Yum Asia Sakura Rice Cooker : GREAT PIECE OF KIT

I don’t often leave reviews but this is the best product i bought in ages. Super easy to use, great design and touchscreen is perfect. I had never used such a product before but it’s so useful and makes things so much easier, i highly recommend, worth every penny.

Machine looks good on the worktop and the handle is great for moving it around. Excellent, clear instructions for rice, steaming veg and cake baking. I’ve only so far tried the rice, which after 2 attempts turned out perfectly. The first couple of times were my fault as i didn’t read the instructions properly. Very confident that any rice i cook in this machine will be perfect. The cooker is well built and a nice touch was a supplied euro plug if needed.

Amazing cooker, really smart and performant. Cooked rice 4 times already and it makes the sticky rice just perfect. You just need to put the right measurements of ingredients and water and voilà, all done perfectly. I want to get another one for work, a mini one 😍.

Just push a button then perfect rice in 20 or minutes.

I can’t say i am an expert on rice or cooking rice but i have 2 to 3 rice dishes a week. I have been thinking of getting a rice cooker for a while but never knew what to get and how much i should pay. While browsing i came across the sakura rice cooker from yum asia it had some positive reviews so i ordered it, i have had it for a few days now and i can say that i am impressed. The unit is easy to clean with the detachable lid inner and steam vent and rice doesn’t stick to the ceramic bowl. To cook the rice its as easy as measuring out the portions with the supplied cup, washing the rice and then filling the bowl to the required mark and then selecting which program to cook with, the results have been amazing. Today i tried out the delayed start time so this morning i prepared the rice selected the cooking program and then selected the time i wanted the rice to be ready, i went to work and when i came home the device was on keep warm and had been for 6 minuets, once i had prepared the rest of my meal and dished up the rice it was about 20 minuets later i was amazed the rice was as light and fluffy as if it had just been cooked. I would recommend this cooker to anyone who has a few rice dished a week.

Makes perfect rice and soo much more definitely one of the best purchases i’ve made.

Relationship saverover the years rice cooking failures have been the norm often resulting in disappointment. Keeping your fingers crossed is not the best way to cook rice and we’ve both tried really hard. ‘it’s double the water to rice’. ‘i ******* did that’ being a common exchange followed by ‘i’m never cooking rice again’. Well those words haven’t been said since the rice cooker arrived. . Pure rice bliss everytime now. So if you’re in a similar position with your loved one do yourself a favour and get this rice cooker now. It might seem to be quite expensive but compared to a divorce it’s a sound investment.

I can now make great sticky rice, it comes out the same every time. i haven’t used it for everything it can do but so far very happy. Great build quality, instructions are ok but its all pretty simple to use. Would recommend this to family & friends.

  • Simplicity itself

  • Best kitchen gadget I have ever baught.

  • No Rice No Life!

Yum Asia Sakura Rice Cooker with Ceramic Bowl and Micom Fuzzy Logic / 6 Rice Cooking Functions, 6 Multicooker Functions, Motouch LED Display (1.5 Litre) 220-240V UK/EU Power (Black and Silver)

yum asia rice cooker experts panda sakura bamboo induction heating ih zojirushi cuckoo tiger japan

  • 220-240V, 50hz with 3 pin UK plug, Detachable power cord – Note we also supply a EU plug with this item.
  • Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology
  • 8 cup capacity of uncooked rice – enough for 1-8 people
  • White/long grain, short grain (for sushi) and brown rice settings
  • Useful multi-cooker features – steam, porridge, slow cook, soup, cake baking, crust (tahdig) and yoghurt settings
  • High quality 5 layer 2mm thick ceramic coated inner bowl with easy lift handles
  • Easier to read water level lines for different types of rice (NEW!)
  • 24 hours keep warm function and 24 hours timer feature
  • 10 minute rice function countdown timer (NEW!)
  • State of the art Korean designed ‘Motouch’ control panel
  • Cool ice blue crisp and bright LED display
  • 3D heating technology
  • Detachable Stainless Steel (NEW) inner lid, outer steam cap and condensation collector for easy cleaning
  • Steam basket, measuring cup, spatula and soup ladle included
  • Ideal Home magazine Approved Product (best in category 5/5 rating, March 2019)*, KBB (Sept, 2019)^ and i-News Magazine – Awarded i-Buy Best Rice Cooker (March 2019)*

*Disclaimer – Awards are those expressed by Ideal Home (March2019), i-News (March, 2019) and KBB (Sept, 2019) magazines after their independent testing

Sakura rice cooker induction heating ih zojirushi yum asia cuckoo tiger japan japanese ceramic fuzzy

What Makes Sakura Special?

