Yinyoo TRN V90 in Ear Earbuds Headphone : Cable frays around microphone after ~6mo

That is a first day review but sound is really great full spectrum is audible. This headset was built with care.

Was not able to test because the cable was not working. It was perfectly comfortable in the ears.

On par with my old campfire audios.

As i consider myself an audiophile, i took my time in exploring the potential of these with different genres, types and qualities of music. Whatever you throw to them, the soundstage, frequency response but also the sound envelope surrounding you is beyond the price boundaries of these earphones.

I purchased these to use as iems (in ear monitors) with the sound controlled by a behringer x32 mixer and fed to behringer pm16 personal monitor mixers. They are excellent value for the money. The sound is clear, clean and full frequency, encompassing everything from the deepest notes of a bass guitar or my keyboard, to the highest notes of that same keyboard.

Don’t know if i got a dud pair, but i found these incredibly sibilant, to the point where it was paining me to listen to them at anything other than quite low levels. This is surprising as i tend to prefer ‘bright’ headphones, but these were above and beyond what i can tolerate. They’re built well, and the bottom end is excellent, but like i say, my pair i couldn’t live with, so had to send back.

Great sound, hear from deep bass notes to cymbals and clear vocals, i play it through a fiio a3 headphone amp and hifiman mini loaded with flac files. Very comfortable, and virtually no sound escapes to annoy others. Very good at not allowing outside sounds in. Leads are not connected and are hard to connect, although once in the dont slip out, also changing the silicone tips are also difficult, but ensures a tight fit. Very pleased with this purchase.

V comfortable and excellent sound. Only criticism is lead tends to get tangled.

  • One of the most detailed and rich IEMs I’ve ever heard.
  • A bargain
  • Detail, build quality and amazing sound for the price!

Yinyoo TRN V90 in Ear Earbuds Headphone, HiFi TRN Earphone with 4BA and 1DD Drivers, TRN V90 with Detachable 0.75mm 2 Pin Cable(No Mic, V90 Black)

Size Name:No Mic  |  Colour Name:V90 Black Features: ✲ 5 drivers per side, amazing 1 dynamic and 4 balanced armature hybrid driver ✲Upgrade highest purity OFC detachable 2Pin 0.75mm cable, easy to change the silver plated upgrade cable or bluetooth cable ✲ Noise cancelling in-ear headphone, Ergonomic design ✲ Perfect suit for Recording in-ear audio monitor, band practise, church in ear monitors, Music recording equipment, Headphone enthusiasts and MusiciansProduct Specifications: ♫ Product Model: TRN V90 ♫ Earphone typez: In-ear ♫ Headphone output source: HiFi ♫ Sensitivity: 110dB ♫ Impedance: 22Ω ♫ Frequency : 7-40,000Hz ♫ Plug Type: 3.5mm ♫ Pin type: 0.75mm ♫ Line Length: 120±5cm ♫ Driver Unit: 1DD+4BA hybrid driver unit ♫ Cable Length: 1.2m±3cm5 Driver Specification: ▶ 1* 10mm double magnetic dynamic driver ▶ 2* Mid Frequency 50060 ▶ 2* Treble 30019Package Included: ✔ 1* Original TRN V90 HIFI in ear monitorPlease Note: ✪ YINYOO have the Formal authorization from TRN company , all products are original. ✪ YINYOO offer 12 months warranty from the date of purchase if you purchase from YINYOO. ✪ Feel free to contact us if you have any questions firstly, we will reply you within 24 hours and give you a satisfied solution soon.

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Very good sound quality impressed for the price.

No complaints with packaging, and the sound quality is great. I recommend upgrading the tips however for being sound isolation.

