WOWOTO H10 Video Projector Android 6 – Awesome projector

A nice little machine, gives a large image, and quite bright. When using airplay or mirroring, the sound track is not synchronised with the picture. If there is a fix for this maybe someone can advise. The screen size is large but can be scaled down 50%. With larger images there is pixellation and i don’t think it projects at 720p. I have used 720 and 560p movies and its not as clear and sharp as i would have liked but still watchable. Theres also an issue with the focus. When the top part of the image is sharp, the bottom is not quite in focus, and vice versa.

Pros: not noisy, good conectivity, decent brightness, good build quality, decent image for size but:cons: not for high definition, is far from a good quality projector but that would cost you 700+ pounds. Receives blue ray and 1080p but shows in 720p. I personally find that i need more clarity, sharpeness and brightness. The android sistem installed is not being updated and fails to keep up with installed programs. It is just an interface to make things happen so dont expect much from it. Not clear in corners, blur in cornersconclusion: decent value for money, not outstanding performance. Time will tell how much will last and if worthed the money because is a unknown brand.

I was quite surprised at how small this projector is. For its size it’s quite powerful. My blue ray dvd player works well with the projector. A smart machine so you can watch tv through wifi or connect to a tv direct. Bluetooth allows pairing with iphone ipad, samsung etc. Just remember to buy a single wall or ceiling mount as the universal brackets for conventional overhead projectors do not fit. Ideal for using with laptops for presentations. No more lugging large projectors as this one is great in any light. Screen size is well above any large tv size for your home.

Android useless unless you are up for some creapy app games or so. Resolution is as told but it looked dull anyway. Will go for fullhd for sure. I thought my laptop of 2011 is noisy but this thing just came as winner in terms ‘what is louder’.

3d excellent, sharpness brilliant, and colour so good.

This projector is really great,totally meets my needs,high picture quality,it’s also much brighter than the competition. It also has a processor and runs a full copy of android, making this a smart projector. Is this a good option for full time use?.” but there are many cases of deceptive advertising in this industry, so to find out i had to try it out for myself. With a native resolution of 1280 x 800, this projector can display 720p hd content without any scaling. It doesn’t have quite the level of detail as a 1080p projector, but you’ve got to be doing some pretty analytical watching to notice. Technically, the horizontal resolution has an additional 80 pixels. This is because movies and television has a 16:9 aspect ratio, while computer displays often hhave a 16:10 ratio. If you’re watching hd content, the extra 80 pixels aren’t used.

Fantastic projector, its tiny in comparison with machines twice the price, its super quite and i project the image onto a white painted wall as the image was too large for the 200x200cm screen i bought to go with it, the image on my wall is 300 x 300 inches and its like being in the cinemait looks great, hanging down from a small minimalist pole from the ceiling, its installed upside done using a simple camera tripod screw type of connection, and the images is then inverted easily via the on board soft ware. It is packed with features, and if you have ever watched a 3d film on a television then the size of the 3d image this projects will blow your mind. Do not expect to watch this in daylight though, you need a completely darkened room to get the most out of it, which is expected when you think of a proper high street cinema, their projectors probably come to tens of thousands of pounds and they have to turn the lights down.

Given the size of the product, the amount of features in it is amazing. Quite simply, it has more or less every feature one can dream of in a portable projector, including functional android os, full size hdmi in, two usb inputs, which can be used to power external devices and micro sd in. Picture quality is very good at 720p. It will not replace your benq w2000, but it is pretty damn close, especially if you keep the screen size reasonable (around 2-2,5 meters is a sweet spot i think, even though in a reasonably dark room you can go up to 4-5 meters) and it is very quiet. Additionally i was able to stream from my iphone and ipad without any dancing around the fire, and wifi/bluetooth worked and built in media player swallowed every movie format i threw at it from both usb stick and external hdd. Let us also not forget that it consumes only around 25w as opposed to 200w of a normal stationary projector and you do not have to think of the lamp resource at all, since it will take a while to burn through 20-30000 hours. As for cons, well given the fact that so many things have to work together in a box this small, none. However, if i have to nitpick, i would say that focusing 100% of the screen is almost impossible if you go over 2 meters diagonal, needs some color calibration out of the box and this version of android is not the sexiest i’ve seen, nor the fastest on the hardware platform used. Build quality is rather good by chinese factory standards, but it will not leave you breathless. Nevertheless, all things considered, pros hugely outweigh cons and i have had and/or tested around 7-8 different projectors, both full-size and portable.

