YesUK Laptronix Single Digital Induction Hob Portable Electric Cooker 1600W LED Display : Very easy to use anywhere

Great space saver and works well.

Don’t lose the instructions, very effective and useful mains powered hob.

We were without a cooker for a few weeks, this absolutely filled the gap.

Downside: caught the plastic facia (the grey bit) by sliding a hot pan on first use and it melted. Minor damage only thankfully. Upside: fantastic little ring. Cooks quickly and efficiently; much better than the rings on our full-sized cooker. The safety features are an excellent addition. The ring will turn itself off if the pan is removed and it give an audible warning if the pan is lifted off. If it had not been for the slight mishap on first use it would have given five stars.

Last night i cook for first time and i’m very happy with the way of work of this device. I will now see the reliability and duration of this product.

Heats up quick good to have a timer also but takes up quite a lot of for one ring.

Simple, sleek and very elegant; perfect for my small cooking space; so impressed, i may buy another one at this unbelievable price.

  • Good cooker

  • Excellent cooking, slightly complicated operation via multi function controls.

  • Far exceeded my expectations.

Laptronix Single Digital Induction Hob Portable Electric Cooker 1600W LED Display

This Laptronix versatile, fast heating electric Single Induction Hob can be used anywhere with an electricity supply, and is perfect for student accommodation, caravanning, or just as an extra cooking appliance for the busy kitchen. At 6.5cm high the single hob is compact enough to store away or to pack for trips. The hob has 1600W of power and the hot plate heats up in a fraction of the time a normal electric or ceramic hob takes, with the added bonus of being able to carefully control temperature, unlike gas hobs. Settings The hob has a clear digital, blue LED display and user-friendly touch sensitive buttons, so it’s easy to control your cooking. There are 10 pre-set power levels, ranging from gently warming at 1, to a hot sizzle or roaring boil at level 10. You can also choose to specifically set the temperature between 60 – 240°C, with the option of 20° increments. A timer can be set for up to 3 hours in 5 minute increments, so you can leave your dish on a slow simmer without worrying you’ll forget to turn it off! There are 6 pre-set auto cooking manus The built-in microcomputer ensures settings are strictly adhered to so you can trust your recipes will turn out as you planned. Safety The hob will not switch on without a pan on its surface and will switch off immediately when a pan is removed. This means it’s not possible to switch it on accidentally or to leave it turned on, so you can have total peace of mind. The hob also has overheat and power surge protection. Cleaning Not only does the crystal glass surface of the hob look fantastic, it’s easy to wipe clean, and doesn’t have the same nooks and crannies of a traditional hob where dirt can collect. Will your pans work? It’s easy to test if your pans are compatible; if a magnet sticks to the base of your pan, it is suitable for use on an induction hob.

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I do not find it as easy to use as my other induction hob, it is quite complex to set to the correct setting, so it only used as a spare.

Gave 4 star be because it turns off after 4 mins on max(1600w); i cant b sure if this is caused by overheating or a safety mechanism but either way its a bit annoying as i was cooking a 2 inch thick tomahawk steak that required grill pan to work for 10-15 minutes on max. However a 10 seconds wait gets it to work again.

Easy to use but unfortunately nearly all my pans do not work on it it seems to only work with iron pots.

Works well although it feels a bit plasticky. I got it for my elderly mother who has poor eyesight and she can read the display ok. She does find the multi function controls slightly confusing however, operating could be simplified. But for the price this is an effective job that years quickly and cleanly and, most importantly for mum, cools down quickly after use making it much safer than her old cooker hob.

I have just cooked my first meal on the cooker and it worked as expected. The controls are a bit confusing at this stage, the cooker switches on at 1200 watts but this seems too high and it worked equally well at 200 watts. The temperature control is obvious as is the timer. Most of my pans have an induction base but i need to decide whether an induction plate would be worthwhile. The cooker has a fan so there is some noise and there is some clicking from the inside, presumably relays. I would have liked a better instruction manual.

Love this appliance instructions could be better.

Brilliant product, ease of use intuitive controls.

I love the hob and it cooks really fast.

  • Good cooker

  • Excellent cooking, slightly complicated operation via multi function controls.

  • Far exceeded my expectations.

Laptronix Single Digital Induction Hob Portable Electric Cooker 1600W LED Display

Features and Spesification

  • Laptronix compact, high performance Single Induction Hob for safe, fast and efficient cooking.
  • 10 pre-set power levels plus temperature control between 60 – 240 °C, microcomputer ensures precise settings.
  • Single hob with smart black design, hygienic wipe-clean glass surface and blue LED display with pleasingly smooth touch sensitive buttons.
  • 1600W hob, timer up to 3 hours helps you plan and control your cooking. Measures 29cm Long x 35.5cm Deep x 6.5 High.
  • Much more details below, please see description ….