YINEME Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5 : Kindly recommended!

So i’ve just received these headphones. First things first delivery was fast and prompt. Once i opened the product, it’s exactly what it looks like on the images. The holding case is similar to a battery power bank and feels very premium. It’s small and light enough to fit into a pocket or to carry in a small handbag without being chunky. Pairing was actually so easy that i didnt have to read the instructions. You just pull each headphone out pop the correct ones into your ear, switch bluetooth on your phone and select the name and there you go they are paired up. So far sound quality seems pretty good, i have not experienced a lag with watching movies or listening to music. In terms of phone calls, i haven’t tried this properly to give an opinion but so far so good. In terms of the phone calls i have had, i have been able to hear everyone quite clearly.

After shopping around, i settled on these ear buds. I liked the fact that they are completely wireless, the charging case is small, slim and long rather than a box like most other ear bud cases around. I also liked the fact that these are waterproof, meaning i don’t have to worry when showering or when it’s raining. First impression- really impressed. Very nice, slim, sleek design; they look great. Pairing was incredibly easy, and after the first time it really is as simple as taking the ear buds out of the charging case and letting them pair with the phone automatically. The ear buds are very comfy in the ear, too, and never fall out no matter how hard i shake my head. The sound quality is good, but not exceptional. I have over ear headphones that produce a much fuller sound. These ear buds are good for the size and price, although they do lack some bass and overall volume.

Having used wireless earphones before they weren’t truly wireless as they were connected together and these give a whole new and better sensation of freedom from having the connection wire flapping around at the back of your neck. The thing i worried most about when ordering was whether the fit would be sufficiently comfortable and secure when moving about a lot. I needn’t have worried as i can confirm that the fit of the buds with the included tips are great, but i don’t even have to use them for my purposes as there are a set of ear ‘wings’ included (which wasn’t even mentioned) and when i tried these out by inserting them in to your outer ear and giving a slight turn the curve of the wing sit firmly inside your ear lobe, the wings are marked with l and r so you can’t get them mixed up and with all the running and gym work that i done in the 2 weeks since receiving them not once have they fallen out. What makes them even more impressive for their price point is the fact that i hardly read the instructions and they worked right out of the box, albeit only partly charged they immediately paired and connected with my samsung s9 and played music tracks with a good stereo and bass sound, adequate volume which almost blocks out all background noise and has simple press functions to both buds, haven’t yet tried with any voice calls but am not expecting any problems or issues in this respect. And i haven’t managed to run their batteries down yet despite only having charged the power pack/holder once so far, which also has a handy usb out feature to use to re-charge your mobile or another device in an emergency, what more can i say – very please so far.

As someone who listens to music at every moment possible, these make it so easy. They’re so great for travelling, and the fact that the case doubles as a portable charger is fantastic. I was initially really worried that they would just fall out my ears but they fit really snug. I always use them when i’m walking and have never had them even budge. In terms of sound quality, i find them to be really balanced. The bass is fantastic – although i’m a massive bass junkie so i don’t know if it would be too much for the average person, but i wouldn’t think so. As long as you remember to charge the case every so often, the battery life for these is really great. Love how quickly they connect to my phone and going cable free is incredible, no more tangling with my hair or earrings. Would highly recommended these little earbuds. I literally never leave my house without them.

-great headphones, excellent volume range and sound quality. -seamless connectivity to google pixel and very intuitive set up. -excellent build quality and feel. Excellent for the price point. -i use these at work in a lab environment and they are great. Call feature is also good with person on the other end hearing me perfectly through the mic with no latency. -on a full charge they last all day and charge quickly in the charging dongleability to use charging dongle to charge phone in emergency is excellent feature of dongle.

Let’s be honest: these earbuds are not perfect. However, given their price, they perform really well, and actually exceeded my expectation. I didn’t know going ‘true wireless’ will make such a big difference. The ‘freedom’ feels really good and i don’t think i will go back to wired, bluetooth or no-bluetooth. Before buying i was worried on 3 things: connection reliability, battery life, and sound quality. Havng used the s2-r with my iphone 7, ipad, and android tablet, i didn’t experience any pairing problem. Once you switch on both earbuds, they connect to each other and then go into ‘pairing mode’ (with the r earbud flashing in red-blue). If you have a paired device with bluetooth on, for most of the time it auto connects. But sometimes it doesn’t and you need to go into your device’s bluetooth settings and manually click on the s2-r to connect. I don’t have much connection reliability problem with my phone around me.