Yum Asia has been the home of premium rice cookers in the UK and Europe since 2006;. We have worked with Japanese rice cooking technologies and learned exactly how they work and their best and most useful features. We realised that the cookers did not always fit into everyone’s budget. We also realised that whilst some models ticked all the boxes of what a customer wants from a rice cooker, sometimes certain models didn’t tick all those boxes. We therefore spent many months thinking and designing a rice cooker with functions that were most appealing to people that love Asian food with the core emphasis being based around cooking great tasting rice along with features that other rice cookers do not have.

Advanced Fuzzy Logic

Sakura has multi-menu selections which uses Micom (micro-computerised) Fuzzy logic technology to control the temperature for the efficient cooking of many different types of rice including long grain, short grain and brown rice and a quick cook option if you want the rice cooked a little faster. Sakura is designed to cook rice using 7 distinct phases to produce perfect rice every time and to carefully retain nutrients. These phases are Preheat, Absorb water, Heating, Boiling, Braising, Absorb water and then finally Keep warm (in this order). This phased cooking and adjustments in temperature are controlled using Sakura’s advanced fuzzy logic processor and ensure perfectly cooked rice every time. Now with improved 10 minute countdown timer for rice cook functions.

24 Hour Keep Warm/Timer

Unique to Yum Asia’s rice cookers is a 24 hours automatic keep warm – it keeps rice at an ideal serving temperature until it’s ready to be served. There is a countdown indicator during the cooking cycle and when the rice is cooked a beep sounds and the cooker automatically shifts to keep warm mode. For added convenience, there is a pre-set time function which can be set up to 24 hours in advance, so you can have delicious rice ready for when you come in from work or nice, steaming hot porridge waiting on a cold winter’s morning.

Where Function And Style Create Perfection

Sakura has unique Asian styling with a tough, hard-wearing and easy to clean thermoplastic polymer exterior. It has a state of the art Korean designed ‘Motouch’ control panel with an extra-large, cool ice blue LED display which is super-sharp and bright. Unlike other rice cookers, the control panel doesn’t have any buttons, the ‘Motouch’ is pressure/touch sensitive and detects your finger when you place it on an icon

Ninja Ceramic Bowl

We have designed every aspect of Sakura with our customers in mind and decided to include a hard-wearing, 5 layer inner bowl with a 2mm thick ceramic coating which is BPA-free and PTFE/PFOA free. Now with improved easier to read water level lines for different types of rice.

3D Heating Technology

Like other fuzzy logic rice cookers, Sakura has a heating element on the inside bottom of the unit and unique 3D heating technology as well. This means that the heat from the heating element is dispersed around the sides of the bowl and heat also comes from the lid to apply heat downwards into the inner bowl for more even cooking of rice and other dishes.

Easy Cleaning

The inner lid is now made of Stainless Steel, steam cap and condensation collector are all removable for easy cleaning and no mess. The slick thermo-polymer exterior is easily wiped down for that new appearance everytime!

Sakura rice cooker induction heating ih zojirushi yum asia cuckoo tiger japan japanese ceramic fuzzy

7 Phased Rice Cooking Using Advanced Fuzzy Logic

Sakura uses advanced fuzzy logic combined with up to 7 phased cook cycles to ensure every type of rice is cooked perfectly every time.

The graph above shows how the fuzzy logic processor adjusts the temperature using the weight and detecting the heat inside the bowl along with pre-programmed conditions to cook rice on a typical cooking cycle.

Sakura doesn’t just boil rice. It uses preheat, absorb water, heating, boiling, steam, cool down and keep warm with steam combined with careful adjustments in time and temperature using advanced fuzzy logic to create the perfect rice for your meal.

Preheat – Sakura starts to gently heat the rice and water in the inner bowl to start the cooking cycle; this is key to the release of sugars into the water from the rice grains.

Steam – The steaming part of the cooking cycle enables the rice to continue cooking while reabsorbing the sugars in the remaining water back into the rice whilst simulateously evaporating the remaining water. This part of the cooking cycle makes the rice taste sweeter.

Absorb Water – This phase of the cooking cycle slightly increases the cooking temperature so the rice can start absorbing the water.

