WISEPRIMATE BluBassLite Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds and Charge Case – :

Wiseprimate BluBassLite Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds and Charge Case – for iPhone, Samsung phone, iPad, laptop, tablet etc – perfect for sports, gym, running & more

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Experience true wireless performance with the incredible light weight and superb audio quality of the WisePrimate BlubassLite. Robust convenient and tiny, you can take them anywhere and use them wherever you want your music. Developed by audio lovers with the goal of being a multi-use earphone, they are perfect for;

  • Exercise – we’ve taken them skiing, gyming, golfing, running, cycling and more Travelling – our demo set clocked up an impressive 100,000 miles travelling around the world.
  • Commuting – perfectly sized to slip in your pocket, or bag when not in use, and they will be ready to go again as the carry case is also a charger with internal battery for charging them! With a 1.5 hour playback time, you can extend this to 6 hours with the carry case fully charged
  • Perfect Fit – we’ve included 3 set of foams , and 3 sets of silicon tips – they key to it is choosing the right set, making them comfy and fitting well.
  • Superlight – the lighter they are the better they will fit and stay in during training. For that reason these are the lightest earphones we’ve ever devised at a stunning 4g per piece!

blue blu base bass light lite blubasslite

Light, Comfortable, Wearable

With each bud being physically tiny and only weighing 4 grams, these buds are designed for everyday use. Extensive fitting kit (including memory foam tips) ensure secure fitment for everyone and the incredible light weight means they are super-secure. There’s no inertia present to shake them loose, so they stay in with zero fuss!

blue blu bass base light lite blubasslite blubass iphone

Pairs seamlessly

Pair with any Bluetooth device – seamless for use with video (no lipsync issues) completely compatible and simple to pair. Once paired, simply switching them on links everything together and enables you to grab and use on the go.

The BluBassLite in Detail

Charge case wise primate Blu blue base bass buds lite light

Wise primate blue blu base bass bud light lite

wise primate blue blu base bass light lite

Charge Case Included

Your BluBassLite are supplied with their own charge case. This contains a battery itself, which is charged through USB. The joy of this is that every time you put your buds away, the charge case tops them back up so they are ready to use! The charge case itself is tiny and easily fits in a pocket.

Incredible Tech, Incredibly Light

With each bud only weighing 4 grams, the marvel is the sheer quality of the technology packed in with so little weight. Each bud has its own battery, Bluetooth chipset, audio amplifier, charge circuitry and 6mm high quality neodymium speaker driver – all of which is expertly integrated to take up absolutely the least space and weight it can. It’s an engineering masterpiece!

Clear and Simple in Use

With such a small device, it’s important that it can clearly communicate what it’s doing. The BluBassLites use a combination of a multi-colour LED status indicator on the outside of the bud, indicating it’s pairing and battery status, backed up by voice direction so you know what the bud is doing when it’s in your ear. Clear commands, simple controls, covering really sophisticated tech – it’s the WisePrimate way!

golf sport active gym

Active use Optimised!

Whatever your activity – Gym use, running, golf – any type of sports use is actively assisted by the incredibly secure fitment of the BluBassLite. No matter how extreme your exercise, the BluBassLites stay in every time.

blubasslite holiday

The Ideal Travel Companion

Take them anywhere – so small you can throw them in a bag and always have a recharge to hand. To recharge the charge case, it’s a standard MicroUSB connection, so no additional charger to take!

Your holidays will never be the same with superb personal audio wherever you go!

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Wiseprimate BluBassLite Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds and Charge Case – for iPhone, Samsung phone, iPad, laptop, tablet etc – perfect for sports, gym, running & more

Features and Spesification

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  • CUTTING EDGE EARPHONE DESIGN – The best workout Bluetooth wireless earbuds, at 4g per side they are so light once you’ve fitted the correct ear foam you’ll be sorted! No daft earhooks needed here , there designed to play hard! Great for running, skiing, biking, jogging, hiking, biking, gym etc. Stay in ear with comfortable fit and pack fitting demo. Super light earbud design, No wires tangling. Designed to help you enjoy your music on the go hassle free.
  • EPIC SOUND QUALITY Superb sound quality Bluetooth V4.2+Edr for stereo sound and superb bass sound. Clear high & Low volume, with zero distortion. The best wireless earbuds. Built-in mic with voice notification of incoming calls and power and pairing status.
  • SMASH THE COMMUTE- Dominate the gym, outlast your run ! Up to 1.5 hours music playback, and the charge case (included) expands this to 6 hours! . Super quick charge time with full charge light indication.The Headphone battery status will be automatically displayed on the iOS phone screen.
  • READY TO GO! With an easy to use button play/pause/answer on your music tracks as well as phone use without touching your phone. Up to 30ft Bluetooth range in the open space and 10ft in the obstacle dense space. Can be connected with two devices simultaneously. Super quick pairing with Android, iOS and other Bluetooth devices, and the earphones themselves arrive already pre-paired! Watch our demo videos for more details. Fit kit has foam earbuds included for greater noise isolation.