What to Take to a Blogger Event

I’ve been to around four blogger events to date and each time there has always been something I wished I had brought with me. If you’re going to a blogger event any time soon – whether it’s your first one or your tenth – take a look below at the kind of items to consider taking with you. Don’t worry, there’s no need to pack a suitcase full of stuff, as all of this will quite simply fit in your standard handbag. Without further ado, here’s what to take to a blogger event.What to take to a blogger event

1 | A camera. Whether this is your fancy pants DSLR, your compact camera or simply your phone, ensure you have access to a camera throughout the event to document, social share and of course, do a round-up post on a couple days later.

2 | Business cards. When at a blogger event, you meet a whole array of bloggers which means memorising a whole lot of blog names. That’s why having business cards at the ready is the ideal way to go. All these need to feature is your name, your blog header/logo/button, your URL and your email – even add a QR code if you wish! Simply hand these out so bloggers can take a look at your blog when they arrive home.

3 | Some dollar. Depending on the kind of blogger event you’re attending, there may be brands showcasing throughout the day. From my experience, brands that have been on show also have products available to purchase on the day at some fantastic prices – the kind of offers that won’t be around again. So, I advise taking a little bit of money with you in cash, as the likelihood is they won’t have a card machine!

4 | A spare carrier bag. Typically at the end of a blogger event you’re given a generous goody bag, filled to the brim with gifted products by brands, with the hope you’ll social share said product. Although an extremely kind gesture, sometimes it’s a pain to carry the bag with you. Therefore, take a bag just incase you end up with more than your arms can manage on the day!

5 | Comfortable shoes and clothing. There’s no doubt that the morning of said blogger event, bloggers will be taking to social media with the designated hashtag for the days event and asking, ‘What is everyone wearing? I’ve no clue!’ – word of advice, wear something comfortable. Firstly, these events are nerve-racking as it is, so comfortable clothing will make you feel better. But, you’re most likely going to be on your feet quite a bit, mooching around the event and standing chatting to fellow bloggers – never mind the journey home! So dress comfortably, or better yet, bring a pair of comfy shoes if you want to razzle dazzle them all in your showstopper heels.

6 | Take a snack. Now I don’t mean some homemade tuna pasta salad in a tuppaware box that’s going to stink the place out. No. I mean a cereal bar or a mini bag of crisps, or something along those lines. Something that’s easy to store in your bag. Sometimes there’s food, sometimes there’s not, but you may find you might not like anything that’s on offer – and you do not want to go hungry!


What are your tips for blogger events?

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