I have an interest in quality audio and so currently have six pairs of ear and headphones and i listen to hd audio via my lg20 with is’s fabulous dac. So my review references those experiences. First a word about the s2 design and quality. The aluminium battery recharging case is beautifully designed, to my mind much nicer than the usual box and apple style designs. The ear pieces fit beautifully in to the ends to make an attractive and compact package. Build quality is pretty good, the case has no sharp or crude finishes and the ends are plastic encased to ensure no skin abrasions when taking the ear pieces out. The ear pieces are held into the case by magnets, likely to be a good long term fixing. Listening battery life so far is good , i got nearly three hours of use out of them yesterday before needing to recharge. I dont know yet what the battery case/recharger life is like. Musici played roger waters live album ‘ in the flesh’ for comparisons.

The headphones are very light and easy to fit in the ears. They were delivered promptly in a beautiful package with a beautiful portable charger to boot. The bluetooth connection with my devices was very easy and the headphones never drop a connection. The battery life is very good and i haven’t been able to run them down even over a three hour session in the gym. They are comfortable to wear and are worth every penny.

  • Superb sound quality on a budget (updated)
  • a true-wireless that works really well
  • The Best Earphones I have ever owned

Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 Low Latency, 5 Hours Playtime True Wireless Earbuds, YINEME IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds, Noise Cancelling Headphones w/Mic & Charging Case, Stereo Deep Bass

Colour Name:No Volume Control-Blue Latest Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds, double-speed transmission deliver incredible sound quality with low latency. Snug-fit noise cancelling headphones with 5 Hours long lasting time on a single charge.Upgraded IPX7 waterproof tech, specially designed for shower/rainy day/sporting/outdoor activities.Lightweight & Snug-Fit 1pc earbud weight even less than 5.5g. Made of ergonomic ultra lightweight material, ensure secure and comfort wearing experience, no hurt.Bluetooth V5.0, Low Latency Premium wireless headphones with double-speed transmission, vocal sync low latency.35H Long Battery Life 5H earbuds working time + 30H add time by charging case = 35 Hours in total.Excellent Stereo Sound Bluetooth headphones with impressive powerful deep bass and balanced stereo sound, high fidelity sounds like you are in the studio. Noise cancelling make you focus in calls, listening, watching, reading, working or sporting.Super Easy to Use 1st time use: Turn on, connect S2 by device. 2nd time use: Turn on, it will connect automatically. Auto turn on/off when taking out/putting in to the charging case. Built-Mic and multi functions: pause/resume/playback, next/previous track, answer/hang up phone calls and decline incoming calls all controled from wireless earbuds directly.Strict Quality Control Qualified wireless headphones from raw material, producing process, packing to final shipping, all passed strict inspection by professional QC team. 24 Hours online support. Any issues about your order, just message us to claim the 1 year warranty.Risk Free, Click to Buy Now!What You Get 2 x S2 Wireless Earbuds 1 x Portable Charging Case 1 x USB Charging Cable 6 x Ear Tips (S, M, L) 2 x Anti-drop Ear hooks 1 x User Manual 1 x Carry Pouch

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These are really fab ear phones. I don’t like over ear head phones as they hurt my ears yet the wires of usual earbuds annoy me too. This is the perfect solution. Not only are they super comfortable, they last a really long time with full charge. The sound quality is excellent and being able to charge from the case is really really handy too. Such a good price for these.

Before you review the low ratings just remember that some are from competitors. If i had believed the low ratings i would not have bought these earphones. These are louder than my enacfire e19 phones and sound isolation is the best by far. Base and midrange is clear and does not distort, if played at high level. Connection: no issues to date and bluetooth is better than above phones, stays connected at all times whether at home (two floors up from iphone) and when outside. Video syncing is spot on, no noticeable lags. Even if you decide not to buy then make your decision on reliable sources. Remember, amazon do refunds so you will not lose your money if not completely satisfied.

