Yamaha WXAD10 Wireless Streaming Adapter & AmazonBasics 2-Male to 2-Male RCA Audio Cable – 1 – Excellent

The ability to stream lossless music makes this a must have item. You can get the difference when you compare spotify to quobus. Why spend a fortune on a ‘streamer’ separate when this device does the business so well?. App is easy to navigate and i have had no problems with it.

It dropped off the wifi a couple times during the first few days, but after that it was fine. I wish i could control the volume through the app, but at least you can mute/unmute it remotely.

Bought it to add spotify streaming to the bedroom hi-fi. Easy setup in minutes using the app on my phone. Can use my phone, tablet or pc to control what’s being played from the spotify app. Sound better than i expected and nice to listen to.

Combining this wth denon rcd-m40, dali zensor speakers and qobuz streaming it is the best sound that i have acheived. The sound quality is excellent, no audio enhancements required. I have used chromecast audio previously and it is not a patch on this device, the price difference really is worth it and more. Even when connecting the pc via bluetooth the sound to my ears beats both the cca and direct connection from the soundcard. Soundstage, depth and clarity have been vastly improved and i now have no need for audio enhancements, just set the denon to direct source and let this device do the work. I would fully recommend this if you are wanting to keep your hifi system and hook up to streaming services. I am not intending to use it for multiroom so i cannot comment on the performance of the multiroom features. My ears are blown away with this device, my denon can finally sing as it should whilst playing a streaming service.

To say ‘sound quality’ is 5 star is a bit odd as it simply passes the sound through but there you go. It is relatively simple to use especially with the musiccast app which is what i wanted it for. Now i have several musicast units around the house and am extremely happy with them.

It works well but it doesn’t connect via bluetooth to their own yamaha hifi which is strange and still no amazon echo support which was promised autumn 2017.

I use this in conjunction with my pioneer a20 amp and it connects with my phone and laptops playing music and movies, so i’m really pleased.

This is a cut above the google audio cast device i had before, but it still cuts out periodically. This is just so annoying, and so i’ve now opted for a wired solution. It is also more difficult to use to steam from android than it is from ios.

I had a hum problem with mine. This turned out to be external to the device, but i had excellent advice from yamaha’s technical department who were interested enough to exchange five or six emails with me in order to sort it out. The audio quality is good and it’s ability to connect to apple devices with their lossless airplay connection is a great advantage. Bluetooth is also easy to connect as is wifi. I have been using this now for several months and it has become an essential link into my ancient analogue hi-fi system (quad 44, 606, esl-63). I use plex server running on a raspberry pi 3b to administer my collection of cds which are now stored on a hdd as mp3 and alac files. Using the plex iphone app i can quickly locate any one of the thousands of tracks. Assessment of sound quality is very subjective, but the esl-63 loudspeakers are noted for their ability to expose poor sound sources and i can hear nothing detrimental using the wxad-10. A lot of my library was originally bought on lps so if i do think there is an artifact that might be added by the digital path i can sometimes check by listening to the analogue (td-125, sme 3009, v15). So far i have found nothing.

Bought this product to stream from my rega amplifier. Easy to set up, i used wifi. I listen to tidal & sound quality is very good. Also very good dab streamer.

This for me is amazing, i love this product. Been using a usb streamer connected to my laptop for the past couple of years and was relatively happy with the sound but also slightly disappointed with it. Connecting this up, which proved fuss free and simple and listening to the sound i was and still am amazed. For me, it’s changed the sound into a much more solid, well separated and clear sound. For the price it’s a steal and i can very highly recommend it.

Seems to work well – links well to the speakers and sources.

