Westone W10 Single Driver IEM Earphones : Price a bit high, but well worth it.

I thought, until now, that i had a problem with ‘in-ears’, but now realise that all the predecessors were simply inferior to this 4driver wonder.

I bought these for 2/3 the price from the manufacturer because the box was open at £99. Thye replace my westone adv alpha model, which i broke by dropping them. I would have paid full price. Unlike other in-ear (rather than hanging off the ear) phones, you do not have to “screw them into your ear” to hear the base as the shape holds itself into your ear and keeps the connection. Additionally, they lie flat so you can rest your head sideways on you pillow, although you cannot put too much weight on without the sound being altered a bit. The build quality is excellent, although beware dropping your ipad on the floor from the bed as one hit on the right angled connector will bend it and it cannot be repaired. So use a sacrificial short connector. They also isolate the background sound very well, not needing cancellation concepts when in a plane. They do get tangled up if you are not careful, but that is just life because their design makes them that way. Would highly recommend these. Not tried the w20, w30, w40, etc so do not know if they are worth paying £100s of pounds extra for. These are just streets better than any other headphones or earphones i have worn. Cable can be replaced, although i think they are expensive.

Wowexpensive – but what fantastic sound. I cannot fault these – brilliant for all types of music. Good bass without being falsely boomy, high notes clear without any hint of highs dropping off. The in-ear design means that you can listen at quite high volume – without anyone hearing these externally at all. Have used them in a quiet zone sat next to someone who was initially concerned – and i readily agreed to stop using them if they heard anything at all – they agreed they could not hear a thing, and wondered why all earphones were not like this. :-)for me the smallest soft foam ear inserts work best – and they just sound amazing. I’m using them when travelling with a red wine audio imod and a graham slee voyager amp playing apple lossless files.

I bought these a couple of years ago on amazon. I’m surprised by the mixed reviews but sound is a very personal thing. For me these are very neutral and compared to other similar priced iems i like the detail in the mid and top ends. The fit with the foam buds is flush and very comfortable in my ears for long listening. Treat with respect and hopefully you will get as much enjoyment as i have from these iems.

Great quality phones and all the accessories that come along with. My only concern is the braided cable (seems very delicate and im scared it shouldn’t snap up at the most nominal usage). Im not an audiophile but i used to own a pair of a161p prior to this. And haven’t been happier ever since. Like i said not an audiophile so i cant compare how good the w10 fare as compared to a161p but its definitely a good buy.

Works for me, good bass drivers,.

Very ‘mid-rangie’ which tends to hide the bass somewhat. In addition, all the plastic shells have cracked. I know westone have their fans but as a general statement i’d say they are over-priced for what they are and the build quality leaves something to be desired.

  • These are a great fit – especially for someone with smaller than average
  • Wonderfully sounding earphones.
  • Perfect earphones, so much better than my expensive headphones

Westone W10 Single Driver IEM Earphones with Detachable Cable – Black

Style Name:W10 – Single Driver  |  Customer Package Type:Standard Packaging
Product Description, Westone W10 Elementary listening with Westone’s entry-level W10 IEM earphones equipped with a specially tuned single balanced armature driver. Westone W10 universal-fit in-ear monitors open up the full potential of audio when listening to reference grade audio recordings. It is a great first-level option and a perfect upgrade from dynamic driver earphones to unlock the hidden potential of portable audio and video devices. With the custom made and expertly tuned single balanced armature driver beating in the core, the W10 monitors provide high fidelity sound reproduction. Using the same advanced technology found in Westone’s iconic ES Series, the W10 delivers extraordinary detail and clarity. To convey the high-fidelity sound of the W10 in total balance and without colouration, Westone have created the EPIC detachable cable. It has been crafted from highly innovative wire, reinforced with a special aramid fibre, and braided for durability. This EPIC cable eliminates microphonic noise while transferring pure and unadulterated sound. Your personal listening realm.

Box Contains, 1 x Westone W10 Single Driver IEM Earphones with Detachable Cable – Black

From the manufacturer

The Westone W Series

The ‘W’ Series is specifically designed for optimised personal listening, because Westone believes that music lovers should hear what the artist and producer intended when they listen to an artist’s recording. Each W Series earphone contains from one to four drivers, depending on the model, for the absolute best sensory listening experience imaginable. The specially made ear tips use an ergonomic design incorporating lessons learned on fit and design gathered over the last five decades of manufacturing millions of products for the human ear. Along with providing extreme comfort, the ear tips isolate ambient noise to provide the utmost clarity.

