Why I Unfollow You on Social Media (It’s nothing personal)

Social media – it’s a funny thing, isn’t it? I’ve always been an avid user of the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but it’s only been over the last 6 months where I’ve really started to notice how much of a popularity contest it’s all become. Numbers mean everything to some people these days and the moment that number goes down – even by a mere 1 – you’ll be called out on it if you’re the reason for that change.

Albeit, I know this doesn’t apply to everyone, because many people are on the same wavelength as me – we simply don’t care. However, this is a little letter if you wish, to those who freak out if I (or someone in general) unfollow you on social media and want an explanation.

I follow people for a reason; I want to keep up to date with their blog, I like their social content, we met at an event and I want to be friends, or perhaps it’s something else. Whatever that reason is, that’s why I followed you. If that person however ends up changing what I once liked to something that I dislike or stops doing it for good, it’s only natural that it’s no longer of interest to me and I’ll unfollow you. That’s not so bad, is it?Unfollow on social media

On the daily I am greeted by new followers who I welcome with open arms (virtually of course), but I’m also hit with 10+ unfollows thereafter. Instagram is the worst for it, but I just don’t give a toss if I’m going to be honest. It’s just a number. The growing need for a high number of followers to be redeemed as ‘big’ or ‘successful’ in the blogging industry is beyond a joke and I for one won’t be sucked into it.

Apps are so readily available to track your followers, analysing who’s following who and who’s unfollowed you. Then comes my favourite one – ‘You unfollowed me, so I’m going to unfollow you’. Oh, what a shame. Don’t get me wrong, I value my followers, but only the genuine ones. Obviously I enjoy the engagement I receive on my profiles too, but not when it’s the likes of, ‘Follow for Follow?’. How’s about no.

Everything is so automated these days too, with social platforms allowing you to generate automatic responses when someone follows you (those pesky DM’s on twitter really do get on my tits), amongst sending auto-comments to posts/pictures which feature tags/keywords you set-up. It all seems a little, well, fake. Doesn’t it? So, with all that out the way, here are a few other reasons I’d be likely to unfollow you. It really isn’t anything personal about you as a person, it’s just the content you’re putting out there on the social channels I follow you on, isn’t to my taste anymore. Simple.

You’re offensive
I get it, some people like a good ol’ rant on social media when speaking out loud to someone simply won’t do. I’ve ranted myself on the odd occasion, but more about the annoying postman who hates me or spilling my cuppa down my new top. When people’s social posts become unnecessarily offensive and rude however, of course I don’t enjoy seeing it on my news feed. I can forgive the odd one, obviously, but when it becomes the only thing I see, I’m done.

You’re all about ‘me’
As bloggers, we self-promote our work as it’s how we shout about the work we’ve just spent ages on. When it’s the only thing you do however, it becomes a bit annoying. Post after post, hour after hour, is all a bit much. Show a little about you on your social page, not just what you recently blogged.

You love the drama
If I want drama, I’ll catch up on the latest episode of EastEnders. I don’t however, want to see someone purposely picking arguments or calling people out on social media, knowing full well others are going to jump on top and stir it all up. Got a problem with someone that you need to discuss? Private message them!

You vanished
What is there to follow if you’re not posting? It sounds odd, but I have a social media ‘clear-out’ every year. This involves me essentially checking up on the accounts I follow to see who isn’t exactly engaging anymore and quite frankly hasn’t posted in months. Personally, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to do, but I know some people will think that’s odd.

You’re all about the free stuff
We’ve all seen it be done – the dreaded #prrequest. I mentioned this as one of my points in the 13 Annoying Blogger Habits post, where people use the hashtag for all the wrong reasons. No matter what some people’s judgement is of bloggers, it’s not about the ‘free stuff’ – never has been, plus never will be. If you’re serious about blogging, you’ll know the ‘free stuff’ isn’t free – you’ve got to work for it and produce good work off the back of it to be able to form a good relationship with the brand/agency. Therefore, if you #prrequest everything on your wish list, you’ll annoy me.

Giveaways, giveaways & more giveaways
I get it, we all love the chance to win something occasionally. But when all you ever do is retweet or share the next available giveaway and clog up my feed with your entries, I’m just going to think, ‘SPAM!’.

All you ever do is retweet
Similar to the above point, but instead all you do is retweet other people’s content and never post your own. You may be active on the daily, but where’s your voice exactly?