Further update 27/01/19reading some reviews recently i have read a lot of complaints regarding drop out and poor bass. Both of these items i have not experienced, left right connectivity has been perfect and the bass is superb, providing you fit the ear buds correctly in your ears, my conclusion to these negative comments is “user error”also i have not been approached by the seller or offered refunds to review these wireless ear buds, like some seem to have. Update 13/11/18having taken these on holiday now on a 9 hr flight in a boeing dreamliner they lasted well, no signs of failing and they performed superbly, they seem to have noise cancelling as while i watched a 2 1/2 hour film there was no background drone from the engines even on quiet sections, i took backup ipod standard white earphones with me to test and the drone was there. I also watched a film on a train journey we took on india’s shotabdi express 4 hrs not the quietest of trains, perfect sound no background noise. All the holiday, 2 weeks minimal usage and the flight back they performed beautifully, no drop out and the fit was comfortable and didnt need the extra clip. Use the biggest tip to get best comfortable seal in your ear, to get the fabulous bass that seal must be good, dont be afraid to push the bud deeper into the ear canal. You will hear the difference. All in all they have had a good test keep them safe in the draw string pouch provided (they were in the bottom of my travel shoulder bag all round india) and are still charged ok and looking great. You are thinking “he must work for the seller/manufacturer” no i dont. I was asked by amazon to review the product and was so impressed for the money i felt i had to. ———————————–i was very cautious about these earphones as tried several other types b4 and found them very poor. They arrived exactly on time in a simple but very classy black box, the quality of the items inside was very good and setting up was a piece of cake. I took each one out of its charger/holder left then right and they found each other immediately, then turned on my tablet b/th and it paired with a very clear voice telling me so. The sound was superb and very good quality, the main thing is getting the bud fitted in your ear correctly, you must ensure the soft silicone ear bud is tight in ear to get great bass, swap the supplied ones till you find a good fit. It needs to seal in the ear canal or you will not get the bass that these can deliver. I find if you moisten the silicone with a damp finger before inserting it works every time do not put them under or in water you will ruin them. (i notice the ad shows water resist but would not advise testing probably means if youre out in the rain they will be ok)the sound level is loud enough for personal use without disturbing others around you. Each bud has a button which has a multi function, this is my only criticism, trying to remember how many presses , right or left , never gonna happen.

Bought these to listen to music in the hot tub. The ear pieces felt sturdy and the charging dock was solid. Connection was quick and easy. The issue was that the design means that they are difficult to get to fit snugly into your ear. The design is not intended to rest on the outer ear, they do need to be inserted to get decent sound quality and especially bass. Unfortunately, even using the smallest buds provided it was difficult to get them into place and keep them there. My wife and children could not keep tehm in at all as they had smaller ears, and i had to jam them in but still had to keep pushing them back in every few mins. The issue seems to be that the main body of the ear piece is quite chunky whilst the nozzle you put into your ear canal is too short. This means that they gradually work their way out when just resting. Tried them whilst walking and almost lost one of them when it fell out after 5minsif you are using them whilst immobile and don’t have small ears they do work, and being waterproof means that relaxing in the pool is great.

Great product, very stylish at an amazing price. Bought these to free the problem of wires getting tangled and caught when out walking. Did’n think you could get such a great sound and bass from such a small set of earphones. Battery life is ok and connecting them together was very simple. I’ve had no problems whatsoever with them so far being 3 wks almost. The first pair of wireless buds i’ve used and won’t be going back.

I have had some wireless bluetooth headphones, which kept cutting out when i was listening to self hypnosis (not good)these came in a quality box, also you get different size ends to fit all size ears, a charging cable and a lovely pouch with drawstrings to close it. I connected them via bluetooth easily, no problems connecting both left and right earphones to my phone and tablet. The sound quality is excellent, with amazing bass. Both music and talking is mega clear. I am amazed at how long they hold their charge approximately 3 hours of non stop music/audio on one charge. They charge continuously when in their charging case. It takes an hour or so to charge the case via usb wire included. They can also charge from your pc. If you’re looking for the best wireless earphones which stay in place (haven’t fallen out once) with brilliant bass and sound quality, look no further than these at a steel for £30 they are pure brilliance. I have recommended these headphone to all of my family and friends, don’t waste your time looking beyond these headphones, buy these now, you won’t be disappointed 5* on every aspect of quality.

