Yamaha Electronics Yamaha EPH-100 Stereo In-Ear Earphones iPod / iPhone / iPad : Will buy them again

Absolutely stunning earphones. Give them a few hours to break in and they are fab. Use many over ear headphones and these are the nearest to competing with them.

I took a punt on these after having read some great reviews, and i’m really impressed. They have a clear, balanced sound — revealing but not harsh, great bass response but never boomy, great mids. I use them along with a dragonfly red on my phone, and they sound almost as good as my home headphone/amp kit. Can’t believe yamaha pulled this off, given their lack of reputation for headphones. Best in-ear i’ve heard, and i’ve heard a lot.

No complaints, fast delivery and as advertised.

These are amazing value for money. I’ve had quite a range of earphones including shure, sennheiser in the upper-echelons and i’ve tried a few of the new boys on the market such as soundmagic. These are my favourite earphones of the lot. Tight, punchy bass that’s not so overpowering that it’s fatiguing. Excellent instrument separation. Better than the sennheiser ie8’s, which is impressive considering the price difference. Soundstage is different from the ie8’s. The sennheiser’s sound more like you’re in the middle of an auditorium, whereas these feel like you’re in the middle of a lounge. It’s no bad thing – just different. Don’t be put off because you’ve not heard of yamaha iems before – like i was originally.

Fantastic range, very punchy bass.

Firstly i took a bit of a risk buying these headphones as i couldn’t find much info about them. There are a couple of non-english youtube reviews and one review here [. The look of these swayed me as they don’t look like any in ears i ever saw and look like amazing quality which they indeed are. They are not sharp at all and made so well you just want to keep looking at every millimetre 🙂 i mainly use these for my htc one and yes they match perfectly. I previously tried the soundmagic e10 as was trying to save some cash but when it comes to sound that little extra goes a long way. As soon as i put these in i felt like i was in the moment as the clarity is just stunning. Bass is not muffled and totally clear and most importantly for me not over the top like beats or other bass heavy headphones / in ears. For me these are perfectly balanced and fit well inside my ear due to the odd looking double rubber ear plug. I was sceptical at first but the buds fit perfectly.

Amazing earphones for trance music.

The yamaha house sound is such fun to listen to and that’s what listening to music should be about. Build – these are very light and there unique shape and custom tips make getting a good seal very easy. They go deep but are never obtrusive or uncomfortable. Although light they are built like a tank. Sound – i have lots of earphones and headphones. I have sets costing £200 plus. I was after a ‘bassier’ earphone but not the type to muddy or bloat. I wanted weight and resolution and that is what i got. I had been trying for ages to get a set with bass like this. I tried rha m750 (£75), hisound wooduo 2 (£60), aurisonic rockets (£150). The rockets got close, but the mids were really poor and thin. Bass- like i said, it goes deep, is punchy and always dynamic. It doesn’t overtake the music and never sounds exaggerated like other bass emphasised iems.

  • Buy these if you want PERFECT bass response. Deep, punchy and with fantastic resolution!
  • Just Amazing!!!!!!!!
  • Rediscovering music

Yamaha EPH-100 Stereo In-Ear Earphones iPod / iPhone / iPad

Product Description, The EPH-100 features a 6mm (1/4 inch.) diameter super-compact driver that can be inserted straighter and closer to the eardrum than ordinary earphones. This allows you to hear pure, low-distortion sound without unwanted sound reflections. You enjoy natural, accurate reproduction with all sound sources. The body is made of high quality aluminium, exceptionally light and hard, it provides a good feel while helping to minimise sound loss. Air outlet holes in the driver unit and exterior adjust sound quality and provide optimum sound emission with sharp definition.

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I’ve had these earphones for a few years now and they never cease to amaze. I travel extensively and spend a lot of time on planes. I had some bose q25 but always thought the sound muffled and bass weak plus they were bulky to travel with. The yamaha’s are a revelation, you can hear every part of the music crystal clear, high, lows and middle; brass, strings, vocal and drums. Take time to choose the right earbud size and then use the metal post to slightly twist them into your ear. The result is great noise cancellation and perfect comfort for long journeys. The added bonus is they slip into a pocket and need no battery. I just got my wife some bose q35’s and thought i’d compare. Whilst better than the q25’s and with excellent noise cancelling the sound is nowhere close the yamaha’s. For less than £100 a real bargain.

