YABER Projector 5500 Lumen 1080P Native LED Projector Full HD Support 4K 1920 x 1080 – valuable projector

This 5,500 lumen projector is just like the charm. Even during the daytime of the house, the brightness is very good. It comes with hd 1080p resolution. You can adjust the sharpness from different distance projections. There is a matte white wall finish in my living room, which works well. If you have glossy wall paint, it may have light reflections, which may degrade the quality of the resolution. I watched amazon’s main video, this is a fire stick, and also by connecting the ipad app to steam, everything works fine. The projector is equipped with a remote control that you can mount on the ceiling or wall, and you can control and play it from the remote control. The sound from the projector is not very loud, but i connected it with the yamaha home theater system with surround speakers. I would say this is the best and it feels like in a movie theater. The projector looks high-end, arrogant white. I highly recommend this product because its true brightness is 5,500 lumens, not only for nighttime, but also for daytime at home. And the price is very cheap.

 we like this projector and buy it for use as a home cinema. I did a demo at home, it is very useful because it is easy to operate and can be connected in a variety of ways. (different devices have different connection methods, please refer to the instructions in the package or consult the seller)the image quality is very good. The image quality is very satisfactory than i expected. The most important thing is that it is safe because it is well made, guaranteed and supported. The design is simple, i won’t get tired of it. I was attracted by its low price, but in fact this shopping is very good. A lot of things are very satisfying.

This projector i ordered as home theater. The first thing i noticed is the sharpness in the image and it’s brightness. The fan noise is low and you can’t hear it whenyou are playing any sound through the system. The image seem better on a screen rather then just projecting on a flat wall.

 got the projector and immediately put this to action. Out of the box this is fully functional and arrives nicely packed. Its been few days of using the projector. I have not used the remote but have used the buttons on the projector to change input mode, check menu items and change sound level. You can rotate the lense to fix the image sharpness. Picture size, color and clarity is amazing. Images are added to give some idea on the screen size and the clarity. There is no blur at the edges. We have enjoyed few movies nights already and the picture quality in the dark room or at night is amazing. Projection is on the white wall.

The pack is rather complete in the set:1x projector1x hdmi cable1x ir remote control1x french manual included1x 3 in 1 av cable1x adaptereverything is here. 2x usb2x hdmi1x headphone output1x avthe double hdmi connection is just greatthe native resolution of the projector is 1920 * 1080p full hd, the picture is really top, really nothing to complain about. Of course for optimal quality, a dark room to see total black is recommended, but know that even with the light looks rather well. Lamp life 75000 hours, if so wow.

 i love that i can connect the projector to my laptop, tv, phone, and different media devices with cords you already have. Connecting each one is very easy. I connected a fire stick tv to it and it worked great. I also was able to hook it up to my iphone 7 where i had the movies stored with lighting to hdmi cable using the hdmi port on the projector. I was able to see everything on my phone with this pretty awesome hookup. The picture is incredible in high definition, and looks absolutely clear. We watched a couple of kid movies and my niece was in aweyou can easily change the size of the picture, the settings as it’s very user-friendly, and it gives you the experience of a movie theater at home. It will do anything you need to do with a projector, so it’s a good purchase.

This time, i bought a projector that can use a large screen at home. This is a modest dream that i can’t achievethe image is clearly projected onto the white wall. As for the product, it is excellent overall (for this price, you have nothing to complain about). The video is more beautiful than i thought. The true resolution of full hd is really colorful and shockingoperating noise is not at the level that bothers me. Because it is used in a dark environment, the brightness is sufficient, 5,500 lumens are brighter than expected, and the feeling of use is the amount of light that can be satisfactorily enjoyed even in a bright room. The speaker itself is much better than i thoughtthe product arrived quickly and was very pleasantly traded through careful packaging.

 absolutely getting rid of my tv now. And forget the ridiculous theater prices. This projector is the bomb diggity. We wanted something for family day movie nights. The clarity in the picture is just amazing. It’s literally like watching a big screen. The only downside is i can only watch when the sun sets since i do not have blackout curtains. But other than that, this can easily replace your tv. I’ve been able to play most of my apps on the projector as well which makes streaming possible.

I bought this projector after reading a lot of reviews, i am really happy that i can quickly project in different locations. We keep it open all day and try to use different input sources. Given the price, i have some questions, but i am ready to accept some restrictions, on the contrary, it has become very good. The image is very good (hd and 4k), the definition is really 1080p, clearly defined, the brightness is very good, it is great for the led projector. To my surprise, the internal audio is also very good. The noise level is normal, but it may be adjusted by the menu. Perfect the seller, provides excellent sales assistance. All in all, value for money, no more can ask for this amount.

