Yamaha Electronics Yamaha Front Surround Soundbar System : Apart from this it is a good system that marries well with existing equipment’s

I have owned more expensive yamaha soundbars in the past and this was bought as a stopgap for a shinier model. That being said, i am so impressed with this model i may not bother upgrading for quite some time. You cannot fail to be impressed by this item.

Easy to set up and great sound, especially like the ‘clear voice’ option. Only downside is lack of bluetooth connection. Still very pleased given the price.

I rarely write reviews on here, but after purchasing this soundbar i feel compelled to share my experience of this excellent piece of kit. A few months ago when watching the lord of the rings trilogy on blu-ray, my wife and i were fed up of barely being able to hear the dialogue (so we cranked the volume up), and were then deafened when the orchestral score kicked in (before promptly turning the volume down again). Our tv is only a few years old, but clearly the built-in speakers are inadequate in handling any fluctuations in volume. So i purchased a cheap soundbar with an external subwoofer (the lugulake system) and was disappointed with how complicated this was to set up (optical cable from tv into optical coaxial converter box info subwoofer, then usb cable from subwoofer into external speakers. Another issue was the whole unit buzzed horribly when the volume exceeded a certain level, which induced a throbbing headache. A third issue was that one of our cats chewed through one of the speaker cables, but this obviously wasn’t a fault of the system (can’t manufacturers build cat-proof cables for pete’s sake. ? ;-))so i purchased this, and it’s brilliant. It’s easy to set up and it sounds great. Here’s a list of the pro’s:1) it’s ridiculously easy to set up. Plug optical cable from tv into soundbar, plug unit in to power socket and bam – it just works2) the clear voice feature is subtle but effective, and (i assume) slightly boosts the mids so dialogue is even clearer. We haven’t had to use it yet but it’s definitely useful for those films where the cast insist on mumbling (god i’m getting old. )3) surround is a nice feature and adds a bit of width to the sound – you lose a little bottom end but bass is still punchy4) the tv remote learning function is great – we can now adjust the volume of the soundbar using our virgin media controller, so no more scrabbling around down the side of the sofa for the additional remote5) the tv remote repeater is a revelation (well, to me anyway. ) the unit is wide (around 40″) and comes with feet attached, so once it’s on the tv unit it obscures the receiver on the bottom of the tv (meaning you can’t turn the tv on and off). The repeater transmits the signal through the soundbar to the tv, meaning you can now turn it off and also select other hdmi inputs etc with ease.

A huge improvement over the tv speakers and a noticeable improvement over the sub £50 soundbar i had been using. I like the auto level feature as suddenly having my ears assaulted when “atmospheric” volume levels have been added to a film is a no no. I like to choose my comfy volume level. I wish i had chosen a model with bluetooth or network connection for future connectivity though.

This product looks and feels high quality, sound is very personal and what sounds good to some may not to others. To my ears this unit represents excellent value, voices are clear and music very acceptable.

I was surprised with the bass, i bought for my parents for xmas and is excellent especially for the money. I pooped in to curry over xmas and is far superior to the bose one they had on display for over £300.

This is great it comes with optical lead and the sound is fab with good base and built in sub woofer that is underneath,it has 2 optical 1 coaxial and rca left+right also there is height adjustment by taking of the feet off under the speakers,this now fits superb next to my pany 42 smart tv the remote is neat and is supplied with batteries. It has independent base control and volume control,ps if you need blue tooth get the yas-103.

Best being the uni-sound which controls the change in dynamic range between channels and to a degree programme content and advert breaks. And lifts the mumbled inaudible speech to less muttered levels. But a 5:1 home cinema sound system can be adjusted to do that as a ‘custom’ setting on the centre speaker. I have left the unit set for a ‘flat’ response otherwise the clear voice feature is pointless as it ‘weights’ the speech frequencies. If you mess with settings the sound produce this will colour the output to be either muddy and unclear of have ear-bleeding levels of mid-range and treble. I’ve not yet heard the sub-bass kick in but i am not listening to music and don’t watch much film. Put in some sub-bass boost the unit becomes muddy and unclear even with clear speech selected. Basic set-up was an a, b, c. Operation and in five minutes from opening the box the unit was in use.

