Yinyoo KZ Earphones kz ZS6 High Fidelity 2 Dynamic : Get comply tips and upgrade cable. Fantastic sound

Warm, thick with very powerful subbass. They deliver what the all zs lineup should’ve done. An extremely fun, non fatiguing sound. The kz zs7 is a massive upgrade over the zs6, it has better extensions, better midrange, non fatiguing treble and is generally a warm, fun iem for the price. It isn’t made to be extremely accurate nor flat but it will definitely satisfy most bassheads and people who like smooth fun sound. Full review:fit and comfortwith the switched cable and tips the fit and comfort is pretty good. The tips i ended up using are jvc spiral dots, this isn’t only to get a better fit but also for sonic reasons but more on that in the next section. I used an aftermarket silver plated cable that came with another set of iems i had. Soundwarm, thick with very powerful subbass. They deliver what the all zs lineup should’ve done.

I first heard about kz on drummer rob brown’s youtube channel. He was raving about the $25 model saying they were every bit as good as his $150 shure iems. That got me interested and after browsing i went up a price notch or two and got these. For the price i’m absolutely blown away.They’re beautifully made in lightweight aluminium casings. I’ve tried many in ears and these are the first and only ones that will actually stay put without the use of a headband or bandana. I didn’t even need to curl the wires around my ears, which is just as well cos they don’t look like they can be bent too many times before they break. The lead was the only annoying thing, it’s rubberized and catches on your clothes if you put them on from behind. On the plus side the lead is detachable and there are upgrade after market leads available. Now onto the most important feature – the sound.

Sound quality is good but the trebble can be overwhelming at times, if your listening on something that has no eq. I recommend purchasing the foam tips however.

I was sent a pair of these headphones by yinyoo for review, having been let down by a couple of faulty revonext qt2 units (the treble drivers kept failing). I loved those headphones but the inherent fault with the drivers was a disappointment. Yinyoo kindly sent me these to try, as the qt2s are revonext’s equivalent to / copy of the zs6 by knowledge zenith. Note that the photos show the zs6 with an upgraded cable, not the cable supplied. Unboxingthese headphones come in a simple box with cardboard sleeve. You get the earphones, a detachable cable, three rubber tips, and a user manual. The cable isn’t great (more on that later) and i would recommend you upgrade it but the earphones are excellent. The build quality is really very good indeed for the price: aluminium casing and nozzles, and metal wax guards, all add to its premium feel. Comfort & fitdespite the unusual shape these in ear headphones are surprising comfortable and i don’t experience headphone fatigue even after several hours’ listening. I’m not keen on the supplied cable: the memory wires are frustrating to position correctly and the sound can be a little too focused on the top end.

For me the zs7 are the best kz have produced so far. The other reviews here before 2019 are for zs6 from the looks of them as the zs7 is only available in blue at this point. Unlike the zs6 these are more of an all-rounder with good detailed bass, mids and treble. Really good bass, treble is not harsh. For the price (under £50) these would be hard to beat.

They produce a very wide soundstage with excellent separation of the frequencies. You can pick out individual parts of the music that you could never distinguish before unless you own an ultra high-end sound system. *they are good for all types of music*they very slightly exaggerate sub bass. The only downside with this model is exaggerated 10k treble, it was fully mitigated by modifying the balanced armature drive with 1 low-density foam and 1 high-density foam as shown in the image. Please note: get comply tips and allow the headphones to be used for 50h plus before considering this tuning mod. I am a person who would normally spend much more. The kz zs6 beat sennheiser ie80s and ie80s kef m200 and they destroy 1more quads. Update to review: i performed the following alterationsremove red dampening and added grey dampening instead. Removed cheese grater grill and installed a diy modified tip shown in the picture.

I’ve had these headphones over 7 months and still brand new and i use them everyday. I use them as a drummer in a wedding band with a headphone amp linked to pa to my full backline and metronome. I play along to click in another band with live backline. And also use them with jazzhiphop project where backline is linked to bass guitarists loop pedal. These headphones are phenomenal. I refuse to use any other headphones even for general use now, nothing compares even my very expensive open ear studio monitor headphones. I listen to allot of jazz and it honestly sounds like you are there with the orchestra or sextet around you. I don’t know if it’s to do with the tweeter being right inside your ear canal and bass outside?. Subtle at first but you begin to notice when using other headphones. The shear amount i have used these headphones you think there would be some wear and tear but nothing yet. Also ike that the lead is replaceable- still looks brand new thoughit took me a while to get used to the comfort of them. I had to mess around with the buds and adjusting the leads a bit but have no issues now. I have had to use a smaller bud in one ear and larger in the other.