Well done yamaha for this very affordable streamer, arguably the best bang for your buck on the marketsound quality was very-very good for the price point yamaha why opt for a plastic design?. Really makes the wxad-10 feel cheap. Saying that the device never heats up even after 6 to 8 hours of useunfortunately i couldn’t accept the plastic design and returned the unit for the yamaha s303the wxad-10 was almost the perfect product. Two issues really let this dinky network player downso if yamaha decide to make a second gen wxad-10 – please iron out these two issues to make the perfect streamerfirst issue: i feel if yamaha could opt for an aluminium/metal construction (proud of ownership)i found my atlas interconnects would lift and pull at the wxad-10 due to how light weight the unit was, add better materials pleasesecond issue: no screen which made the device very fiddly to connect to my wi-fi ,also annoying trying to distinguish between both wifi and bluetooth. The work around here would be to add a tiny screen around 20× 20mmfix these issues and bump the price up yamaha to around £230 – £250 and your onto a winner. Here are the specifications for the Yamaha WXAD10 Wireless Streaming Adapter & AmazonBasics 2-Male to 2-Male RCA Audio Cable – 1:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Wireless Music Adapter – ADD smart to your sound
  • Brings wireless audio to any audio system
  • Supports Streaming services such as Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal & Deezer
  • Supports Bluetooth & Apple Airplay. Standby Power Consumption : 0.1 W (Network standby off, Bluetooth standby off)
  • 2-Male to 2-Male RCA audio cable enhances audio connections; ideal for home-entertainment and high-fidelity (HiFi) systems
  • 2 RCA output (connect to either L or R input) and 2 RCA input; input can be high frequency (digital audio) or low frequency (subwoofer)
  • Corrosion-resistant 24K gold-plated full-metal connectors; protective double shielding inside entire length of cable; OFC inner conductors
  • Eliminates unwanted noise/feedback for pure, clear audio; minimal signal loss for reliably consistent audio

This yamaha have a good dac and sound quality is great. I’m using it with marantz pm5005 and polk audio s55.

Set it up with a valve amp and sonus faber concerto speakers in the bedroom. Very, very pleased with the result. Had some trouble during set-up using my ios phone, wouldn’t connect to the temporary wi-fi network set-up by the device. Tries a few times with no success. Then i tried the set-up again using an android device. Now it is set-up it works with both ios and android devices and i am enjoying it immensely.

At this price u can’t go wrong with this little yamaha wonder. Best to give second life to your classic stereo setup.

A very good product for apple airplay.

A great producthad it up and running in a few minutesdownloaded a new set of firmware and then it was all donecommunicating with my nas and spotify no issuessounds great on my old hifi system.

This little box just does what it was made to do, and it does it well, with no problems so far. It was set up in a couple of minutes. It is feeding my marantz mcr-610 which i just use as an amp for this musiccast streamer. My speakers are kef q100’s so they can pick out bad treble compression and are revealing with low quality audio. I can hear no degradation of sound quality with this unit. Spotify is a great music source for the price but it supports higher quality qobuz and tidal if you use them. I have it linked with my wxc-50 musiccast pre-amplifier upstairs which means i can play my vinyl upstairs and listen to it in the lounge. Very pleasedif you have no need for external inputs into the streamer and just want it for internet radio and spotify etc this is for you. If you want some more inputs such as usb and analogue auxilary inputs or some digital outputs then go for the wxa-50.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Stunning little box with lots of tricks up its sleeve.
  • Great little box, perfect addition to the MusicCast family
  • Good Value

This is just excellent value for money, but sales info says tidal masters are available, wh8ch is why i chose it. This i have established with amazon customer service is incorrect. It does include hi- res though so qobuz would be good to go. So disappointed, i returned it. Other than that it sounds pretty good and is very comprehensive otherwise with internet radio, nas connectable and a host of apps. The app is a little clunky but in terms of functionality is a very solid offering. Returned it for bluesound node 2i, which is it’s peer in terms of facilities, but also has tidal masters. Sound quality is a step up too, but if you don’t have/ want tidal masters and are ok with cd quality, this is a terrific bit of kit.

