Yosoo Nonstick Waffle Maker Egg Bubble Pan Aluminum Alloy Eggettes Pan Cake Baking Mold Plate For Home Kitchen Use – Great little chinese waffle maker.

Its completely nonstick and makes very good bubble waffles.

Just got back from a holiday in hong kong and thought i’d buy a chinese waffle maker to bring back the taste of the street food sellers. Firstly i checked out the waffle makers. Thought i’d risk this one because it said it had a good seal. Then i checked out the recipes. All said that they are great recipes but they all stick to the pan which is a hassle. So i was prepared for them to stick. Arrived next day, made my mixture, id bought flora butter spray to spray both sides of the pans before hand. Then followed the instruction and put on the ring to cook. Opened up the maker and they virtually slid out.

Its a good item to be honest, i like it.

But the package let me feel it’s not brand new.

These are perfect non stick pan for bubble waffles. Made some yummy waffles already. Thanks highly recommend this product.

Brilliant, super fast delivery.

I like to make waffles so i gave a try to this waffle maker. I sprayed with cooking spray just in case then i put on the gas, waited a minute to heat up a little bit. Opened it and filled with waffle dollop. After a couple of minutes, i turned upside down and waited. It makes very good egg shape bubble waffle.

Whenever we visit hong kong my son loves to eat these bubble egg waffles so when i saw this pan i thought i’d get it and have a try at making them at home. It arrived in good time although the packaging was broken on the top edge where the pan must’ve slid through. The actual waffle maker was undamaged so that was ok with me. However if i’d been gifting this to someone else then it probably wouldn’t have been very good. The pan is not too heavy and is made of aluminium alloy material with a teflon non stick coating. The handles are stainless steel with a plastic coating. At the end of the handles there is a thin metal bracket that folds over to keep the pan closed. First thoughts on inspecting the pan was that the handle and bracket seemed a little too flimsy. I was worried that the handles would get too hot during cooking and the brackets might not be very durable given how thin it is. The mold part of the pan however is a nice weight and has a good quality coating.

Just tested this today and it’s amazing. So easy to use and completely non-stick.

Fantastic everyone wants bubble waffles.

I returned one of these because it looked like it wasn’t new. In fact the replacement one doesn’t look new either, but i suppose it’ll do.

Here are the specifications for the Yosoo Nonstick Waffle Maker Egg Bubble Pan Aluminum Alloy Eggettes Pan Cake Baking Mold Plate For Home Kitchen Use:

  • Made of high quality aluminum alloy material, with advanced Teflon coating
  • Smooth mold plate that is non stick, no soot, eco-friendly, safe and durable to use, also easy to clean
  • Fixed bracket design, free to open and close. And convenient to operate, make egg-shaped cake and homemade waffles
  • 2 durable stainless steel handles with plastic shell have a good anti-scalding effect, comfortable to grab and won’t easily get deformed
  • Safe for using on gas stove top, very practical. Perfect for party, cafe, tea shop, etc. For home or commercial use

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The pan is good
  • Brilliant
  • Quick delivery and a good product