I received the projector and the packaging level was well protected. All cables and remote controls are also available in the box. After i received the package, i inserted it and installed it. I put it in the living room, let my children watch the movie, the picture on the white wall is very good, the screen is twice the tv, the sound quality and perfection. To sum up, this video projector is excellent and well done. It is more expensive than a mini projector that is cheaper than a tv, and images with the same quality are much larger.

I was a bit hesitant because i had never heard the brand,but i was enticed by the price. And precisely because of the quality / price ratio i can say now that it is an exceptional product. (if you want to have internationally renowned brands such as ‘epson’ and ‘benq’, you have to spend three times more than it. Yaber projector didn’t disappoint me, the image quality is very good, providing a native 1080 resolution; it is extremely bright compared to any other competitor in its price range: even with the shutters open in broad daylight it can be seen discreetly (obviously from the best with the dark). I was also pleasantly surprised by the audio, it is better than many others i’ve tried. Furthermore, the fans are rather quiet. Sincerely feel that value for money.

 the picture quality is perfect along with sound speakers are pretty loud and clear. The projector is easy to use and even has good brightness as compared to other projectors in these price range. Perfect fit for home needs, gaming and small presentation rooms.

Getting started is very simple and the menu is very simple and intuitive. The three buttons on the remote control are sufficient for all operations. I connected it to the computer via hdmi with a resolution of 1080p hd, and the video and photos are the best. I was surprised by the brightness of the closed curtain test during the day. Although it is only projected on a wall without a projection screen, the white color is super bright. In terms of performance, it has all the necessary connections (hdmi, usb, vga. )the photos and videos are projected in 4k, and the images remain high definition and bright. I am pleasantly surprised by the price to get it, i recommend this video projector to everyone. Here are the specifications for the YABER Projector 5500 Lumen 1080P Native LED Projector Full HD Support 4K 1920 x 1080:

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  • 🍒 【5500 Lumen & 7000:1 Contrast ratio】With 5500 lumens of brightness and 7000:1 high dynamic contrast, the projector delivers crisp, detailed HD content images, four times higher than the 720p. Combine innovative high-refraction 5-layer glass lenses to ensure the best video experience!
  • 🍒 【1920×1080 Native Resolution Support 4K】YABER LED projector with a real native resolution of 1920*1080 support 4K, Super color technology and exclusive color reproduction feature offers a wide color gamut of 17 million!
  • 🍒 【300″ Giant screen & HIFI Stereo Sound】Y21 projector allows you to project images from 45 “to 300” depending on the distance. With 3W dual stereo speakers SRS sound system, verything for a perfect experience for reproduction both of multimedia!
  • 🍒 【 Versatile connectivity & 78000 HRS LED Lamp 】 YABER LED projector supports HDMI/ USB/ VGA/ AV/3.5mm. Dual HDMI & USB ports design makes it more convenient to connect your laptop, Blu-ray Disc player, gaming console and HDR, extend lamp life to 78,000 hours with the latest SmarEco technology!
  • 🍒 【Three-year warranty & Professional support】YABER provides 36 months warranty guarantee, lifetime professional customer service & technical support. Any problem please contact us, we will always offer you satisfactory solution and some surprise !

I have been using it with my computer to watch movies. It has been working flawlessly. Makes watching a film special without go out. I’ve hooked up a speaker, works fine with fire sticks for a summer movie night.

I’ve been wanting a good projector for a while. This projector is very bright and is not to expensive. Very cheap, this is just what i saw when i was browsing amazon. I wanted a bigger video projector for my screened in deck for the summer and beyond to watch movies and stream tv and other media. I wanted a projector with high lumens, good quality picture (1080p with a high native resolution), and something that wouldn’t break the bank. This projector did all of this and is a very versatile projector. My family and i have enjoyed playing video games on it, watching movies, and streaming tv while eating out on the deck. I plan to make it a permanent mounted feature on the enclosed deck. The only thing that i think needs to be improved is when you want to mount it to have standard mounting holes on the bottom but i found a mount that does not require mounting holes that will work perfectly. You can adjust the projection distance and you will get the super-large size from 35inch to 200inch, which is easily satisfy your visual demands on different occasions.

