Wraps Core Wristband Bracelet In-Ear Headphones : a happy teenager at

Bought as a christmas gift for my teenage daughter. She loved the colour and being able to wear them round her wrist.

It’s taken me a while to warm to these headphones. Price wise they are about right. The look and feel is good however wrapping them around your wrists i find is very difficult to do and never fit correctly. One feature which is great is that it never tangles up due to the ribbed cord however this also brings my biggest criticism- the cord keeps rubbing off your clothes and zips and creates huge annoying noise as you move about. In terms of performance it is bang up there with the best. I’m not sure i’d buy another set only because of the noise from the cord.

Love itgood sound quality and robust, would recommend it.

Loved the idea of the design and the concept behind it. Used them all the time but sadly i did end up losing them somehow.

Good for using occasionally, the cables are steady, but sound quality deteriorates fast.

I love these wrap earphones.

Grand-children think they are great but it took a few days to be able to wrap them round their wrists.

Great headphones, a lot more sturdy than normal ones,arrived on time and well packed.

  • Good quality. Good value. Good performance. Cord can create noise when rubbing against clothing.
  • Value, quality, design.
  • Very resilient earphones with great sound quality – fantastic for people on the move

Wraps Core Wristband Bracelet In-Ear Headphones (High Comfort with Locking) – Gold

Style Name:Core  |  Colour Name:Gold
Product Description, Wraps earphones offer a take on in-ear audio – creating a fashion statement and practicality to the way you listen to music. They can be worn on the wrist when not listening to music and an ideal, patented clasp system keeps the lightweight alloy heads, slider and jack plug all connected together for a secure compact fit.With the earphones worn on the wrist, the cables are kept in right alignment, remain tangle free and are always close to hand. A lightweight spherical ABS housing helps control the sound whilst providing a comfortable and secure fit when worn in ear or on wrist. A large 10 mm driver, tuned by world-renowned British audio’s sound engineers, delivers enhanced sound quality.The lightweight alloy headphone housings are available in four of the smartphone and tablet colours and matched with a fully adjustable black faux leather bracelet. However, these headphones don’t just look great; they also feature upgraded titanium speakers. The quality of the speaker, is crucial for accurate sound reproduction and our 10 mm titanium speakers are expertly tuned to resonate.

Box Contains,

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I bought it 2, for my partner and my father, both happy.

These are good headphones and the sound quality is great, but after 3 months they stopped working. This is the second pair i have had and i won’t be ordering a replacement.

These are a great and convenient for on the go earphones. They don’t get tangled in your pockets and instead are easy to reach right on your wrist. Sound quality is only moderate, but for the price, they are a steal.

Very resistant and practical, can tidy them up and unroll then without ending up in knots. Sound comes very clear and colour is perfect for me to see it over everything.

These headphones are brown, not red as stated in sellers description. The packaging clearly states brown on it. Satisfied with product quality and sellers service other than misleading discription.

Perfect for my son who breaks all his headphones by getting them tangled and knotted.

Excellent set of headphones that does not tangle.

  • Good quality. Good value. Good performance. Cord can create noise when rubbing against clothing.
  • Value, quality, design.
  • Very resilient earphones with great sound quality – fantastic for people on the move

Wraps Core Wristband Bracelet In-Ear Headphones (High Comfort with Locking) – Gold

Does exactly what i hoped for. Sound quality is very good considering price range. Only real niggle i find is the mic is a bit too low and it picks up a lot of background noise as a result. Need to hold it up (taking away the handsfree). But, i would recommend this. Especially as someone who frequently looses earbuds.

Great headphones i’ve been using them for at least a year now, very sturdy and they work just as intended. They’re also a good conversation piece.

Arrived really fast, a happy teenager at christmas.

Pros: brilliant audio quality, have proven to be very robust & sturdy so far and i am prepared to bet money that only unnecessary abuse would result in loss of function. The clasp that holds the 2 ends together when you have it wrapped around your wrist is made of tough but still malleable plastic that grasps the plug in a snug fit. Cons: there is a very small amount of hiss regardless of if anything is playing, however it is minimal and barely noticeable when your music/film/video is playing. Would highly recommend this product – especially to those people who use earphones on the go.

Not actually listened to them just yet as they are christmas gifts for my children. Colours are amazing and packaging is good can not wait to see their faces.

Love them, lasted longer than any of my other earphones, and i go though them like water. So about 10 months is 3 years in terms of earphones for me, who use them on a daily basis.

Son loves these when he lost his over pair he was upset , but he’s ok now thanks to this pair.

I saw your wraps advertised on this morning. I ordered them immediately as i know things sell out when they have been on tv. The amount of earphones i have found in my washing machine having been left in pockets, this seemed like the perfect solution. My boys are 20 and 18 and they are for their christmas stockings. They just looked so cool 😎- the perfect gift.

Bought as a gift for a teenager who loves them, no more tangled earphones.

I bought this having sat next to someone on a plane who picked them up at the airport. After using them for 2 weeks he said there’s a definite use for the fact that they wrap around your wrist. There is some noise from the cord when it moves but if you are generally sat still just chilling out then it’s not a problem.

Does what it says on the tin well.

They were delivered quickly and the quality is great. The sound is perfect and they are really resistant and look amazing.

Seemed a little pricey but bought for my daughter who constantly destroys earphones and cables. Well made and pretty good quality.

Gift for our son who loves them. This is his second pair only difference is the colour, he just wanted 2 pairs. Great sound & comfort plus can wrap them around his wrist as a bracelet so he doesn’t lose them.

These are great for on the go especially if you hate your wires getting caught up in things like your keys, only problem is there is some interference to the sound if your moving around against clothing, as the wires aren’t very well insulated.

I got these for a present and they are good for keeping your headphones tidy but they don’t have the best sound, bass is nearly inaudible and you have to make sure you get the right fitting ear tips to fit.

Absolutely amazing quality, durable yet sadly a bit noisy with the cable. Best earphones i’ve ever worn 10/10.

Product looks great, good packaging if for gift. All cables are protected and i am confident that they will be robust.

Features and Spesification

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  • Can be worn on the wrist
  • S, M and L silicone ear tips
  • Many possible variations transform wraps into distinctive pieces of jewellery. In line with the company’s slogan “Wear your Sound” you can wear these headphones like a piece of jewellery. A patented locking system guaranties the safe transport of your headphones. When not in use, your headphones can be worn as wraps on your wrist. Wraps can be used on any wrist with absolutely no need of tying or knotting. You can choose between many colors and designs – always to match your outfit. All wraps have lightweight aluminium earplugs. Soft earplugs made of silicon are adapted to fit your ear. The variations “classic” have fabric wrapped around the cables. You can choose between bright colors : Green, Pink, Blue or more decent colors : Crimson, Brown or Black. The variations “leather” are available in Brown and Black. A statement underlining your style are the variations “Wooden” the premium model with wooden beads. The variations “talk” have a one button microphone as an additional feature and is available in the colors : Coal, Lagoon, Denim, Flint, Sunrise and Camo.