What I Got for Christmas 2016

I’ve never done a ‘What I Got for Christmas’ type post before, but I love reading these and watching them on YouTube for all kinds of occasions, simply because I’m nosy. I like to have a gander at what other people got, because usually you end up getting gift ideas for the next occasion on your list! Anyway, today I’m sharing with you just a few bits and pieces I got for Christmas.

I actually bought two or three of these products for myself during the Black Friday sales, as Boots had some amazing offers on that I couldn’t resist. However, after sending my Mum and sisters a snap of what I’d treated myself to, my Mum decided to buy them off me to give them to me for Christmas – she was really struggling with gift ideas because I’m one of those unhelpful people for providing gift ideas!real techniques bold metals

No7 Colour Vault | This is the main gift I initially treated myself to after it was reduced to a more budget-friendly price of around £40 in the Black Friday sales last year. Included are seven of the No7 Moisture Drench Lipsticks, seven StayPerfect nail polishes and seven StayPerfect eyeshadows. May I add that they are all presented in the prettiest and sexiest looking box I ever did see. Didn’t think you’d ever see a box described that way, did you? The seven eye shadows are presented in a pull-out draw – that’s right, a draw – whilst the nail polish and lipstick collection is displayed at the top once you open the lid. It all is really fancy and now I’m keeping it as my very own storage box for all my makeup.

IKEA Large Bird Candle Lantern | The actual name of this is beyond me, but my brother really did surprise me this year by buying me a beautiful white lantern with glass walls, along with two large pillar candles. It’s been a week since I’ve put it up once I arrived back at the flat and it’s been used non-stop!

Soap & Glory Extrava-Glam-Za | My twin sister bought me this for Christmas, as she knew just how much I needed wanted it! Inside is a whole mix of my favourite products, including the amazing Thick & Fast mascara, the Supercat liquid eyeliner, the Archery Brow Tint & Pencil, luminising face powder, an eye palette, two lip glosses AND two makeup brushes. My oh my.

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection | I was beyond excited to get this as I have been wanting to try the Bold Metals brushes for quite some time now. As always, I’m late to jumping on the bandwagon, but all for good reason – I don’t like to buy something due to a hype, I’d rather purchase something because I want to try it, not because I’m being told I’d love it.Adult colouring books Chocolate


Chocolate | The amount of chocolate I got this year was unreal and really, it’s all my boyfriend’s fault. Despite telling him numerous times throughout the last month or so of 2016 that my only New Year Resolution is to cut back on sugar (especially after eating 5 custard doughnuts so fast on New Years Eve that even he didn’t realise I’d even opened the pack), he still decided to gift me 2 personalised tubs of Nutella and probably the biggest Hotel Chocolat gift box he could find – If my New Year Resolution goes to pot, it’s all his fault.

Colouring Books | These ‘adult’ colouring books really are a great way of de-stressing, so when I was given too this year, I was very pleased! It’s going to be one hell of a stressful year before we’ve even begun, as I officially begin my CIM course which is expected to take up all my free-time after work, leaving me with just the weekends to see people, blog and do everything else!


What lovely gifts did you get this Christmas?