  • Superb value
  • Sounds good to me
  • Multiple inputs, deep sounds even at low volumes

Yamaha Front Surround Soundbar System with Dual Built-In Subwoofers – Black & AmazonBasics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable (1 m / 3.3 Feet)

Style Name:Soundbar + Toslink Cable
Product Description, Yamaha Front Surround Soundbar System with Dual Built-In Subwoofers – Black Yamaha YAS93 Soundbar is a perfect solution for those who wants to boost the sound of their TV, but are concerned about limited space in their living room or expensive price. This one-body audio system with many features like 6.5 cm cone speakers, dual-driver subwoofer, resonance tube and Air Surround Extreme technology will bring your home entertainment enjoyment to a next level. The Yamaha YAS93 sounbar features AIR SURROUND EXTREME technology which delivers 7.1-channel surround sound from a single unit. Now you will be able to take a full pleasure from realistic, striking sound experience, with clear notes in the front and dynamic sound action at the back and sides. The YAS93 combines dual front speakers (6.5ch cone) and dual-driver subwoofer (7.5 cm cone) to give you a total power output of 120W. Now you can watch movies with excellent sound quality and dynamic, robust bass produced by integrated subwoofer. The resonance tube provides an outstanding bass response to make it deeper and richer than ever. There is also Clear Voice feature which boosts the midrange frequencies to make speech clearer without affecting the other sonic elements, while UniVolume maintains a consistent volume level to avoid big jumps in loudness between sources, programmes and inputs. Yamaha YAS93 Soundbar is designed with special care and focus on simplicity and elegance. Its rich, glossy black finish and elegant shape will add a stylish accent to your living room interior. AmazonBasics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable (1 m / 3.3 Feet)Iiglo Toslink Audio Cable 1 m Black (II, Tosm, Tosm, B010)

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Looks good and fits nicely in front of my 37″ toshiba. I plugged the optical cable directly into my sky box and set up the sky remote to control the volume and standby. I haven’t noticed any real difference in sound quality except for the elimination of that annoying cabinet bass buzz – the main reason for buying it.

This is the first sound bar i have purchased and very pleased with the product. So easy to set up as you connect one cable to tv and then one to the mains. Good depth of sound with built in subwoofers although you can connect an additional subwoofer if desired. The product was supplied by crampton & moore who are worth a mention as parcel force appear to have misplaced the first unit. I e-mailed them via amazon when it did not appear on the day. Got a reply quickly telling me that pf could not locate the unit at their depot. New one dispatched immediately and arrived two days later, excellent service.

At £120 you cannot expect anything too special, it does not in anyway give a “surround sound” experience but it really does greatly enhance the audio quality of your tv. I have a pretty good tv system but this really did make a big difference. If you are not a “tech geek” who is going to argue over minor acoustics i would recommend this as a very good purchase and very worth the price.

This is a great improvement on my tv sound. No, it’s nothing like as good as my dedicated home cinema 7. But then my tv picture isn’t as good as that system either.What i really like about this is the fact that you can train your tv remote with it, so once you’e done that the yamaha remote goes in the cupboard. It switches on/off with the tv, and the volume is all controlled by the tv remote too. Good sound quality and very convenient.

Nice looking piece of kit and the sound quality is excellent. Very easy to install and simple to operate once installed. Unfortunately i payed around £40 too much, as this unit can be had for £99. This model came onto the market around 3 years ago.

For me this is a just ok speaker,not much surround sound difference, and don’t be fooled by thespeakers behind you crap , it doesn’t happen , and i live in a small flat.