The recent trend for multi-driver hybrid iems continues unabated. Ever since kz released their quad-driver zs5, manufacturers have brought out competing models using technology trickling down from high-end designs. Materials have also improved, with high quality metal housings being the order of the day, such as the kz zs6, zodic et2201, revonext qt2 and qt3. Some of these have earpieces based on designs by other makers (e. Campfire audio) and the trn v80 is no exception, with its design clearly resembling the dunu falcon c. The v80s are attractively presented in a sturdy white box featuring a line drawing of the earphones and the words “audiophile quad-driver hybrid in-ear monitor”. I would not disagree with that descriptioninside you will find the earpieces nestling in a white foam insert below which, under a flap, are the detachable 2-pin cable, two pairs of silicone eartips and some literature. One set (medium) of silicone eartips with a red bore is pre-fitted. The trn v80 is a quad-driver iem employing two dynamic drivers and two balanced armatures. Each driver is assigned its own frequency range by means of an electronic crossover network. The bass driver is a dual concentric design with a 10mm dynamic driver covering the lower bass and a 6mm dynamic driver the upper bass. The two balanced armatures cover the midrange and treble. The earpieces are machined from aluminium and are coated in three layers of enamel, giving a smooth glossy finish. The faceplates have three graduated vents which should produce a wide soundstage at the expense of a little isolation.

Bought them on the recommendation of rob (beatdown) brown.

So i got a pair of these for use as iems for drumming, though also to double-up as pocket headphones when out-and-about when over-ears aren’t suitable. It might be i have strange shape ears, but i can’t get these to feel comfortable with the supplied silicone buds. The actual core size means even the smallest size still has a large firm spindle, and after 30-40 minutes, they make my ears hurt. I’ve since switched to in air memory foam buds, which are more comfortable, but as they sit further outside my ear canal, i get next to zero bass. If i press/hold the buds into my ear, the bass comes through, but i can’t comfortably find a fitting that holds them in this position, so i mostly hear mids and top-end sounds. I’m sure if these do fit your ear properly, you’ll love these – as when i’m holding them in, they do sound great. Not quite as good as my over-ear sennheisers, but close enough, and great to listen to whilst playing. Good isolation, even better with memory foam tips. I’ll keep playing with different buds, and see if i can find something that works, but at the moment, they’re for drumming practice only, not everyday wear.

Good looking and more importantly great sounding earphones. Wide soundstage producing a reasonable bass with good depth, but not a overpowering contribution. Very good detail and separation. Cable could be better as it doesn’t feel top quality, although it doesn’t compromise the sound.

These are not compatible with the darkview (dv7000 in my case) durable phones as the jackplug socket housing is to wide to get past the water seals rubber surround.

My first experience of chifi, now i’ve tasted i won’t go back to big ‘western’ brands here on, not even a competition in sub £100 maybe £200 market it seems. As soon as i put these on i fell in love with them. They look amazing, ‘look’ well engineered with reasonable quality cable (however upgrade to 8 or 16 cord trn-or equivalent-ballanced doubles the sq is improved in every way, they look and feel amazing) but most of all sound astonishing compared to more mainstream brands twice. The v80’s out of the box sound great but after a good 10hr burn in the dynamics and range improved massively, their extremely loud and very sensitive, id struggle to turn them up beyond 50% on samsung s8 (excellent for low output smartphone issues as their so sensitive) , and bass the biggest boomiest i’ve heard and although v shaped have clear strong meds and sparkling accurate highs. They are very detailed with exceptional soundstage, these arn’t ‘flat’ in any way but manage to bring out sounds, throughout the spectrum hense their use as monitor earpieces. This unusual combination makes them sound extremely musical and enjoyable great for most genras but i found exceptional with edm. Many complain of symblance however i found the upgraded cable completely cured the more challenging highs. To this these really are the most comfortable earphones i’ve ever tried on and seem to fit and seal better than anything i’ve tried, this only enhances the sq and wearability. The big issue seems to be reliability, my set last me weeks before the connection (using provided cable) became loose in one bud, cutting out with any movement.

  • One of the most detailed and rich IEMs I’ve ever heard.
  • A bargain
  • Detail, build quality and amazing sound for the price!

Yinyoo TRN V90 in Ear Earbuds Headphone, HiFi TRN Earphone with 4BA and 1DD Drivers, TRN V90 with Detachable 0.75mm 2 Pin Cable(No Mic, V90 Black)

Excellent value for money, good general build quality, and absolutely phenomenal sound quality for the price range. However, the cable running into the mic has completely frayed and and broken, possibly due to the way the cable is braided causing the headphones to twist & tangle themselves quite a lot. This means that after only 6months of use, i only have the left channel still working. I am hopeful that yinyoo will offer a replacement cable as per the warranty they state in the product description, or at the least sell a matching replacement. Overall, solid 9/10 product, only let down by the braided cable’s weak points. Make no mistake, you will not beat any other iem’s for sound quality in this price range.

