Yaufey Mini Projector : Great project for the size and price!

 i haven’t had a chance to try out all it’s extras but i like it so far. I bought this because my husband and i, and often our three kids, like watching movies or shows on amazon prime, which we do not have connected in our tv on any way. This used to mean that we’d gather around my smartphone, which made things a bit crowded. My sister shared with me that these existed, and it sure sounded like an an answer to watching the stuff that we wanted to view together as a family in a means easy for everyone to see, and certianly with some more flexibly than on a tv. This projector arrived just before the kids and i were set to travel for a few days, so we packed it along (which is easy to do in its handy little box–just tucked it in the suitcase alongside everything else) and first gave it a try at the hotel. The kids love certian youtube shows, and they enjoyed getting to show them to their cousin on the new projector as they sprawled out in bed at the hotel. We were also able to look up a favorite movie and they watched it while us adults did packing and readying chores for the next day. I love how easy the projector makes it to watch whatever you want to watch on a big screen wherever you go. When i was a kid, we would have been limited to whatever channels the hotel tv had, with none of anything you wanted at your fingertips, as we can now, and even on nice sized screen with a super-portable projector.Especially the built-in battery makes a release from the power cable.

Easy to set up and able to use straight away. Could not work out how to use airplay but company was very helpful in resolving the issue straight away and now works perfectly. Picture quality is very good, as i love lying in bed and watching on the ceiling. Built in apps such as youtube and netflix are easy to use, and access to app store was very helpful for more. Built in speakers are not the best, however, a bluetooth speaker can easily be connected. Overall, really thrilled with the product and would highly recommend.

Prosfirst of all the picture quality is decent even though we have to have all the lights out. We’ve positioned the projector in our bedroom. The projector works well connecting to a bluetooth wireless speaker (highly recommended to use an external speaker)setting up to the wireless router was straightforward. Was able to connect a mouse and keyboard (with dongle) without much problem. Focusing is manually, but is adequate. Conson comparing with a smart tv, there are noticeable differences. I think what lets the product down is the ‘customisation’ of the android os v7. This inhibits it from being a true android device and dependent on compatible applications. I guess the customisation is to allow a remote control device?.

Can’t believe how good this little number is. Amazing portability, great you can watch netflix right on the projector. Note you can only use up to a 32gb memory card on this, anything larger won’t work. Remote is a bit difficult to use but i connected a usb mouse which made browsing much much easier. Overall i highly recommend the project. Also the after -sales service is great.

This tiny projector packs an impressive punch picture-wise. Used on a recent holiday to a place with big, white walls but no tv, this provided a truly cinematic experience when watching movies played from a portable dvd player with hdmi cable. At night, or in a dark room, the picture quality and brigthness is impressive. We were watching an image that was easily 4m diagonally – pretty much the size of the whole wall – from a distance of maybe 5-6m away. Focus was easy to sort and it did a good job of auto-adjusting for keystone. The battery lasted well for a single play of angry birds the movie, which was a good thing as i forgot to pack the usb charger cable or the supplied charging adapter. First negative point here – rather than sticking to a standard microusb or usb-c charging port, they’ve gone for a round power socket with a custom usb cable and charger. What a nightmare if you happen to lose the cable or forget the charger. The down-side was the sound – compared to the cinematic picture quality, the sound was like listening to the movie amanating from a pair of headphones on the other side of the room.

That’s exactly what i want. Great quality for the price. I bought a nebula capsule projector at first, the sound quality is good but the picture quality is very bad as the images projected images are not clear even within a 4 foot distance, i was really disappointed and return it. And keep going to find a projector which i really need, then i find this android 7. This yaufey projector certainly provided a sharper, brighter, and overall better image. But the speaker – sufficient for most areas, but you may need to use an external bluetooth speaker depending on the ambient noise around you. It is perfect about it had bluetooth, so that i can connect the projector to my bose speaker. By the way this mini projector is really light and great.

This is a great little piece. The size and weight of this projector is so great for presentations on the go in different schools and offices. Easy set up and great quality made everyone who saw it want one of their own. I am a consultant that often needs to use presentations and training modules in my work. Its size makes it seamless to carry in my briefcase. I take this with me as a surprising amount of places don’t have a setup for this purpose, so instead of having people gathered around a screen on a laptop, i can present and have this amazing portable option. The projector makes about as much noise as a ps2, or a regular cheap laptop. Quieter than my ceiling fan on medium. Specifically, the unit downscales from whatever you throw at it (720p, 1080p) to it’s native 854×480. For most resolutions, its maximum framerate is 30hz (fps).

This little yaufey projector packs a pretty decent punch. I had it working for about 2 hours watching youtube on a grey wall with 3 100w lights on in the room. It was a little dim with 3 lights on, but i could still clearly see the picture. For what i’m planning on using it for, this is perfect. I also bought a 4′ tripod, a monster brand rolling boom box, and a 60′ screen. I plan on making a rack for the screen and mounting it to the speaker for a portable entertainment setup. Connections are easy and obvious. Works just like a cell phone. Actually, i logged in with my android account and updated. I could use this guy as a laptop if i wanted.