I bought this when upgrading my tv and dvd player after doing my research using which?. It lives up to its review from which?. Splendid warm and clear sound and it was easy to set up; i had to remove the ‘feet’ though because it is not as slimline as some models. Have not needed to use headphones to eliminate the sound from the tv. The price is excellent and it was delivered very promptly.

The item arrived in super quick time. The box was very easy to open and i had up and running in no time at all. I could tell the sound quality was 100% better than was on my samsung tv which was only 6 months old.

  • Superb value
  • Sounds good to me
  • Multiple inputs, deep sounds even at low volumes

Yamaha Front Surround Soundbar System with Dual Built-In Subwoofers – Black & AmazonBasics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable (1 m / 3.3 Feet)

Bought this recently to replace a dead set of cheap but effective studio monitors i had connected on to the entertainment system on my front room. Right now this is connected via optical link to a small htpc running kodi, a ps3 and ocassionally something via the analog rca in. First, it’s longer than you think; roughly the width of a 40″ television. Soundstage is nice and clear in stereo if only a little closed; in surround mode it completely fills up the room with sound (losing a little bottom end weight however – typical from pseudo surround). The sub is amazing for what it is; your bowels will feel every single rumble and hum. The “clear voice” function is subtle yet fairly effective. All in all i was surprised of just how well these sound especially considering the price bracket. Movies, series and tv all sound amazing. Obviously not as good as a proper hifi set up for music, but sound does come out solid and balanced and enveloping – you can definitely do some listening with these. Thirdly, build quality is proper. Solid and nicely put together. Looks like the sort of thing darth vader would have in his torture chamber. Led: some people complain about not being able to work out the leds from a distance because small labels.

Excellent product, very good value when you consider how much you could pay for a sound bar also for someone who’s not very tech literate it’s easy to connect up. I just connected the optical cable that came with the sound bar to my tv (samsung ue40es) and not only did it work the sound on my tv it also worked for my sky box, bt box & samsung blu-ray player (there were a few on-line comments about needing other connectors but i found none were needed).

Advert is misleading because there is no bluthooth. Apart from this it is a good system that marries well with existing equipment’s. The remote has a learning function that is handy so you can teach it you tv control remote. Would be 5star if it had bluethooth. I wanted bluetooth but did not want to send it back because it is that good.

Expected better from yamaha. I have owned a few musical instruments and about three various amplifiers eventually ending up with a wifi amp which is brilliant. All the others i’ve passed on to my sons who also were delighted with the sound quality. Set this up with a panasonic smart tv as tv’s are so thin these days, you need a soundbar.

Really good value for money soundbar which has transformed the audio of my tv – it is quite wide and about 4′ wider than my tv so initially looked too big but that’s my fault and i’ve got used to it really quickly.

The sound quality is very good, given that there is no separate sub woofer. Perfectly adequate for tv sound. Remote is easy to use and small enough. It switches off after no use for some hours. The only negative comment would be the gloss finish to the casing. One touched it leaves finger marks, which look messy. Trial and error found that washing up liquid rubbed on, followed by a dry cloth works.

I’m glad i took notice of the reviews to do with soundbars before deciding to purchase the yas-93. It has proved to be the perfect match for my samsung 32′ tv. Withe the built-in speakers on the tv i was hearing only the top end and no bass whatsoever. The quality of bass from the built in sub-woofer in the yas-93 has to be heard to be believed.

Great product, i had no idea the sound from my tv was so crap until i got this, deep rich sounds is produced from this sound bar that echos around the room, recomended for those who do not want their room cluttered with speakers.

So it’s a bit big but i knew that when i buying it. It’s an old model so no bluetooth etc. Connected to tv via optic cable. A big step up from my (panasonic) tv speakers. Good value for money overall.

Perfect solution for flat screen tvs. I was impressed with the sound quality, it immediately boosted the sound performance of the tv. I used to find the flat screen television unbearable to listen to, now it is a pleasure. It was up and running in seconds, once i located the optical port on my television. Would definitely recommend this to everyone who has a flat screen tv.