I was looking for a set of wireless headphones for running/ sport purposes that were easy to use, waterproof, not to intrusive and would give good sound quality. This little product packs a punch and is a good all rounder, and for the money i certanily can not argue with it. The charging unit not only puts power back into the headphones it has the ability to be used as a portable power pack too so you can charge other items too.The ear pieces are a good weight and size and do not feel intrusive at all. Would i recommend this product?. I’d never heard of yineme before but i’ll certanily look at their products now and buy without hesitation on the basis of these headphones being so good.

These earphones are decent and the possibility to charge a phone has saved me a few times. The only issue is that the earphones drop out randomly but that’s likely down to the limits of the bluetooth tech-update-i’ve been using these on and off for around 3 months now. The left earphone has inexplicably stopped producing sound. The button still works to stop and play music etc but no sound.

  • Superb sound quality on a budget (updated)
  • a true-wireless that works really well
  • The Best Earphones I have ever owned

Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 Low Latency, 5 Hours Playtime True Wireless Earbuds, YINEME IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds, Noise Cancelling Headphones w/Mic & Charging Case, Stereo Deep Bass

I purchased these for my daughter. They arrived as expected on time. I opened the packaging to check the product and i am impressed by the build quality. Setting them up on my daughters device was easy. I was also surprised (and impressed) to discover they enabled the listening capability of ios. In fact all the features you’d want from this type of device are supported including percentage of battery etc. They are bluetooth so they will work with any bluetooth device. I tested them on android and apple devices, but they will work on laptops and tv’s too. I played a track i’ve been listening to using my over ear headphones (which best buy) and i am impressed with how similar the sound is. I recently bought some in ear headphones from another company and those lack bass (a problem with this type of headphone).

Brilliant bluetooth headphones i ever purchasedi love it how it has a docking and also act as a case. The docking is magnetic so headphones doesnt fall loose. The docking case is also the charger which is very convenienteasily paired to phone, the earpiece left or right, switches on automatically when undocked and switches off when docked, saving time having to press hold and wait to turn on. Excellent on the go and pairs straight away. Battery life is very good, i can either just use right or left ear piece or both same time. Its light and small, i take this everywhere i gosound quality is very clear. Recipient end of the phone call is surprisingly clear as well especially the distance from ear to mouth, you dont need to shout as other bluetooth device do or unclear. Recommend this product 100%.

I think for the money, these are great. The sound quality is excellent as long as they’re pushed in to your ears properly, and there are three sizes of rubber buds to get the right fit. Battery life is around four hours at a fairly loud volume. I like the way you just place them in either end of the battery pack to charge them, and knowing they’ll be ready to go next time you need them. To those who have said that only one works after a while: i’ve had that happen, but just putting it back into the battery pack briefly makes it come on. I’d recommend them unless you’re a serious audiophile, but they’re less than £40.

I received these as a christmas gift from my wife and was very excited about them. On first use i had no problems. The earbuds come packaged nicely and i like how they store into the recharging station, which can also be used to charge other devices. The sound is fine for most activities and about what you’d expect from an earbud without sounding tinny. The bluetooth range is a little shorter than i expected, but not ridiculously short. On the second day, the left ear bud dropped out. It would connect and disconnect continually from the right earbud. The company responded immediately. After following their suggestions did not fix the product they immediately replaced it. The replacement pair is does not have the same issue, but the left bud does occasionally still disconnect from the right momentarily.

Cons:the instructions tell you to pair the earbuds first which is clear but when your trying to do so you cannot tell which lights flashing as you cover light with fingers (but this was probably down to me being hopeless and having fat fingers so not really a con)pros:sound quality is amazing. Even though such small earbuds the volume that comes out of these are of a quality i’ve not experienced especially as these are affordable. Earbuds may be small but are a good fit and as it comes different size heads very easy to adjust. They’ve not fallen out yet 🤗diapatched same day and received them 2 days earlier than expected.

It’s my first wireless earbuds. Honestly i’m always using them from the moment i’ve got them. When i opened them was so eager that i start playing and was losing signal but then have realised they are not charged. Since the first day of charge constantly i’m using them and have not charged the base yet, i think it’s been a week maybe. At first needed some time to get use to them, was afraid they will fall etc.