If you’re looking for a midrange set of in-ears then look no further. Admittedly i was rather sceptical at first, a company id never heard of making headphones that claim quad drivers, safe to say i was holding no expectations. However, from the moment i opened the wonderfully simple packaging, i was pleasantly surprised. A metal earphone shell with a metal nozzle to boot, these things are built like tanks and presented like diamond earrings and the cable is equally as nice. Coming with a two pin connection design so your able to adapt these to a wireless solution if you so please or just change out the wire if it’s not to your looking (i love headphones that incorporate this). Whilst the pins felt a little flimsy for me and i’m not a great fan of the twisted wire similar to that used in the kz in-ears i am a new found fan of trn’s memory ear hooks which fit along my ear like a glove and was far better than ear hooks i’ve had on headphone four times the price. As comfort goes, these are some of the best i’ve tried. With an apostrophe-shaped shell that perfectly fits the contours of the ear and a deep nozzle that secures itself in the auditory canal perfectly. The only thing that could have been added was more tips as it only comes with 3 sets (s, m, l); although i’m sure like myself you’ll find ones that fit perfectly. Now the important stuff, sound.

Hi everyone, here is my in depth review of the trn v80 in blue with a matte finish. The version i purchased is the one with the microphone but i did not purchase from amazon and thought i would write a review here as there are not many reviews. Build – the build of the v80 is nice and solid, it feels so premium with the metal build. On each earphone it displays the l and r indicators for left and right. The rear has a 1 small vent for the dynamic drivers and the front has 3 small vents you can make out the l and r in the pictures so cannot be mistaken to which ear they go in to. Also you can see on the pictures that there is a lip on the nozzle so the tips stay very secure. Packaging – the packaging is a white box with the brand displayed on a red stripe / background. On the front is the brand and text stating these earphones incorporate hybrid technology, the right side shows the brand, left side shows the brand as well and the rear is a quick summary of the specs and other information in english and chinese. Inside the box is a user manual which is double sided, warranty card and qc card which are in english and chinese. Cable – in the box is only one cable with 1 button as i ordered the version with the microphone.

I own various earphones (shure se530, sony xba n1ap etc) most costing several times more than these trn v80 in ears. After fitting the optional silver plated cables, i can’t see me forking out more than the £46 these cost. I’ve read the so called experts saying they are over bright on the trebles. Tripe written by reviewers nit picking to justify their fee. Excellent performers if like any other earphones, you get a good fit and seal. The xcessor silicone tips sold on amazon fit this model and i find work well.

So far the best headphones i’ve ever tried. Just ordered the bluetooth cable trn bt10.

Like most people, finding the right headphones for your own listening style can be a real challenge, but i bought these and cannot belive how good they are. I have coupled them with some new bee memory foam tips (£5. 99 on amazon), and the sound is outstanding. As i write this i am listening to who wants to live forever by queen, and am having to turn the volume down becasue the quality is so good. Delighted to have found some ear phones that are not stupidly expensive, and are so good.

The short version – these are pure fire, destroying anything i’ve heard before up to the £300 price range. If you’re after crystal clear detail and rich velvety gutsy bass – in short just buy thesethe long version (i’m in love with these things so this may be long as i tend to waffle when i get hyped up) – i’ve been delving into a range of new iems over the last few months, from big name uk and us brands like rha & campfire audio, and some of the amazing quality brands coming from china such as the oriveti new primacies. These arrived yesterday and are already hands down one of the best quality and best sounding iems i’ve heard at any price point, easily destroying the rha t20s and campfire comets i recently bought and then sold. I first saw these reviewed on bad guy good audio reviews on youtube, and i’d not heard of trn before, but he is harsh on gear if there are any issues with them but was buzzing about these so i thought i’d give them a try. I’ve bought quite a few iems from yinyoo and they’ve always been great so came back to order from here again. So let’s get to it:• build:these are amazingly well built, super solid metal casings, and are really quite weighty. However, they are also hands down the most comfortable and well fitting iems i’ve ever had. I usually really struggle with fit as i have super small ear canals, but these fit perfectly out of the box, and i didn’t even have to delve into my bag of 20+ different types of tips, which is a first for me. These would be great for gym or running use as they are locked into your ears once in despite their weight. Wire’s are also really nice, with a perfect curve to the memory wire and nice metal connectors and points on the cable with zero microphonics.