Much much better than the tv speaker. Good tone and adjustable to suit what you’re watching.

I have always been a fan of yamaha audio equipment and after previously having a yamaha surround sound system, i was naturally drawn to this. I liked the fact that it could decode a surround sound signal into a simulated front surround system using just the soundbar. Note that this just gives front surround not back though. After setting up it takes a little bit of time to work out what the buttons do and also how the lights on the soundbar work – which when you do is very clever. It is bigger than most soundbars but throws out an incredibly powerful and clean sound. The ability to use univolume and turn the subwoofers practically off is a triumph as it allows clear sound without waking the kids up whilst upstairs sleeping. Then when you but a blu ray movie on and want the cinema in your house it does the job. We ended up buying another tv stand to lift the tv up above the soundbar as we felt it was a little in the way but yamaha have cleverly got around this (if you don’t fancy buying another stand) by having a remote repeater on the back of the soundbar so it transmits any ir signal at the front straight through to the back. Clever japanese design and a well made piece of kit – very happy.

This is very good sound bar ,the built in subwoofer is great ,it can be set up to work with your cable remote control great idea ,the only problem with it is that some times when you turn on your tv from the socket it don’t turn on with the tv as it is supposed to. This only happens an odd time ,you can still just use the remote that comes with it to turn it on. L still give it 5 stars for the sound alone ,i would highly reccomend this sound bar.

I’ve got to say i’m incredibly impressed. I did a bit of research before buying this and was happy with the purchase when i ordered it. When it arrived i have been nothing but impressed with the sound bar. I use it as purely tv audio, and the audio quality is great for what i want, good bass, and nice clear sound in general. I’m no audiophile though so if you’re looking for a good music system it may not be what you want. In terms of functionality,the set up was easy and very clear. The manual was easy to understand and the step were easy to follow. There are two functions with it that i think are superb,1) the remote learning feature, easy to set up took around 5mins and its perfect. It has ‘learnt’ power on, volume up and down, and mute. 2) remote repeater function. This repeats the signal, from your tv remote to the rear of the sound bar which for me has drastically improved the singal of my tv remote. To summarise, it good audio form an easy to set up system with some very handy functions. Well worth the money and would definitely recommend it.

We bought this because we thought we were going deaf. Hearing checked out as ok to good, so the tv’s sound system is the problem. Bought a cheaper sound bar which was highly recommended last year – and although an improvement on tv alone it was still missing chunks of dialogue. Started more serious research and this one was most recommended for the particular problem we were having. This yamaha yas-93 is excellent – we rarely miss any dialogue now and the surround sound option is also really good too. To be honest the price is excellent and really i should’ve gone for this one right away.

Fantastic soundbar, nice and loud and improves the poor sound from my television. Can change the subwoofer to your own preference. The surround sound does work (obviously not really the real deal but it does give a reasonable facsimile). I like the clear voice facility too, it certainly makes voices easier to hear (a boon to me as my hearing isn’t 100 percent. I would definitely recommend this product, for the price it’s really great.

‘which’ recommended product. Get it bought these are one of the better products in the market. They have 2 little stubby legs on either side so this raises the hieght if you are going to put it on a tv stand, this is due to the fact there is a sub woofer built into the product.

We put it under our tv suspended.

Features and Spesification

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    by entering your model number.
  • Integrated system equipped with dual front speakers and dual built-in subwoofers
  • Stylish design achieves both visual beauty and ease of use
  • Air surround xtreme provides powerful surround sound, Dolby Pro Logic II : Yes
  • Slim, low-profile, one-body design allows positioning in front of a TV. Mount on wall or place on TV stand
  • Connects audio component, like a sound bar to receiver/preamp, audio processor, DAC, or television
  • Clear, multi-channel, fiber-optic digital audio output through lightweight, flexible cable
  • Durable PVC outer layer; corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors and buffer tubing for optimal signal transfer
  • Includes removable rubber tips to protect cable when not plugged in