Yamaha Electronics Yamaha RX-V485 – Alexa compatible MusicCast AV receiver – Nice home entertainment amp with tonnes of features

Pioneering machine yamaha and no more wasting money on pioneer amplifiers (dead just after 5 years).

What a bit of kit this is, got everything, does everything, it’s brilliant.

Really easy to set up with great functionality and excellent sound.

Great amp that is easy to hook up to various input / output devices via hdmi, fibre or good ole rca, if needs be. Can’t really recommend this highly enough so best if you have a look at one yourself if you can find a main dealer.

I ordered the wrong product and got a refund with no issues, simply dropped it off at a branch and refunded within the hour. Would deal with richer sounds again a+.

First of all, i haven’t bought it from amazon, but i guess that it doesn’t matter. I am using it with a dali zensor 5. 1 system, in a medium sized room. I can’t compare it with different setup (receiver, or speakers), so i can’t comment on how it sounds. In my non-expert opinion, it sounds. About connectivity: lot of options. I am very happy being able to access the files on the pc via ethernet (wi-fi also available), and play flac, dts, wav, mp3 files. For other file extensions, you can use the foobar /other player streaming options.

The yamaha rxv685 was highly recommended to me by hi-fi and cinema system experts that i trust and, having bought one to replace my excellent yamaha rxv671 unit, i can confirm their opinions. This is a well priced unit, packed with all the important high end features, but without costing over £1,000 for the top of the range systems. The set up is as easy as before and i am now looking forward to plenty of viewing and listening time to test out its full range.

Really good sound quality through a 5:1 system at the price. Would prefer more toslink connections, but that’s a minor irritation. Connectivity is great, especially when connected via the inbuilt wifi to your internet connection – opens up internet radio stations from around the world – again, all built it. The range of sound fields all seem to do the job. The standard works for most tv sound, and drama seems the best all-rounder for movies. A number of specific music sound fields are available which should see you right for rock, acoustic, classical or any other musical genre. Yes, some will want 7:1 or more, but at home you really don’t need that. With my rel sub-woofer and kef ‘egg’ surround speakers, the sound quality is crisp, clear with just the right amount of bass at low levels. For under £300 this makes a sensible buy. To get better you’ll easily add £100 to your budget.

After year of usage, no problems at all, bluetooth connectivity, sever, audio works perfectly. Brilliant sound, lots of connections, ideal for home usage. If i had to choose again, i will buy same.

Researched several receivers before short listing 2, both were yamaha’s but went for the slightly more expensive one because it is alexa compatible. Really impressed with the sound quality and link control which works so much better than the tv’s allowing instant switching between input devices. Sub woofer is a wired connection, which is a shame as i’d like to position my sub at the back of the room so wireless connection would have been my preference, otherwise a great bargain receiver.

Nice product for the price, alexa compatibility not as easily set up but great once you have got your head around it.

Excellent receiver that replaces the one, also yamaha, that i had for 7 years. Very good products and drives my monitor audio speakers perfectly.

I’ve run this amp for almost one month now, ‘upgrading’ from a yamaha ax763 which was about 10 years old to this amp. One of the selling features of this amp for me was its network connectivity as being able to control my home entertainment system from anywhere in the house is an important feature for me so having wired, wireless and bluetooth connectivity was a real benefit compared to the old amp. With my old setup i used an hdmi splitter and an hdmi over ethernet sender to be able to stream av to the kitchen and bedrooms. This amp has a splitter feature built in and it works when in standby or fully powered so i was able to consolidate hardware features into this amp, removing the peripheral device. Having 5 hdmi inputs and the two hdmi outputs is a real boon and where i used to plug in devices into the tv, depending on arc for audio, all my hdmi devices are now plugged into the new amp so there’s less faff when switching from source to source. The sound quality is exactly what you’d expect from a yamaha natural sound and this is my third yamaha amp in 22 years. Having a phono input was also important to me as i do still like to listen to the odd vinyl record from time to time although i’ve not set it up just yet. Connectivity wise, there are fewer analogue inputs than the ax763 but these days most of my sources produce output over hdmi so it’s no loss for me. The flexibility of the power amp configuration supports several configurations including 7. 1 bi-amp support for the front pair which is the setup i’m using. The setup system on the android app is excellent and can help you to configure the entire system with a connectivity guide which will search the network for the amp and configure it accordingly if you don’t want to go through everything manually. Here are the specifications for the Yamaha Electronics Yamaha RX-V485 – Alexa compatible MusicCast AV receiver:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Enjoy your music and videos with a high-quality surround sound/ let yamaha’s professional-grade sound optimisation analyse the room acoustics to achieve studio-quality sound
  • Combine your receiver with the Yamaha music Cast 20 or music Cast 50 and create your own wireless home theatre/ high-quality parts and elegant design
  • Use your music Cast control app – Connect your devices and share music throughout your home/ save up to 20% of energy with Eco mode
  • Your receiver has built-in music streaming services, as well as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and an HDMI output for your TV/ compatible with Alexa and AirPlay – Enjoy your smart home!
  • Items delivered: 1x Yamaha AV receiver rx-v485 black/ remote control, measuring ypao microphone and Booklet included