Its the first time i see such a great looking earphones with metalic body and the sound is as good as the design itself very big fan of this brand.

As another guy said, this pure fire athis this price is a nobrainer. Just get it and you’ll thank me layer. Unless you want to spend 300 punds more for the same sound.

Great sound, good comfort, however the cord gave up after a couple of months rendering one headphone useless.

Good bass but not that much, terrific mids and crystal clear highs that are rich in detail. I don’t hear the supposed v shape at all. I use them with a fiio k3 – another bargain. I bought this: earbud replacement cable,yinyoo headphone audio cable 8 core silver plated earphone upgrade cable earphone replacement cable with 0. 5mm for the v80’s and it sounds sublime out of the k3’s balanced output. My right ear gets sore after a while but that’s probably my old odd-shaped ears. The best iem’s i’ve ever used.

4 stars overall, the headphone units themselves are very good quality and sturdy. The sound quality is very good also. It’s just that cable they come with. Mine broke within 3 weeks of receiving the product with only light use and careful storage. Good news is the cable cam be replaced. Bad news, replacements are not cheap.

Very comfortable and secure. Yet to be used on stage yet. But seem to be good through iphone fairly clear.

Buy some foam tips, upgrade the cable to the trn 8 core which you can get for a tenner. You will then have an iem equal or better than pretty much anything up to £150. I am amazed how good these sound for the price. I have a big collection of iem’s up to £200 price range and these are only bettered by the moondrop kanas pro’s but not by a lot and certainly not by the £100 extra it would cost you to buy them. I did find the treble a bit sharp with the stock tips, easily remedied with foams though.

I was skeptical when i purchased these, but i now use them for my hearing protection and monitoring while playing drums. The sound quality is fine for live music and listening to mp3s with. They do a really good job of noise cancelling my band out and don’t slip out of my ears. Once in they stay in for the whloe set and i don’t need to keep fiddling with them. The only time i need to take them out at a gig is if someone tries to talk to me without a stage microphone.

Just got these,popped the pins in the correct ear pieces,turned them on and omfg these are hands down the best sounding things i have ever put in me ears,do not look anywhere else these offer a simply stunning sound for yer pound,i am gonna buy another pair in case i break them.

Well i’ve got a number of in-ears for gigging, im a drummer, i’ve got to say these have been the best so far i’ve ever bought.

The sound quality from these is like nothing i’ve heard. I’ve had some expensive sets before but these are on a par if not better than some ive owned at 5 times the price. I bought these more as a trial to see if i could get on with type of design before investing in some more expensive ones but as long as build quality is as good as the sound i see no readon why i’d need to spend more.

Features and Spesification

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  • 【Hybrid Drivers 4BA + 1DD In Ear Monitor TRN V90 】The TRN V90 has 4 balanced armature drivers and 1 piece super-sized 10mm dynamic driver, the Customized 10mm dynamic that brings out minute details in the bass without sacrificing body and transient attack. Mid range 50060 balanced armature and the treble 30019 armature driver give soaring highs with intimate detail retrieval without sibilant order fatigue.
  • 【Excellent Sound Quality TRN V90 IEM Earphones】Reference-tuning with 1DD + 4BAs presents soaring highs ,engaging midrange and impactful bass .High frequency extension that makes cymbals sparkle and expand past your listening horizon .Midrange is fully resolved and uncoloured .And the bass is extended and balanced , rich in texture and well defined .
  • 【Quality Earphone Cable and 3.5mm Audio Jack In Ear Headphone】This TRN V90 IEMs uses the OFC earphone cable, decrease the loss of the music details, more durable. 3.5mm straight audio jack suit for most smart devices, such as Shanling, Sony NW-A45 music player, android phone and so on.
  • 【Comfortable Wearing with Earhook Cable for V90 Earbuds】Ergonomic shape design is based on big data, giving you a suitable wearing design, even can create a superior wearing experience . Ear-hook on cable, give you a convenient wearing during running exercise
  • 【12 Month Warranty】Buy With Confidence. YINYOO has the authorization from TRN company, all of our product are original. You will get a 12 months warranty from the date of purchase if you order from YINYOO.