Here is an totally unbiased review of this projector. I have had a projector for watching films and tv for a good many years, still hav an optoma hd600x which has great image quality but is really noisy and has gotten expsensive to buy replacement lamps for. So i have used some other cheaper chinese projectors too such as the ragu z720. Now this projector caught my eye, becuase of the feature set, it’s supposed to be bright and has a decent contrast ratio, and eceryone raves about the image quality. The first thing that struck me upon receiving this, was the form factor. It’s tiny, it’s not much bigger than the android box i have hooked up to it wacth my films from. It’s housing is qood quality plastic, not the thin, brittle feeling plastic of the ragu. Hooking it up to the mains and powering it on for the first time i can happily say that, it is bright. It’s about on a par with the optoma, i can view it with the curtains open on a dull day and still see an image on the screen. It’s washed out and dull in comparison to wacthing it in a drakened room.

Operating system old school resulting in kodi using 16. Ideally two hdmi slots and auto focussing would improve what is nearly perfect projector. Hopefully a new android o/s update to a newer more recent version will be issued.

Very impressed with the picture quality of this tiny projector, menus are easy to work with only issue i’ve had was getting it to connect to a wifi speaker but headphone jack came to the rescue, attached pic was an amazon prime video onto a magnolia wall (using a fire stick plugged straight into the projector), screen sharing from an iphone works easily but had to change the resolution settings to get the display ratio right.

Wowoto h8 video projector,3d dlp projector 1280×800 support 1080p full hd , android 4. 4 os , with keystone, hdmi, wifi & bluetoothi purchase this projector to take on my travels, along with my xbox at times. The projector is very good even in some daylight, however i mainly use it in the evening and with a lamp on its still a great picture. Not sure about the android sw thou. Tried to install a few apps not much luck, possibly due to the 4. I did have an unfortunate issue with the power block which failed, however after contacting the seller they sent a replacement out immediately so i cannot fault them for the customer service. I have used a number of projectors over the years but i am impressed with how quite this projector is, you can hardly hear it, in fact my laptop fan makes more noise. The picture is bright and the xbox looks good. I do also take a bluetooth speaker with me on my travels but again am impressed with the built in speaker and could easily watch a movie or play a game just using that speaker.

Don’t be put off by how small this projector is. Even the speakers aren’t bad. Here are the specifications for the WOWOTO H10 Video Projector Android 6:

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  • ❤Brighter & Sharper Images❤With advanced DLP technology and LED light source, WOWOTO H10 provides 4500 lumens brightness, 30% brighter than H9. It supports 4K 1080P full hd videos and 3D videos, providing vivid and sharp images with big screen up to 200inch.
  • ❤Faster & Smoother Operation❤With upgraded Android 6.0 operation system and extended 2GBRAM and 16GB ROM, you can download and install Apps like Netflix, YouTube to stream videos in faster speed and more smoothly.
  • ❤Strong Connectivity❤ Besides plugging in via USB, HDMI, or AV to play media from a laptop, flash drive, or TV box or stick, WOWOTO H10 also provides wireless connection with smartphones, tablets, laptops via Airplay/WLAN/Miracast/Ushare to play videos, games, images, musics or files.
  • ❤Low Noise and Long Life❤Built in quiet fan and temperature control induction is set in the projector to monitor the temperature and adjust the fan speed in real time. LED light source is about ten times lifetime than that of traditional light source.
  • ❤Portable Projector❤Mini projector with size in 1.2*4.7*6 inch, light weight in 500g, with customized waterproof carrying case, easy and safe to take and store, perfect for home theater, business presentation and travelling.

I have three other projectors that cost me more than this wowoto h9 and can honestly say this has the clearest picture i have seen it is crisp and sharp the colours are both clear and accurate i have only had it for a few days but so far so good very happy with this projector for such a small thing i am amazed it’s so good i am so glad i went for it no regrets.

I like this item very much very very good.

My family and i enjoy using it every day.

High definition picture and portable.

The only issuesi have is with the remote and amazon prime video. The remote never worked and we are still waiting on the company to send us a replacement. The devise does not work well with amazon prime.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good Projector.with a few annoying things ++++UPDATED REVIEW 31/1/2018++++ check the ammendments at the bottom
  • Not bad for something fits in your jacket pocket
  • Highly recommended

I love this, its that simple. It is a great piece of kit, very versatile and very user friendly. I have a mixture of technolody in my house but i can connect it all to the projector wirelessly. I can screen mirror my andorid phone, my mac, ipad. Picture is clear and have no concerns about it. During the day it can be a bit faint but i have dark curtains and so no issue for me. The only negative: i can stream images and videos from my phone to the projector without having to install anything. However, to screen mirror (i. Everything you see on your phone you see on the projector) i had to download an app.

Thank you amazon for fast delivery, and my video projector its amazing, good quality , very happy, if someone could just tell me why i can not connect my samsung s7 via bluetooth with my projector, it keep saying that its not compatible, thank you.

This is my third one to arrive after a temperamental first wowoto8 (sent it back) and extremely noisy wowoto9. Finally this one is nice and good. I really recommend: good picture, quiet fans, good connectivity with airplay. Not ideal but for the price lots of features and decent picture.