They have great bass, good soundstage and very loud treble. They can get pretty loud and the quality is very high for this cheap price.

  • Get comply tips and upgrade cable. Fantastic sound
  • Glorious Technicolour
  • The highs are piercing and leave my ears sore

KZ Earphones Yinyoo kz ZS6 High Fidelity 2 Dynamic with 2 Balance Armature In ear Earbuds with 2 pin Replacement Cable Quality Sound Headphones Sport Headset with Microphone (Red with microphone)

Colour Name:Red with microphone 1.KZ-ZS6 8 Drives Hybrid technology,Every brave innovation, will bring the new breakthrough. 2.Adhere To The Principle Of Doing The Best Products 3. 8 Drives Hybrid Technology Bring You An Amazing Sound Experience,Three frequency divisions , 2 Dynamic and 2 Balanced Armature on each side , add up to 8 drives . 4.Professional Metal Cavity Is Built By Aluminum Alloy Material,Every brave innovation, will bring the new breakthrough. 5.Special customized balance armature drive with reference level music details 6.Independent Development Dynamic Drive Bring You A Strong Bass Experience 7.Precision Electronic Frequency Division Technology, Let The Sound Of The Hybrid Technology Perfect Combination 8.Replaceable Wire Design Makes Headphones More Extended Functionality 9.Three-stage Acoustic Air Export Is Designed, Make Sound Pressure More Powerful,Three Stainless Steel Screws Headphones 10.Experience Of Comfortable Wearing,According to ergonomic design, long wear does not hurt, can effectively isolate the noise of + 26dB wear correctly. Product features: Drive unit: 10mm dynamic *1 , 6mm dynamic*1 high pitched balance armature x2, Sensitivity:105 dB/mw Needle Diameter:0.75mm Frequency response range:7-40KHz Impedance:15 ohm Wire length:1.2m Plug diameter:3.5mm package include: ✔ 1* KZ ZS6 earphone ✔ original packingPlease Note: ✪ YINYOO have the Formal authorization from KZ company , all products are original. ✪ YINYOO offer 12 months warranty from the date of purchase if you purchase from YINYOO. ✪ Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we will reply you within 24 hours and give you a satisfied solution soon.

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Cant believe they sound so good for the money, i have a few pairs of audiophile headphones/earphones. These are 90% there, and cost £££ less.

Using these as my first try at an in ear system for bass practice, for the price they are amazing. While i have no other experience using in ears i can say that the sound clarity and separation is very good, much better than ordinary ear buds.

So i got these after looking around for good iem at a reasonable price. So they come in very basic but nice packaging earbuds feel nice in the hand, i personally find them a little uncomfortable but im not a huge fan of ear buds anyway, the sound i hated until i tweaked eq settings, good value for the price.

Really great sound quality, build quality seems pretty much impeccable, especially considering the price. The pictures make them look fairly bulky, but they are surprisingly light for the size. The cable they come with is rigid but flexible at the connector ends, so you can shape them to your ears. Simple but effective, much better than some of the pre-formed over-ear designs i’ve used previously. The mic has the same problem as every pair of in-ears i’ve ever had which is that it picks up every sound from 25 feet around you. Not surprising, but don’t buy these for the mic.

Pros:– very spacious sounding, almost to the point where it sounds like i’m listening to my monitors at my desk. — bass is very well controlled, basically no boominess (for lack of a better word), and to my ears it’s very well levelled with presence but not overpowering. — well priced considering the removable cable and the aluminium construction. Cons:– there’s a sharp rise to the upper registers, not really a spike to my ears as you still hear the frequencies, but like an upward curve the peaks toward the very high end. Becomes sore to listen to after a while for me, it’s a relief to take them out of my ears at the end. — mids are recessed, but they are designed for listening and not as iems i guess, but still it would be nice to have some more mid range. — nasty cable with shaped portions near the ear, but they ended up bending back for me and just pushing the earphones out. Rubber finish on it also makes it prone to cable noise. — weird angular and bulky shape. — very tight removable cable.

Superb iems, especially for the price. Good low end but great across the whole frequency. I swapped the stock tips for some comply ones and also got the upgraded cable and they got even better. Some of the headphones coming from the smaller chinese manafacturers these days really are impressive.

Best kz iem i own by a mile, if you are looking for an edm monster , look no further. Been using the product for about three months now and seems solid enough. Sound quality is much better compared to its cheaper siblings.