I purchased this little box after much deliberation. I reviewed many other streaming devices which did cost a lot more, and possibly have more facilities (maybe also better sound quality). However it has been my introduction into streaming and is serving me well. I currently subscribe to qobuz and i am very happy on the sound reproduction i get. Net radio is another great feature and operating it from anywhere in the house is also very helpful. It does sometimes freeze but we live in a world which isn’t as yet freeze-less. Very happy with my purchase and would recommend it.

I couldn’t control the volume,i couldn’t pair with alexa,apart from the basic streaming with my phone i found it difficult to use.

Absolutely stunning little box. My 8 year old pioneer receiver has finally joined the streaming revolution. If you have other musiccast components a great upgrade for existing kit. If you haven’t it’s still a useful, cost effective upgrade for older amps/receivers. Only downside is lack of digital output which might be an issue for some and it sports rather utilitarian in looks. Streaming works from from music server, qobuz, internet radio, airplay and bluetooth. It will handle tidal and other streaming services also but can’t check this. Can also connect unit to a pair of bluetooth headphones. Musiccast app is intuitive, stable and easy to use. Highly recommended at this price.

Bought this to add streaming capabilities to my ageing yamaha amplifier. Out of the box it looks good with an attractive grey matt finish although feels quite light. The problem i had was that i could not set it up using the wifi connection. I downloaded the musicast app and followed the instructions as directed by the limited instruction sheet. You turn the box on then fire up the app. You press the “connect “ button and then connect your ipad to the temporary wifi broadcast by the box. Then you click next and all it says is you need to connect to the musicast wifi which you have already done. Rebooted ipad, router and box to no avail. Eventually got round it by repositioning the box near the router so i could hardwire via ethernet cable. Even then it was not quite clear what was happening but it seems to work and recognise the material on my ipad.

I have connected this streamer to my cyrus hi fi seperates system (rca leads from the yamaha to aux sockets on cyrus amp). Now l can receive top quality internet radio that plays through my existing hi fi. Actual wireless pairing a bit of a pain, but just a little perseverance and you’ll get their. Btw, i have just ordered an echo dot with the intention of pairing it to the yamaha. Hopefully this will let me operate some of the basic commands (such as volume control) via my voice, rather than relying on the musiccast app.

Took all of 30 seconds to set up, the mobile app works all the time and is integrated well with spotify connect.

Very neat easy to install adapter for systems that don’t have access to internet radio, bluetooth or connection to a server for music files. Very clear easy to use free app to stream effortlessly from radio using phone, or tablet. Wireless or lan wired connection. Good quality clean clear sound. Connect to a variety of services tidal, deezer etc. Be aware spotify is the premium service only. You would need to use bluetooth for the free service. Advise check to confirm it will handle the files you want. Haven’t used it for multi room but i have confidence it would be easy with other suitable equipment.

Multi room audio is worth the effort. There is occasional audio drop out, but generally it’s pleasing to be able to walk from room to room and continue listening to the same thing. The software is well behaved and i like the superb choice of radio stations available.

I wanted better quality sound than i was getting from my onkyo av amplifier’s streaming capability, and a jukebox of all my ripped cd collection held on a usb stick in my router. I looked at other yamaha kit with built in streaming capability such as their network player and cd player, but ultimately i would be using the same brown burr dac, and android app to control it. Frankly i really can’t spot the difference between this and my marantz 6003 cd player, so new cds get burned straight to cd for convenience. Setup is simple,especially if you use a cat5 cable into your router. It found my usb stick straight away. Sound quality is spot on, finely detailed, nice precise defined bass etc. Internet radio is a revelation, try some of the high quality stations like linn jazz. Not used spotify much, but my free account streams just fine if you accept that you have to use bluetooth.

Sounds better than most basic streaming units. Like most yamaha technology, the interface is legendary. In esoteric, unhelpful and unfriendly design. Sadly, the promised control by using alexa is just not there. Even the demo videos for using musiccast with alexa are clunky when they work. “alexa, ask musiccast to turn on the music in the kitchen. Every time you need to change something it gets longer and longer. There’s no simple way to just set it up to say play music and for the musiccast to just.