The Westone W10

The W10 is a universal fit in-ear monitor that is tuned specially for listening to mastered, recorded music. Using the same advanced technology as found in Westone’s iconic ES Series, it delivers extraordinary detail. It is a great first-level option and a perfect upgrade from dynamic driver earphones to unlock the potential of your music device. Recommended for personal audio and video devices.

Decades of experience.

Westone’s 50+ years of experience with in-ear applications has yielded a low-profile, lightweight, universal earpiece which delivers maximum comfort and in-ear coupling for dynamic transfer of sound.

The driver.

Westone’s balanced armature drivers are significantly more compact and efficient than traditional dynamic drivers. Westone earphones provide enhanced sonic detail and frequency range that extends well beyond typical in-ear solutions.

The W10 Earphones Include:

  • 5 sizes of patented STAR silicone ear tips
  • 5 sizes of premium True-Fit comfort foam ear tips
  • MFi G2 cable and Westone 3.5 mm braided replacement cable
  • 3 exchangeable faceplates in black, blue and red
  • Mini-monitor vault
  • Cleaning tool
  • Replacement Android cable is available separately

Replaceable Cable

A replaceable cable connection includes the braided EPIC cable and round MFi cable with 3-button Apple Control System and mic function, including volume +/- , tracking +/- , phone answer, and Siri activation.

Custom Sideplates

Each W Series model includes a variety of sideplates, allowing the user to customise the look of the earphone to suit their taste.

Built to Last

The Mini-Monitor Vault is constructed of a high-impact polymer and is the perfect size for travel and storage. It features a protective foam interior and weather resistant design.

The Complete Package

Built for pros but tuned for everyone, the Westone W Series offers the perfect solution for those who demand more from their earphones.

Today, Westone has expanded its in- ear product line to provide unparalleled sound quality for all on-stage musicians, as well as for casual listeners who want a high-fidelty sound experience.

Westone Story

Established in 1959 as a custom-fit earpiece manufacturer, Westone has become known worldwide as ‘The In-Ear Experts.’ From its roots of working with hearing health professionals to produce custom-fit products for hearing aids and protection, Westone has expanded into offering consumer audio products and is the world’s premier designer of high performance in-ear musicians’ monitors and earphones.

Driven by musicians’ demands, Westone created the first balanced armature driver in-ear monitor that became the standard for professional applications.

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Great seller, very good product .

I have owned mine for over a year and although i have bose and bowers & wilkins headsets these inner ear phones are far superior. Paired with a fiio mont blanc amplifier and an iphone connector these ear phones are just wonderful. So much so that i don’t use the other headphones anymore. The west tones show up the other brands inadequacies. When they eventually wear out i am going to have to grit my teeth and get the west tone w60’s which are apparently even better.

Pros: – earphones fundementally, if you are serious about music and want the best sound for your money, are about sound quality. These deliver amazing sound quality. The highs, mids and lows are very clean, bright and precise. Only at very high volumes did the higher frequencies sound a bit grating. Overall the sound is fairly neutral but not dull. As with all good earphones the sound achieved is dependent on a good ear fit. On first sounding using the pre-fitted tips i was really disappointed with the quality until i had spent about half an hour trying the variety of tips that come with the phones until i found the perfect fit. . Then playing whole lotta love the real sublime soundscape shone through. Actually heard new aspects of the song i didn’t with my rha 750i’s, which are very decent earphones in themselves. I would say to get the best sound fitting is critical with these earphones, i haven’t just been able to pop them out and back in quickly and get a good sound like my 750i’s.

I wasn’t sure if i was going to get it because there’s not many reviews online. But these earphones are amazing. I listen to more mainstream music, a mix of pop/live/edm. While it certainly lacks the bass (it did tighten after 48 hours of playback music), it’s definitely an amazing pair of earphones. Westone earphones have never failed to impress. I think it’s my third pair (an upgrade from a more basic pair). The noise canceling bit is good as well. I use them at work and even at very low volumes, it does block out all the noise despite having an open concept office with fairly noisy colleagues. So definitely good for both quality of music for all purposes.