Wasn’t really expecting much with these for the cheap price – was looking around for a while for a pair of wireless earbud style headphones that are most importantly, waterproof and reasonably cheap. I have a pair of higher end sennheisers for my real listening, but wanted a cheap portable pair for running/the gym. These were an attractive design and at an excellent price, so decided to give them a go. Was really blown away by the premium feel of them, with the brushed metal charging case with in and out charging. Paired very easily, great volume and the sound quality is very good for the price and size. Very snug in my ears and very responsive.

I’m not one for reviews if i’m honest, but these little beauties have impressed me since day one so i wanted to share with any of my fellow music fans / commuters. Arrived promptly and well packaged. Again, i was impressed from the moment i opened these wireless headphones. They are presented in a nice textured box and also come with a discrete leather case to keep all the components safe and clean. As per my picture they come with standard earbud covers and the ones with clips which are good for more security walking or running. I have previously bought a similar priced pair of wireless headphones which were not well presented and came with a plastic case alone. Whilst they were ok sound wise the signal dropped out frequently and i had intermittent pairing issues. Further to that i have had on ear headphones which are great but i wanted to try again with the more discreet portable wireless earbud style. After opening these well presented earbuds i was hoping the experience was better than my previous earbuds and that the excellent first impressions would not dissolve due to bad quality. I have now been testing these for a few days vigorously and i’m very impressed.

I was looking for bluetooth headsets but without the wires. Really wanted to go wireless and came across these pair of wireless earbuds. These are pretty cleek and sound pretty good as well. Headphones are nice and comfortable great for working out or just normal daily use for on the go hands free talking get about full sound quality is really good for the price.

First off, i’m not one to write reviews usually. Especially not ones as long as this one may end up being. I’ve been considering a pair of bluetooth earphones for a while now. Then my girlfriends 14 year old son asked for a pair of apple earpods for his birthday. He was told no due to the cost, at £160 i’ve never even considered them myself. My girlfriend, perhaps feeling a little guilty for saying no and knowing my love of tech asked me to see if i could find a quality alternative at a much more reasonable price point. So after much searching and review reading i found myself on the amazon page for yineme ipx7 waterproof tws bluetooth earbuds. I ended up ordering two pairs. They were delivered the next day. As usual with anything tech i couldn’t wait to un-box and play with my new toy.

I chose the blue one it’s case is metallic. These things are solid and the case is metal which is one of the reasons why i chose this product. I didn’t want a flimsy plastic case to snap. What’s more it’s a power bankgreat quality sound. I played around with the rubber buds and swapped them from other earphones for prefence. I think it was 4 hour per charge.

Features and Spesification

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  • ★【LATEST BLUETOOTH 5.0 EARBUDS】: The most stable connection, vocal sync low latency. Double-speed transmission to provide reliable connectivity up to 33ft, deliver incredible high fidelity sound smoothly. True wireless listening experience to enjoy music, watch video, play games, conference calls in office or video calls to share your happiness with your family & friends hands freely.
  • ★【SNUG-FIT & ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT】: Made of ultra lightweight material (1pc only 5.4gram), ergonomic design according to ear canal, snug & secure fit for long time use. Special anti-drop earhooks and 3 sizes (S/M/L) soft eartips to fit every ears. Excellent noise cancelling to make you focus on phone calls, reading, working, meeting, sporting or relaxing. Enjoy yourself without interruption.
  • ★【LONGER BATTERY LIFE THAN OTHERS】: 5 hours working time on a single charge! Plus additional 30 Hours by the portable charging case, total lasting time about 35 Hours, longer playtime on the market. You can go out for a whole day without power storage to enjoy the heavy deep bass music. 850mAh mini charging case size 10*2.5*2cm, can be used as emergency power bank for mobile phone.
  • ★【UPGRADED IPX7 WATERPROOF】: Upgraded IPX7 waterproof bluetooth earbuds. Specially designed for shower or using in rainy days, well protected when accidental falling into water. Sweatproof while jogging, hiking, sporting, walking, running, climbing, cycling, gym exercise or other outdoor activitives. Super easy to use, only one step to connect with your device automatically.
  • ★【PROFESSIONAL TECH SUPPORT】: Professional R&D team employs lastest wireless bluetooth tech and repeating tests, to make sure best using experience. According to the brand requirements of YINEME, we insist strict quality control during producing. Any issues about earbuds please message us by buyer center or support email to claim 1 year warranty. 24 Hours online service to solve your problem.