I have had probably 6 cheap or used projectors and eventually bought one new. I bought an apeman and was amazed at the quality of pic. So i hoped this would be as good its so much better. Clear bright superb quality picture and sound. 1 lollipop as soon as i conected to wifi. Highy recommend arrived just in time for england vs tunisia.

Perfect one, very much satisfied with the performance of this product.

Brilliant little projector, the only con i have is that the fan is a little loud but it is far from a reason not to buy one though.

Small projector but mighty in performance, just perfect for my need home and office.

Fantastyczny projektor, superb quality picture, very happy costumer.

 i spend a loads of time watching reviews. Well i can tell am definitely happy, the quality image his incredible very bright i had no problems watching football match game on streaming connect via hdmi. The airplay has a bit of lag but it’s not a big deal. It’s just a shame that android version may go obsolete if no updates are available. It’s my 3th projector and i recommend this to who wants some quality time at home.

Using it for half a year and it is perfect.

We had a projector with an incandescent lamp. Every time we took it out we also needed the projector table, and were scared the bulb would go. This is so small it can go in the laptop bag, and fits onto an old lightweight camera tripod.

This is a great product if watching in the dark. Connect to a good external speaker with cable and you would think your in the cinema. Only average with light in the room.

A good projector but chinese instructions are not very informative, trial and error are the way to get up and running, 3d had me puzzled, no direct support, i had to download some items to a micro sd card to use in the projector, no 3d glasses supplied so these must be purchased separately, once i settled all i have enjoyed some very good viewing even in daylight, only having to close the curtains, 100 inch screen is largest my home can accommodate ,a clear bright picture, final result, a happy viewer.

Absolutely brilliant piece of kit. Versatile, really compact and, best of all, a superb picture. It is also very quiet, too, so great for presentations in small rooms. I run it through my bluetooth speakers and have great audio output. The menus are easy to operate and the functionality is just right.

I wanted projector for my xbox, tried few long budget ones but was not happy with their performance. Then i got my eyes into wowoto h9, looked for different reviews and decided to buy it. And i must say this is what i wanted. Very nice picture resolution, fan does not make heavy noises and works very nice during daytime. I use it on wall and have not got any problems with projector yet.

Only 5 stars because it cannot display a slideshow of 3d stereoscopic images on a thumb drive which is what i bought it for and for which no information is available on the various websites i consulted prior to purchase. Iwowoto support very quickly confirmed this and apologised for the inconvenience so i returned it for a refund. Otherwise this is a nice unit that’s easy to set up and use.

I’d been considering buying a projector for a while, but was always concerned that to get a good one it would be prohibitively expensive, well this little beauty solved that problem. The image, even in daylight, is bright and clear, so if like me you’ve tried smaller pico projectors or the cheaper ones, this performs much, much better than those. I’m not an av geek, but the image is a good quality. Image size, as you’d expect is dependent upon the distance to the screen or wall your projecting onto. I’ve so far had it up to about 80′ and it was fine. Sources of output i’ve tried include google chromecast, amazon fire stick and my virgin media tivo box. All have worked brilliantly through the hdmi port. As other reviews have said this unit runs really quietly. It’s also surprisingly small. Haven’t tried the 3d capabilities.

Early days but i’m very pleased so far. Excellent picture quality considering the size, android os is a bonus and works well. Tons of features, keystone, digital zoom and the 3d is excellent.

I had it for about 3month now and can say for sure that it is the best decision ever, but it had some twiggy problems. The image is amazing indeed, i also purchased a tripod and i keep moving between my bedroom and lounge (i have massive white walls in both rooms) so it saves me to buy a tv in each room. Also, it has bluetooth so i can connect to sound systems in both rooms. The idea of a smart projector is very good but that where the bad stuff starts. Apparently, android on this projector or too old or too simple, so some useful apps can’t be installed which literary worthen the second problem. The wifi on this device is very unstable. It keeps boosting videos from netflix and youtube and i managed to establishmirrorcast only at first time and never since. Wifi keeps disconnecting while trying to connect to devise (i have tried at least 10 of my own or friends phones). I have contacted the seller and he just said that it is the wifi problem, but not the projector. Well, everything else is working fine at the same distance from the router.

I absolutely love this projector. Before i brought this i had borrowed a very expensive from a friend that cost £1400 and was worried this wouldn’t be half as good being a fraction of the price. I was so wrong, if anything it’s actually better. Super bright amazing picture quality and easy to use. Only down side is its let down by the remote control. The projector itself is fantastic build quality, but the remote feels very cheap plastic and worried if it will last. A better option would be if their was a remote control app to control it from the phone. Other than that it’s worth every penny. 4 stars just because a quality product has been let down by a cheap remote.