YesUK Laptronix Double Digital Touch Induction Hob Portable Twin Electric Cooker 2800W – Can’t get any Easier . So easy to clean too ( bonus)

Good value, easy to use, this is the second hob i have bought, one for holiday home.

I am so pleased with my laptronix. ( hope i have spelled that right) i have just moved into a granny flat and there is no room for a full sized cooker, and i can do a full meal without any problems.

Very economical, very fast cooking at low electric consumption.

Used it a few times now, an upgrade from a single hob. Nice and quiet bonus is the timer for ‘forgetful ‘ people. Make sure you have a compatible pan set with flat bottoms,as it could end not cost effective, having to buy a pan set, rule of thumb magnet sticks to base, it’s ok to use. I’d avoid work style curved bottom pans. Good bit of kit great for students. Packing wasnt the best,bit of packing tape to hold flimsy box together.

I think induction is the future.

But of button pressing to get temps required but does the job.

It does exactly what i want it to do. Easy to clean and easy to use.

This is the first induction hob i’ve had and was unaware that to start you had to have the pan on the hob, so after reading the manual (which didn’t tell me that) and trying lots of pressing buttons i eventually found out by going back to the order on amazon and in small print at the bottom it informed me of this and now i have no problems using it. Also i think it would be helpful to make it more prominent that you need certain pans and not the bob standard ones.

Boils a kettle faster than our electric using half the amount of power to do it.

The hob is easy to use , the separate time and temperature controls give greater flexibility and it maintains the temperature far better than the electric hob types.

Helped as we had no cooker its a great piece of kit.

Nothing to dislike, this device is what it says it is. Simple, affordable, and efficient, great bit of kit for any kitchen.

Works ok, but settings are too coarse – can’t set to simmer for example, temperature is in 20 degree steps and time is only in 5 minute increments. Here are the specifications for the YesUK Laptronix Double Digital Touch Induction Hob Portable Twin Electric Cooker 2800W:

  • Laptronix compact, high performance Double Induction Hob for safe, fast and efficient cooking.
  • 10 pre-set power levels plus temperature control between 60 – 240 °C, microcomputer ensures precise settings.
  • Twin hob with hygienic wipe-clean glass surface and blue LED display with pleasingly smooth touch sensitive buttons.
  • 1000W and 1800W hobs, timer up to 3 hours helps you plan and control your cooking.
  • Much more details below, please see description ….

Bought for an apartment in our house looks perfect ,size is right and just what we have been looking for thanks for your prompt service.

Just bought this hob as my airbnb guests have asked for cooking facilities, and this is ideal. I went for the induction hob (my first ever) because of its safety features and a* rating, and i am delighted with it. It doesn’t work unless there is a pan on it, so it can’t be accidentally left on, and it works so fast it’s astonishing, and also cools down as fast. It’s very smart and space-age looking. The instruction leaflet is hilarious and worth reading just for a laugh, but you are much better just working it out for yourself, as it doesn’t help very much. The guests have been very impressed too, and have found it very easy to operate. I have always favoured gas hobs because of their fast and controllable heat, but if i was looking to change my own, i would be very tempted with an induction hob because of their rapid response, and safety.

I wish i had bought one sooner. Only thing was i had to replace all my pans as none would work including my stainless steel pans. None the less a great buy and a great price.

Only one hob goes up to highest setting, not sure why but not really a problem as very rarely need to use high heat.

This unit arrived about 5 days before the expected date of delivery, excellent. It does what it said on the box. It is so very simple to use and as far as i am concerned it is a first class piece of equipment at a most generous price.

My order arrived one day before the predicted time. It is exactly the same we expected.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Works ok, but settings are too coarse – can’t

  • My first induction hob, very impressed with style, ease of use, and safety

  • Induction hob

I love mine very easy to use and great to clean.

We use this instead of the bbq when it’s just the two of us it’s great and so convenient.

This works brilliantly we are very happy. Heats up very fast and cooks well.

Very pleased with this item so far and the price is fair.

Great service delivered next day even tho a saturday easy to use easy to clean.

This is a lovely piece of kit at a fair price.

A very good product for this value, easy to use.