Quality of sound is average. Hears hurt after more than an hour of usage.

I don’t normally write a review but i really want to tell someone about my opinion about this earphone. I been using westone earphones for years, i had w3, um3x, umpro 30, adv alpha for exercise then the w40 and recently i have shure 846. I love the westone signature’s sound ( silk smooth vocal)and also the comfort design. Before i start review on the w40. I like to talk about how i listen to my music. I use the note 4 with 2 different applications. First is the power amp ( 300+kbps mp3) the other is onkyo hf player (96/24 wav). I don’t use the external dac/amp. That how i feel about the w40 ( my opinions )the bass: very fast and accurate respond, heavy but not deep it hasn’t got the sub bass level. The mid: silky smooth and warm. I think is just right so it doesn’t make those annoying s. Stereo image: wide, the sound make me feel spacious like listening a big headphones. The comfort: very comfortable, i can wear them to sleep but i use comply p series tips. I find the westone foam tips is too sponge. Overall i think the w40 is an amazing earphone. I will give 9/10 for this earphone.

Great sound and fit, won’t get into that as others covered it at length. However, i had 2 pairs and each of them broke in some way or another after only w few months. Luckily, amazon was awesome as usual and refunded without any issues.

Truth of the matter is ive owned nunerous high end headphones and besides the sony ex1000 in ears these are my absolute favourite. Tbe sony were a little tighter sounding and clinical but less fun. My most recent ones before these were ue900 and truth be told these blow them away for me. The biggest flaw with the ue900 for me was at high volume they would fall apart sound wise. The bass would distort terrible. I thought it was so bad i had a manufacturing issue so they went back. I have owned shure se530 aswell and these are a similar sound but have more extension and transparency up top and more emphasis on bass. My only reservation about these is with poor mp3 files they can be a bit sibilant and sharp in the highs at times and the bass is massive but lacks a little depth. If you dont like bigger bass look for something else.

  • These are a great fit – especially for someone with smaller than average
  • Wonderfully sounding earphones.
  • Perfect earphones, so much better than my expensive headphones

Westone W10 Single Driver IEM Earphones with Detachable Cable – Black

Superb headphones much better sound quality than the shure se535.

I have used etymotic iem’s for many years so have become accustomed to high-end audio with a flat signature response. I like crystal clear treble, clear vocals and instrumental separation, with a degree of warmth, a good sound stage and some clear lows. It should also be stated that i’m not a bass head. Unfortunately etymotic have a low build quality so i looked for a new brand of iem. I turned to westone having read good things about the w series and the new um pro series. The packaging on the w series is good and slick, something you would similarly see from apple or beats. A nice sliding cardboard sleeve and a nice material tab to open the box. This is when you’re presented with the earphones, beautifully entangled and presented in foam with their hard shell carry case. Having used them for a good few days, i would not describe these earphones as well balanced or crystal clear and i’m surprised other reviewers would state that.

I’ve been using these for a few days now. They are sooo amazing they have prompted my first ever amazon review. I bought them to replace a pair of sony xba-30s that i lost a few weeks ago on a business trip. Its not a bad comparison as they were also 3 ba earphones and a close price point. I commute 3 hours most days by train and longer when i need to see customers and so have invested in decent earphones because music, combined with a bit of mediation and a chance to catch-up on work is what keeps me sane for the journey. I did plenty of research before i bought the sonys a couple of years ago and the same again this time. The westone w30s came out on top because of the other reviews i found for them and they also have a mic which i need as i use them for work calls as well as music and a lot of the higher-end headphones seem to think that they are too good to be used for voice calls and simply don’t provide it. The sonys were very good and a step above the previous klipsch ones i had, but the clarity of the sound of the w30s at lows mid and highs are phenomenal and at the same time rounded – i really hear the music in a way that i have not heard with any other headphones – its such a joy. The noise isolation provided by the wide variety of tips is also pretty – if you are listing to some pretty sparse ambient or classical music you will find that voices cut through a little, but otherwise its excellent. I really don’t think you will be disappointed.

I worked 8 days to buy mine. They’re getting better with playing in too. Shure 425,535, sennheiser ie80 and grado g10’s have nothing on these, i’ve owned them all.

