stick to the pot. Best rice cooker i have brought so far.

Keep warm function is significantly warmer than crock-pot’s 3 cup rice cooker with steamer.

  • Five Stars
  • Awesome rice cooker
  • Rice cooker cooks

Weking Rice Cooker with Steamer 500W 1L

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It cooks the rice perfectly but i can still see it burns a tiny bit at the bottom.

Use now for a while and its perfect for my needs 🙂 really recommend.

Looks good and rice is cooked well. Obviously a copy of the original japanese rice cookers but does seem to do the job. Lots of good reviews on amazon but am doubtful if they are all genuine. Only time will tell if this is a item worth it’s price.

I am pleased with this rice cooker, the package came with well packed and it cooked the rice nice.

I knew i’d bought the right rice cooker when the guarantee was in chinese. It looked like the one we had when we lived in vietnam, which is why i chose it, i just didn’t trust the western looking ones.

We have this rice cooker at home and it’s quite good: it cooks and the rice and does the job. Our only concern is that after 18-20 months, the non-stick coating in the pot is coming off crazy-quickly and we’re going to have to replace the pot. But it’s cheap so i guess it’s not a huge deal. We just don’t want to be eating that stuff.

Same as my parents have in asia.

  • Five Stars
  • Awesome rice cooker
  • Rice cooker cooks

Weking Rice Cooker with Steamer 500W 1L

We were looking for a small rice device for 2 to 4 people max. It is doing the job perfectly but the item is quite big. The description isn’t detailed enough. This rice cooker is big in a small kitchen and it is more suitable for 6 people than for a couple. Also the instruction guide is not clear. After a couple of testing, the right measure for us is 1 full cup of rice for 2 full cups of water. Overall quite a disappointment for an item that we had been looking for for a long while but the small rice cookers on amazon’s web site seems to lack or they are not detailed enough.

Just as described a great product.

Very nice rice cooker, lovely colour. I brought this rice cooker for me and my husband for daily use.

Good quality product but found the instructions a bit unclear.

This review is after 1 year of use. This rice cooker cooks rice perfectly, it comes out nice and fluffy. I would recommend that you switch off the mains power after the rice is cookedsince the keep warm function will overcook and harden the rice if you leave it on too long. The teflon lining in the inner pot has started to come off in spots and we only use the plastic spoon provided with the cooker so am a bit disappointed with the longevity of this since my previous one lasted 3 years and i cant find a replacement inner pot so will have to buy a new rice cooker.

I hate cooking rice in a saucepan. Why bother when you can have a rice cooker to do it for you, time and time again?this one does what it says on the tin. Why bother spending a fortune on another brand?stick the rice in, add the water, close and flick the switch. The rice cooks in 20 mins or so and automatically switches to a ‘keep warm’ setting.

Good steamer mike good rice but on button it stick the rice on the end cooker.

Still getting used to it , but i will persivere.

Brilliant rice cooker it’s so quick and simple we love it.

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