So i am a relative luddite but a good friend is a proper geek and has dragged me into the right century with tech in the home. Bought this on an offer, at £399 this is an incredible buy and i guess even at full price it is a good buy and you get what you pay for. So, it is far more capable than me at the moment but the booklet, remote and display make it quite intuitive and easy to get going even for people like me. Hooked our cable box to the amp to the tv and the watching experience even with 2 bookshelf speakers is transformed. And this bad boy will do 7 speakers and 2 areas, bluetooth, usb, hdmi, ethernet. Yamaha have a very easy to use app too and it still makes me chuckle to change te tv with my phone. Mega in short, hope never to need to change it. Great buy, will have to try quite hard to be disappointed with this.

Three months into ownership and we are still smitten with this. We wanted a lot of features the centrepiece of our theatre sound. Obviously fantastic sound was at the top of the list, but it also had to support airplay, phono and at least four hdmi inputs. This checks every box and more. Setup is simple and easy, connect the speakers and hit the setup button. It copes with many inputs and after a little bit of fiddling we have hidden the inputs we do not need. Sound quality is excellent, it is not loud and brash and trying too hard. It has a beautiful natural sound. We are very happy with this.

Only had for a week gradually getting used to all the different settings and features of which there are many. Having a few problems with the av app but you can do everything on the remote anyway. Use the free set up app which is excellent for making sure you plug everything in the right holes 👍. I now have my tv, blue ray , cd player,xbox all running through this system and i am blown away by the excellent quality of sound and vision. I can highly recommend of course this is my opinion but i’m 56 and this is the best system i have ever had. Previously had some high quality systems and i wish i discovered yamaha sooner cos it’s the best sound i’ve experienced.

Not many amps have two hdmi outputs, which is really useful when driving a tv and projector from inputs you switch between with the amp (both devices will show the same image, but that’s fine for us. Note that, as always with switching inputs, you wont be able to route video from smart tv apps to the projector, you would have to use a different source such as an apple tv roku or xbox one etc. It is also great that it includes alexa support for control by voice, although note that alexa ‘routines’ are limited in scope- they can only turn the amp on and off. So i can’t make it turn to a specific input as part of a long routine to enable a projector for example, but that is more alexa’s fault than the amp’s.

Works with alexa i use alexa to turn the device on/off , change volume and change input selections – not sure what else alexa can control using voice commands but it’s great to be able to use the receiver without the remote. Also like the musiccast app which i used to set up some favourite stations for net radio. The sound quality is very good on the 485 model i think it’s only 80w per channel but it’s fine for my requirements , there are only 4 hdmi inputs , i have a laptop , a virgin tivo box , a dvd player and a playstation all connected which is enough for me. There is no atmos sound option which is ok as i don’t have the special upward facing speakers. You can use banana plus to connect your speakers which is better that those spring clips which you find on cheaper receivers. Overall for a 4k receiver which has wifi , bluetooth and lots of sound settings this is a good deal.

Very easy to set up, follow instructions for sound balancing in the room with my lg speakers.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice home entertainment amp with tonnes of features

  • Powerful and subtle

  • A Great AV receiver .

Easy to set up and use, enabled me to up cycle a wired surround sound system and use alexa, sky, playtation,. Dvd, blu ray, laptop and phone in 5 channel surround sound.

It’s ok very basic my other sony amp blows this away but has no wifi.

It’s an excellent piece of kit, absolutely brilliant in fact, given the price. I still haven’t explored everything it can do but i’m incredibly pleased with what it’s doing so far. The picture is pin-sharp and the sound is good too, but with room for (achievable) improvement. I need to explore the sound settings more fully. I’m watching england ladies play brazil at footy right now, and the best way i can describe the picture is: you know when you go into a shop and the tvs on display are showing special content and are switched to a special ‘display’ mode to make them look their absolute best?. That’s what it looks like (dependant what it’s being fed, obviously) all of the time. I’ve currently got it set it to upsample 1080p to 4k, and i have no intention of changing that. The footy, at the moment, has that ‘3d-look’ quality about it. I would definitely recommend the yamaha rx-v485 for a small 5.

Just to say i bought this av receiver from a different supplier as amazon could not deliver to me on a weekend , well that’s a different story the av receiver is absolutely fantastic, the sound separation from each speaker is brilliant. I currently have it setup in 5. 1 mode but once i figure out how i can install the speakers in my ceiling, i’ll have it configured in 7. Dolby atmos is brilliant, hence why i chose this receiver. Get a demo from a high from one of the high street shops and get it from amazon as this price of £599 is one of the lowest i’ve seen , although i got mine fro richer sounds for a little less.

This really is a great unit for the money. The sound it puts out is crisp and clear. I am running yamaha ceiling speakers and sub. The musiccast app makes it very easy to use and interactive with other devices. I particularly like the network connectivity and ability to listen to thousands of internet radio stations instantly.

Great product highly recommended.

I’m very pleased witht his yamaha amp, it connects to everything and sounds fantastic.