I had these iems for about 9 month and they were very good. Sound was clear and well managed, but if i was being honest i always felt that i should have ‘gotten’ more out of iems that cost me £350. After about 7 months they started to develop intermittent signal problems that just got worse and worse dependent how you moved your head. I bought sennheiser ie80’s instead. Blimey i wish that i had bought these to start with. Spacious, open, comfortable, great dynamics and bass response (adjustable if you want). Even without being ‘run in’ these are far better iems in my opinion, and i got them for about £150 less than the westones’. Immediately they gave me a jaw drop that the westones’ never did.

I’m using these earphones with an ak120. Having read positive reviews about them in the hi-fi press and need better quality phones i decided to take the plunge. First impressions are great; the packaging is vastly superior to the blister packs i’ve encountered in the past and give the product a true luxury feel. The earphones can be customised with 3 different coloured faceplates and there are numerous ear buds to choose from, either true fit or foam which expands with the ear canal to effectively cut out ambient noise. Most importantly the sound quality is excellent, a real taste of high end. The bass isn’t overpowering but still manages to underpin the music and the top end has a real openness so cymbals sound as they should with no fizz. The midrange is definitely the highlight, extracting all the detail within the music, instrument separation and depth are excellent, i’ve been hearing detail in even well know recordings i’ve not heard before. Overall a truly excellent earphone, but not for bass heads. If you’re looking for a true taste of high end without breaking the bank, these are the earphones for you.

5 stars for the quality of the product, clear sounds and as always very comfortable. However i have only used this for 1-2 months and the connectivity of the braided cable is already breaking up, and that’s just for normal usage while walking. Quite disappointed with that as the reason of purchasing westone was that my last earphone (westone 1), had amazing sound and also very durable. The connectivity only begun to break after 2 years of almost daily usage, and hence why i purchased the westone w10.

I’m no audiophile expert, but these are without doubt the best iems i’ve owned. I loved my w4r iems, but was always frustrated by their lack of microphone for iphone use. These fix that problem, and deliver that powerful, rich westone sound with the convenience of an iphone remote. Also sound beautiful with my iriver dap. The slight downside is the new connector, which appears to be rather weak. Within four weeks, both drivers had cracked around the connector. Given that i hadn’t squashed/pulled/dropped them, i can only guess that the foam tips caused them to crush in the carrying case, thereby cracking the plastic as the connector moved. Iheadphones were good enough to replace them immediately, and i won’t be using the foam tips with the new ones – the more flexible hollow plastic, combined with a little peli case in place of the provided case, should hopefully keep them safe.

Fast delivery, excellent earphones with great sound, good range of tips (i have small ears & these are perfect) & exceptionally comfortable for long periods.

These are a great fit – especially for someone with smaller than average ears. Sound quality isn’t bad – especially considering their tiny dimensions and how comfortable they are for extended use. However, they lose one star for not having an android compatible remote control – come on, not everyone has apple phonesthe second cable in the box is a nice cable without remote control and is what i have been using on my android phone. However, after a few months i have noticed crackling in the right ear phone. This got worse until it stopped working altogether. Taking the removable cable off, it appears that sweat had seeped into the connector and corroded the metal resulting in a poor electrical circuit. Even after cleaning with electronic switch cleaner the sound wasn’t much better – the right channel also seems to be looser than the left. So the second start was lost here. I have since bought a replacement cable that works really well.

It is high quality sound iem. I was recommended by my friend. To be honest, the price is bit high. But when you unpacked the box and put it into your ear, i think it is well worth it. It is very good for noise cancelling. Good for listening all kind of music. It comes with lost of ear tips to fit your ear.

It’s one of the purchases that i am most satisfied with. – the presentation is worthy of the category of the product: they bring a pair of cables, very comfortable and very well constructed (i use the twisted without micro). Both of them of very good quality. Enough olives so that each one finds the one that fits him best. A very nice box to keep them. And also, as we know, you can change the ‘look’ based on putting exteriors in three different colors: black, red and blue. – once placed, comfort is absolute. Come on, you forget that you wear them. – sound: they honor their price and rank.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Single custom-made micro balanced armature driver
  • Star and True-Fit silicone ear tips in multiple sizes
  • Detachable EPIC cable for stunning audio resolution
  • Apple compatible audio cable with 3-button controls
  • Black, blue and red colour exchangeable faceplates