  • Great projector for the price!!
  • Awesome picture, dreadful sound. More than worth a look!
  • Versatile and compact

Yaufey Mini Projector, Portable Wireless DLP Projector for Home Video Cinema With Carrying Bag and Tripod, Built-in Battery Support Android System, Wifi, 1080P, Bluetooth Speaker, HDMI USB TF Devices

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This is a android smart projector, so it works as a portable smart tv on its own. I need to read the manual before i use itafter the research, i found out this is a revolutionary product — a very usable portable projector. It is decently bright; can work for hours on battery; can sit nicely on most surfaces and also comes with a standard tripod screw hole. Yaufey dlp projector clearly focused on a truly capable stand-alone/no wires attached experience. Now, this thing is a full functioning android projector. Go to the settings menu and connect projectpr to the wifi, i quickly installed youtube in the projector. And then the i can watching shows in the projector without connect to my iphonethe best thing about this gadget is that its really so portable, and its so easy to just place on a table, turn it on and start watching. I always used my white wall as the screen, you will have somewhere between an 80-100 inch screen from the average coffee table and get a massive screen, with pretty good clarity and brightness. The focus wheel is really sensitive. It has automatic vertical keystone correction.

I bought it for a new remodel living room in my basement. I was worried about the effect was not great since i did not have a projector screen, however, it has a very clear picture even on the wall (i believe it will be better if i have a screen). Highly recommend to anyone looking for a projector. This tiny tool is so smart, and already has so many applications loaded. I was also able to connect my super nintendo nes directly to the projector through an hdmi cable, to play my game on a big screen. It worked well even with the lights on but it was more enjoyable with dim light. I had an issue on focusing at the beginning but it was not a problem now after going through the manual. I was pleased to purchase it and it is much better than i expected. It is a surprise to me that anyone purchases anything larger. This projector is perfect and can do it allthank you.

Product seems to work fine, issue i have is this is android but i cant update the device to a newer android firmware, you cannot change the layout display and its not full android 7. 1 its a custom firmware for the company so i’m very limited to what i can do with it. Also when watching iptv or movies the ram fills and the link ends or program stops and have to restart again and find the spot i was last at. Other than that a great device, i just wish i could lay it out the way i’d prefer to have it look just like android is supposed to be.

Only been a week since owning this projector. Amazed at how bright and clear the picture is. Checked out a ton of reviews before making my decision. Essentially this is a toumei c800i model with the 7. The last page of the instruction booklet even has the tomei website printed on it. Nevertheless, a lot of these projectors i think are produced by the same company and just rebranded. Pros:-bright clear picture in a dark room. -big screen size without losing too much definition-easy to set up. Wifi and bluetooth connect seamlessly. -being android, have access to whatever apps are on play store-very portable. Projector smaller than what i expected. -able to use external speakers for better theatre experience-multiple connectivity options. 5hrs for me without having to plug in. -can’t adjust brightness while watching a movie. Pain in the ass when battery low and dims down to 50%. Have to go back to settings to adjust. Sometimes volume drops without touching remote. -supplied stand not that great. Hopefully, this is some help for those looking to buy one. When i received my product, the remote up/down function did not work. Contacted seller through amazon and they were quick to reply.

I use it as a home projector and it gives me excellent picture quality. As a stand alone device it’s like having a portable smart tv. It has wi-fi and the android operating system with 8 gigs of memory so it’s just like having a tablet. You can surf the internet, watch videos, download apps. This in itself would make it a good product but the designers have anticpated all the other possible gadgets you might have. It accepts sd cards if the 8 gigs isn’t enough. It has an usb port which means you can use it with almost any device. Usb memory sticks, portable hard drives, computers, mobile phones. On top of that with the right apps and software it can communicate wirelessly with mobile phones and laptops.

 really great projector and connects with ease with almost any bluetooth and/or wireless devices. I’m really surprised at how bright this device projects even during daylight hours. It’s the size of a large iphone but thicker (but only 1. 8 cm’s) so it stills fits convertible in most pockets and fits easily in my compact laptop case. The sound quality is decent but a wee bit quiet so i recommend using a bluetooth speaker/earphones. The battery lasts about 2 hours on 52% brightness. I really got lucky with this purchase and so glad i purchased this device. If your looking for a projector, this is one definitely worth considering. Watch my video to see if it’s right for you.

Seems ok, i have used it to play video through chromecast via hdmi and it works well. It connected to the internet well but haven’t used many of the other apps. Picture seems clear and bright. Unfortunately the tripod wasn’t with the projector so couldnt use it for a presentation yesterday. I contacted yaufey and they have promised to send one, i hope it comes. The only other issue would be a pouch for the projector as it will be in my briefcase for a while and might get scratched.

The positive views are correctthis is a revolutionary product — a very usable portable yaufey projector. It is decently bright; can work for hours on battery; can sit nicely on most surfaces and also comes with a standard tripod screw hole. 1, so it works as a portable smart tv on its own. It can also mirror screens of cell phones (i tested both ios and android) and computers through wifi and bluetooth. I have been using this device for couple days, for projecting my screen when working, and for movies. When projecting 100′ images, it is perfectly bright in a dark room at night, but is very dim during daytime even with the curtains closed. But i can always move it closer to the wall and make the projection smaller. At 30′, the pictures are visible even in a bright room. I purchased this for an outdoor party for my kids. As a projector, i knew it would have to be at night. Even with our exterior light on, this picture is still very vibrant. My brother and his wife were over and very impressed. They were looking to buy one for a long time for their game room.

  • Great projector for the price!!
  • Awesome picture, dreadful sound. More than worth a look!
  • Versatile and compact

Yaufey Mini Projector, Portable Wireless DLP Projector for Home Video Cinema With Carrying Bag and Tripod, Built-in Battery Support Android System, Wifi, 1080P, Bluetooth Speaker, HDMI USB TF Devices

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