After looking for a while at devices that could connect to my rega amp and allow me to airplay from my ipad, and listen to internet radio, i stumbled across this unit. Costing a fraction of the price of other units, it does everything i wanted it to do. It doesn’t need a screen or buttons, everything is controlled using the very easy to use app. The sound quality is very good for the price. It’s so simple to set up and use. It connects wirelessly to your router or wired if required, then connect to an amplifier and power and away you go. Thousands of free internet radio stations, spotify etc, it also found my music files on my nas instantly. Airplay and bluetooth work effortlessly.

Product is good but app configuration let’s it down.

This is a really good piece of kit, easy to set up, that gives my old roksan analogue amplifier a great upgrade at a very good price. I am very pleased with this addition it sounds fantastic.

This is the product to get if you want to upgrade your system to incorporate digital streaming into your traditional, analogue based seperates hifi (or mini system. Sonos, bose, b&o are all over priced and over rated. Did you know that sonos can’t stream high resolution audio?. Did you know that sonos also ‘brick” their equipment whn they choose not to suppport it anymore and want you to buy new things?. This yamaha wxad10 is fantastic, as it has a built in burr-brown dac enabling hi-res audio file streaming straight to your hifi or active speakers. I really am blown away by the quality at such a minimal price point. You can link it with your home audio network, your iphone (or apple products) and android devices and anything that supports blutooth or has a line in.

I decided to drag myself and my hi-fi into the 21st century, and this little box has done just that. I bought this primarily to allow me to stream digital music from my nas, and it does that. I don’t have the files in a lossless format, but even my mp3s sound okay through this unit to my ears. If it only did that, i’d be happy, but to have the bluetooth and airplay connectivity, internet radio stations and streaming services is a great bonus. The accompanying app is okay and usable, but is rather basic. I would hope they might update it in the future. It was easy to set up and does what it says on the tin. Great value and good performance.

I bought the yamaha wxad-10 to bring an old (and much loved, but now relegated to the den) pre-streaming era naim hifi set up into the 21st century. It works very well and was easy to set up and connect in my home in london (which has top notch broadband speeds). I now use it to access the nas which feeds the main hifi and the rest of the house, and to stream tidal lossless. The sound quality is very good if not quite up to the class of high end modern streamers. But, then again, for the price, it’s excellent. The musiccast app is a tiny bit clunky in my view, but perfectly usable. I have also tried a second box in a rural setting (where broadband is much less reliable) and – as you might expect – the experience has been slightly more fraught: much tricker to set up, occasional glitches in operation etc. Bottom line: in the right circumstances it is a great piece of kit; be little careful if your broadband is not first rate (a situation that seems to have led to some of the really bad reviews on this site).

The product reviews were good on the yamaha and after downloading the music cast software to my ipad the set up was quick. Streaming from itunes was easy after finding the music cast on my network, i am streaming to my hi if system and aac files are flat so need the graphic equaliser applied, this said i will be streaming aiff or apple lossless files eventually which will give greater dynamic range. A good product for the price. The real problem from this supplier is the courier dpd, this delivery took only two days and was delivered to my neighbors house, the yamaha box was so battered (and this is a strong box) it looked like the driver had stamped on it a number of times. Luckily the box works fine but the wires were crumpled so i have used some rca interconnects i already had. Good product but think about the supplier.

It’s a great little box – airplay and bluetooth right out of the box. Having a high-end hifi usually means no network connectivity or when it does, bad quality audio. I’ve had this little box for a while now and it has impressed right out of the box. For the money, it would be hard to find something that could compete under £1000k mark (and i’ve tested a few, this one beats em all so far).

Excellent lossless audio quality streaming from my home server to my yamaha stereo that does not have network capability.