Got these after careful consideration and a lot of reading. Compared them on fiio x1 to soundmagic pl11, rha ma450i and brainwavz m3. I’ve got to say – i’m impressed – pl11 and ma450i don’t even come close to the quality of these, so i won’t talk about these two. Closer comparison can be done with m3, as their sound is a bit similar, but to a certain extent as well. It’s a well known fact, that m3 have got superb soundstage compared to other earphones in this price range. However, eph-100 go above and beyond with enjoy-it-all-right-here-soundstage, separation of instruments, quality and clarity of everything that they produce. I believe they would be a great studio model, as you can hear all the good and all the bad of a certain recording. Highs and mids are close and presented for only one purpose – for you to enjoy. There is just enough of bass as well. After using them for only a couple of days i found myself discovering sounds i’ve never heard before in tracks i’ve been listening to for years.

Best earphones for this price. The only downside is that you can still hear outside noises if you are in a bus for example.

Its strange that there are so few reviews on this product or indeed suppliers selling them. They have a ‘those in the know’ reputation amongst audiophiles who want top drawer sound but dont want to dish out £400 for a pair of iem’s. I have to admit i was quite taken-aback by the quality of these iem’s. My regular phones are a pair of grado sr125i’s and so i tend to use these as a benchmark, and am glad to say they get remarkably close. Their ability to provide a great soundstage and airy separation around instruments is wonderful. The treble is crisp and natural and the mid range smooth with a perfect bass. Their ability to dig up ambient sounds in tracks is remarkable. I’m hearing sliding fingers on strings, and the artist breathing. Of the reviews that i have read about these headphones they are being compared with far more expensive iem’s such as the sennheiser ie8s or the grado in ears, and i can well believe that comparison is valid. I have actually used a fiio mont blanc portable headphone amp with them and the improvements are clear.

Silky smooth bass and good midrange and not too piercing highs. I can listen to them for hours. Like all in-ear headphones you need a good seal. These come with 3 different size ends, hopefully one will work for you. I’ve had them for a couple of years now.

10 stars excelent soundgoood qualityvery clear sound perfect bass.

The sound quality is incomparable to you standard ipod earphones. The only thing is that i had to put on other earbuds because i found them slightly uncomfortable during long periods of wearing, but this might not apply to other.

  • Buy these if you want PERFECT bass response. Deep, punchy and with fantastic resolution!
  • Just Amazing!!!!!!!!
  • Rediscovering music

Yamaha EPH-100 Stereo In-Ear Earphones iPod / iPhone / iPad

They are good earbuds but i have a £50 pair of denons that sound just as good, these were supposed to be an upgrade to them but they are about the same. Save yourself a few quid and go for the denons.

Very robust but not much better in sound quality than my previous £20 set of philips ear phones. Over priced for what they are.

At the lower price, under £100 from a supplier in birmingham, these are outstanding value. Sound quality judged with a variety of classical music recordings is very noticeably better than with other in-ear phones i’ve tried. I particularly loved the sound of one of my favourite violinists with these phones because of the detail audible in the sound of a fine instrument and a virtuoso performer. In-ear phones are never going to sound as good on-ear phones, but these are brilliant in-ear ones. Providing five rather than just three ear bud sizes seems an excellent idea though in my case the medium ones already fitted are fine and fit better than any other earbuds i’ve used. The design also makes insertion considerably easier than the fiddling and ear-pulling which seems necessary with other earbuds to get a half-decent fit. They come with a high quality long extension lead and jack adaptor and an excellent carrying case, though a simple gadget to wind the lead round would be a good addition. A pity they don’t have a microphone and controls to use with a mobile phone. Ok, they’re for audiophiles, but why not let iphone users have the benefit?.This doesn’t stop me from giving five stars because they’re so good otherwise.

Uncomfortable and lacking in bass. I’ve tried all the buds and have listened with various devices including with a high-end discrete sound card. I’ve no idea why these get such good reviews online.

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