Nice looking body, and wire as well. I have connected it just to the iphone, and it seems sound better than a normal bluetooth. Maybe a bit too expensive compared to some other competitor.

  • Get comply tips and upgrade cable. Fantastic sound
  • Glorious Technicolour
  • The highs are piercing and leave my ears sore

KZ Earphones Yinyoo kz ZS6 High Fidelity 2 Dynamic with 2 Balance Armature In ear Earbuds with 2 pin Replacement Cable Quality Sound Headphones Sport Headset with Microphone (Red with microphone)

The five-driver zs7 is the latest flagship hybrid design from kz (knowledge zenith). It employs one 10mm dynamic driver for the bass region, one 29689 midrange balanced armature, one 31005 mid/high frequency ba and two 30095 ba treble units in a four-way configuration. This contrasts with the former model, the zs10 which uses two 50060 midrange bas and two 30095 bas in a three-way arrangement. In some ways, the zs7 is a combination of the as10 (5ba) and zs10 in the shell of the zs6. The zs7 comes in new packaging which has a more premium feel than that used in the zs10 and other recent kz designs. The charcoal-coloured box opens with a lid revealing the earpieces nestling in a foam cut-out below which is a kz zs7 identification plate. Lifting up the foam insert reveals the detachable 2-pin (0. 75mm) cable which is a copper-coloured braided type featuring a right-angled 3. The section of cable closest to the ear is furnished with a wired ear guide, which is rather stiff.

I bought a pair from ebay the second they were announced, following on from the zst and zs5, these little chinese gems show the big boys hope to produce good value for money iems. The treble could feel a little hot, especially if coming from regular main brands, but either turn the volume down a little, to hear the detail these have to offer, or run them from something that has more power and control than a cellphone, regardless, after a bit of psychological burn in, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without such a clean sounding earphonealso, play around with eartips, that will make a big difference as to how close to audio nirvana you can get with these. Absolutely recommended by me, even as a seasoned moderator over at head-fii would personally spend a few pounds more on the upgraded silver cable, but that isn’t mandatory unless you want to squeeze the last nth percent of quality out of them. Couldn’t think about if i lost them, so bought a second pair, this time, from my preferred vendor, amazon.

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  • 【UPGREDE VERSION FOR ZS5】Yinyoo Audio KZ-ZS6 In ear earphones is the upgrade version for kz zs5 ,design is more beautiful than kz zs5, Sound is better .Include double dynamic driver and double balance armature driver, Unilateral four units common vocal bilateral ,Eight units common vocal three-frequency pure trenchant ,the bass amazing !
  • 【HIGH SOUND QUALITY FOR THIS RANGE】 Yinyoo KZ ZS6 Earphone Earphones with enhance the sound quality and exterior again the hybrid technology ,Double balance armature and double dynamic driver ,friendly design and free removable cable deign ,high performance for audio earphones around 40gbp. perfect for home ,parties ,school ,Christmas gift ,Thanksgiving day ,Halloween ,Black Friday
  • 【STYLISH DESIGN&REMOVABLE CABLE】KZ ZS6 cable use 3.5MM 0.75mm 2 pin Detachable Cable ,With the stylish design and high-end sound quality ,this earphones are designed for the latest generations of iPod, iPhone, and iPad. They work with all Androids, tablets, mp3 players, and related devices with a standard 3.5 mm jack .also Yinyoo audio offer upgrade cable for KZ ZS6 ,improve more sound quality ,kz zs6 silver plate upgrade replacement cable search B077GPKXKL .
  • 【12 MONTHS WARRANTY】Yinyoo KZ ZS6 original packing include 1 pair kz zs6 earphones with original ZS6 replacement cable,and 3 pairs silicone eartips (S/M/L).Notice: Yinyoo Audio have the Formal authorization from KZ company ,all products are original .You will get 12 months warranty and friendly customer service from the date of purchase if you order from Yinyoo Audio . which make your purchase absolutely risk-free and you can enjoy testing out it’s quality and durability!
  • 【SUIT FOR VARIOUS STYLES OF MUSIC】Comfort Stereo Earbuds Yinyoo KZ ZS6 Double Dynamic and Double Balance Armature High Resolution Heave Bass Hybrid In Ear Earphone HIFI DJ Monitor Earphones Earplug Headset ,Almost can be flexible deduction of various styles of music ,three-band frequency division clear ,consider all kinds of instrumental and vocal interaction performance ,outstanding high-frequency ductility ,good bass ,full of mids ,exciting treble ,high resolutions ,big soundstage.