This is a good toy to play with, if you would like to spend some good time with yourself, this gadget is definitely it. I have to admit that i have got some surprises. The animation projection effects are good,and its easy to install plus it has a built-in stereo, yet i might have miss some other features worth mention, in general, i have had fun.

 i am very happy with this purchase, it makes you want to go home right away in the evening to watch a movie quietly, or invite the friends to spend a good time relaxing. This projector has the ability to connect to any type of media:- usb ports to connect to the pc, to an external storage drive, to a digital camera,- hdmi ports to connect to another screen or hdmi convertible cable,it can connect to the smartphone as well, just have a convertible usb cable or hdmi to type c. The implementation is very simple and easy. You can do everything with: watch movies, videos, tv shows, photo albums, put music or project slides or video games, etc. The image quality and sound is at the top. The entire picture effect and stereo sound is really a home theater, it’s at the top.

It is perfect for my expectations, very high quality and surprisingly powerful speakers. It has a maximum resolution of 1080p full hd and a very bright color, so it provides high-definition content for every use, even if the projection environment is not dark enough to reproduce the image. Below i attach the video recorded with my smartphone, the image produced by the projector is actually more clear (you can buy it back and try it). For people like me who like to watch movies at home this is really perfect. No longer need to large amount spend money on 4k tv.

I plan to get a 1080p full hd projector for less than £200. My friend suggested this projector, omg very impressive picture quality and sound, simple setup, perfect picture. It works immediately, no problem. Value for money, we set up this projector in my media room, very impressive, all the friends are asking for more details about this details️.Great for casual movie nights.

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I bought the catalog specifications very well. Real resolution: 1920 * 1080, so-called 4k full hd supportaccording to this specification, it is hard to imagine that it will only sell for £200. This is a personal impressioni have a native 720p. I am very happy with this, but at the same time i see the difference between hd and hd makes people feel real. Both colors are bright and clearly visible, but the larger the projection size, the more you can see the difference. I also think that this level of projector should have a screen. Because you can enjoy more beautiful images, you can also feel like a movie theater. Video quality is the most important thing in video. My expectations for the speaker are not high, but unexpectedly good. This is definitely better than your projector.

 this is the first 1080p projector i purchased, the real hd 1920*1080 projector, i always hesitate to the high cost of the most famous brand products, because i expect to use a home theater in the tavern. I have confirmed the excellent features and colors. To properly calibrate it, i recommend downloading the video tutorial to set the correct parameters between color, sharpness, contrast, etc. The price you see is generally good value for money, easy to use, and very satisfying to purchase. I recommend it to those who want to be close to the home theater for the first time.

 overall, this projector is pretty good. It worths every penny you pay. It supports vga and hdmi input. Nice materials and equipment: projector, instructions, remote control, adequate power supply, 5500 lumen. The image is very sharp, just adjust the focus and the angle manually. Excellent brightness and resolution. If with light the result is sufficient, in the dark it obviously makes the best of it with very satisfactory performances. Even the audio is really good than expected. The only drawback is the fan noise, but that is not annoying.

 i have purchased a couple of similar entry level projectors in my attempts to improve on my home cinema experience and i can say that this yaber projector (in terms of value for money) is the best projector that i have purchased to date (and that’s not saying the others were rubbish).  in terms of size and weight, the projector is well proportioned, with a sleek fashionable design.   the cover is plastic but maintains a quality feel.  in relation to its price, it performs well and sports a number of innovative features (electronic keystone correction for example) compared to some of the other projectors that i looked at before i decided on this one. Although i am sure that you wouldn’t be able to compare it to projectors at the higher end that you would spend thousands of pounds on, this projector performs really well.  i have it located in a converted attic, and my screen isn’t the best (constrained by the shape of the room) but you can see from the photos that the picture is bright and sharp.   the projector focusses easily and quickly and manages to maintain image quality in a low level of ambient light.  in conclusion an excellent projector for the price which is an ideal choice for a home cinema setup.

 it seems to be an old upgraded version, it is true 1080p and supports 4k, i checked the specs and bought them immediately. This is more than expectedfirst of all, the startup is very fast, we immediately check the function. We use the remote control for each setting. Important image quality and brightnesshigh contrast, 1080p full hd, no doubt, you can only say beauty. At the 720p level, the definition of the screen cannot be compared with it. It is clear that there are no strange colors. It is recommended to use the screen for the highest level of image quality, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t. After-sales service, 3 years warranty, you can rest assured.

 we are obsessed with the value of this projector. I watched the show with my children in the morning. It is very bright even in rooms where natural light and artificial light enter the room. This projector is already in use and i have connected the projector to my set-up-box. The children are very happy to choose a favorite show . The projector’s sound is high enough that no separate speakers are required. It is also bright enough to be seen even in all lights during the daya great price to buy. I am very satisfied with the quality and ease of this product. This is a perfect small home theater, and it makes sense to watch movies and shows with you kids on weekends.