YOSO Beauty Heated Eyelash Curler Review

If you’re a fan of big, voluminous lashes then keep on reading. This is a mini gadget which has a perk of its own and is a great beauty tool with a simple purpose: a heated eyelash curler. I’m not talking about those chunky, scary looking tong-like things – I’m bringing to you a tool which is the size of a pen with a small applicator that does all the work.Yoso Heated eye lash curlers 1 Yoso Heated eye lash curlers 1 Yoso Heated eye lash curlers 1

This heated eyelash curler is from Yoso Beauty and enables you to create long lasting curls for your lashes. This is a battery operated beauty pen which you simply comb through your lashes – like you would with mascara – then ta-dah! Long-lasting curled lashes which will stay put longer than any ordinary eyelash curler.  It also has a small point heater which enables you to tackle those pesky lashes on the inner corners.

In the box you get the Yoso Lashes Beauty Pen, a hygiene brush to let you clean the pen after each use and a manual to teach you the simple steps for creating great looking lashes. For someone who gets scared of using eyelash curlers, for the simple fact that I usually poke my eye despite many attempts not to, this is such a simple tool to use. It sounds complicated when you pin-point words like ‘battery-operated’ and ‘tool’, which make it sound a little tedious. Albeit, this is a compact tool, simple and does its job which is the important factor.