Streamer is connected to lan using eithernet cable. Connection is very stable and reliable. Connecting with android is easy using the app. Mainly using with spotify, have also used with bluetooth, both are easy to use with the musiccast app. I did need to buy attenuators to match the input voltage with my analogue amp. After fitting these the sound is amazing. I was previously using a chrome cast with an audioengine dac connected to optical out on chrome cast which always had problems connecting. This is definitely a step up. It would be nice if it was possible to have multi room audio with other bluetooth devices which don’t support music cast.

I was wanting to add streaming functionality to existing ‘decent’ hi-fi. This did the job and in my case probably resulted in a better sound than swapping my roksan or audio analogue systems for an all in one solution.

Ita brilliant for a bluetooth adapter, but it will not give the receiver any network features. I was hoping to get the amp to go online, but alas need to look at other options. Other than that i cannot fault it.

The sound is awesome with its burr brown dac and op-amps.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that a google chromecast does the same for a quarter of the price. If you’re just looking for the convenience of streaming music from your phone, get a chromecast. If, like me, you’re looking for superb sound quality, get one of these bad boys. Got this connected up to my hifi at home and everything i run through it sounds amazing. Mp3s, flac files, spotify streaming and internet radio all sounding great. I used a bluetooth streaming device similar to a chromecast before i got this, and they just sound tinny and weak in comparison. The sound from this little guy is warm and detailed. Also, the free musiccast app, which can be downloaded from app stores, is easy to use and very intuitive. Although a set of rca leads comes in the box, i would also suggest buying a better pair to fully realise the unit’s potential. I got a pair from amazon for about £7/£8 and it’s well worth the extra spend.

Fairly straight forward to set up. Using to stream from ios via airplay to hifi amp. Sound better than older apple tv via dac that i was using. Only down side is i have not got volume control via ios working.

This is a neat and generally capable network streaming device. It undercuts most of the competition by a significant amount given its inbuilt apis for services such as tidal, deezer hifi and qobuz. I bought one specifically to connect to my nas and to qobuz as the product details listed these as compatible. The nas connection worked fine but unfortunately, no matter what i tried, the connection to qobuz was unreliable, stopping the stream at random intervals and needing a full reset to restore. Yamaha and qobuz support have been unable to explain or rectify the situation, so i’ve had to return to unit to be within amazon’s six week return window. I don’t know if this is was a problem with my specific unit, or inherent in the wxad-10 model in general. Qobuz has continued to work on my mobile devices, and other services such as deezer work ok on the yamaha. I’ve now changed to a different make/model of network streamer and all is well again.

Does what it says on the tin. Works seemlessly with airplay. Recommended if you want to add streaming capabilities to a high quality hifi/av system.

Made my 10 year old yamaha stereo into a bluetooth streaming device and because it connects up to wifi i can play playlists from a computer in another room through the stereo. I am very pleased this and the sound is lovely as as good as the original ads through my expensive cd player.

Had issues getting it to join network via ios wireless due to ios security but once using ethernet port via pc no problem. Syncs very well with other musiccast equipment for whole floor experience.

I have tried a number of streaming devices but this one is the best value so far. At just over £100 the sound quality is good and well above average, my old sonos system which crashed the network, was worse and is over twice as much. The unit is small and unobtrusive and connected to my wifi network easily and quickly, then followed the normal firmware upgrade. Usefully it runs on a usb power so any usb 1amp output will keep it going. There is a curious mini usb socket at the rear which seems interesting but not mentioned anywhere. I connected to my music server on an old synology box and it has been streaming into my hi fi ever since. It takes all the flac files i have at cd quality. I have not tried internet streaming – i don’t use them as most bitrates are too low for me. Frankly i would not look elsewhere, some of these audio streamers are at eyewatering prices which are so ridiculus (in my opinion).

Very very good device to retrofit streaming to your amp.

I used this to allow me to stream music from my computer to my vintage hifi. Sound quality is good and plays all different file types. Easy to set up and connect to my network.