Cool Down – This water balancing part of the cooking cycle ensures there is no remaining water left

Heating – The temperature is increased again to start heating the water and rice in the inner bowl to start the cooking process of the rice.

Keep Warm and Steam – The final part of the cooking cycle is to hold steady at the perfect temperature to continue to steam the rice. This ensures the rice is perfectly cooked, fluffy and delicious

Boiling –Sakura rapidly increases the temperature to 100˚C, boiling point to evaporate the majority of the water from the inner bowl and to cook the rice part way.

sakura ninja ceramic bowl llayers yum asia zojirushi durable tough

Healthy Ceramic Inner Bowl Coating

5 layers bowl ceramic material durable ninja panda yum asia zojirushi

Benefits Of Our Ceramic Coating Technology

Sakura has a ceramic coated ‘Ninja-hard’ inner bowl, 2mm thick with a special 5 layer composition to ensure long lasting performance time after time. The ceramic layer ensures that your food is cooked healthily for you and your family.

  • BPA Free
  • PTFE and PFOA Free
  • 5 Layer Composition
  • 3D Heating
  • 2mm Thick Ceramic Coating

Explore The Ninja Ceramic Inner Bowl

Ninja Hard For Lasting Performance

We were tired of customers telling us that their rice cooker inner bowls would often disintegrate or become unstable after several uses. We designed the Ninja ceramic bowl to overcome these issues and have found it to be incredibly hard wearing.

Every Ninja ceramic bowl has rice cooking measurement rice levels embedded on the inside. We have found this to be better than painted levels which often wear off after repeated use.

  • Durable/No Flaking
  • Improved Easy To Read Rice Level Lines
  • Healthy Safe Cooking
  • Excellent Thermal Performance
  • Handles For Easy Lifting

Premium And Unique Rice Cooking With Carefully Selected Add On Multi Functions

Sakura rice cooker induction heating ih zojirushi yum asia cuckoo tiger japan japanese ceramic fuzzy

sakura rice cooker multicooker yum asia zojirushi cuckoo tiger japanese ceramic ninja digital uk

rice cooker experts yum asia zojirushi cuckoo tiger panasonic fuzzy logic perfect rice

Step Into The Future Of Rice Cooking

Sakura has a Korean designed ‘MoTouch’ control panel with an easy to cool ice blue crisp and bright LED display. The touch sensitive buttons are easy to operate and are great for hygiene and cleaning. This latest technology combined with it’s signature glossy black with easy clean thermoplastic exterior and brushed silver metallic lid gives Sakura a modern stylish look that your modern kitchen deserves.

With your Sakura you will receive a rice measuring cup for convenient rice measurements to cook just the amount of rice you need. You get a rice spatula with dimpled surface to help with rice service. A steaming tray to place above the rice you are cooking which is perfect for steaming vegetables and other foods.

Sakura Cooks Rice And More Perfectly!

Sakura is a great all rounder. Ideal for the growing family or people who just love eating rice.

Sakura can cook all types of rice perfectly at the touch of a button but also has useful complementary add on multi functions that utilise the phased cooking cycles very well.

  • White/long grain, short grain (for sushi) and brown rice settings
  • Useful multi-cooker features – steam, porridge, slow cook, soup, cake baking, crust (tahdig) and yoghurt settings

Designed By People That Know Rice Cooking

“We are the rice cooking experts!”

At Yum Asia we love Asian food but found that the biggest problem is that we couldn’t replicate the perfect rice we found when we were in restaurants! No matter how hard we tried, rice cooked in a saucepan just wasn’t the same. After some really disasterous purchases of non-fuzzy logic rice cookers, which rather than cooking the perfect rice we were looking for, just spat out starchy water all over our kitchen worktop, we bought a fuzzy logic rice cooker and it changed the way we cook completely. From 2006 onwards we coined the phrase ‘Perfect rice at the touch of a button’.

panda mini rice cooker fuzzy logic ninja ceramic yum asia cuckoo zojirushi tiger uk europe sakura rice cooker multicooker functions ninja ceramic bowl yum asia zojirushi cuckoo tiger uk eu Bamboo Umai Induction Heating IH rice cooker yum asia zojirushi tiger cuckoo joubu ceramic uk eu bamboo induction heating ih rice cooker yum asia zojirushi fuzzy logic japan ceramic digital cuckoo
Panda Mini Rice Cooker Sakura Rice Cooker Bamboo IH rice Cooker Bamboo IH rice Cooker
Capacity 3.5 Cups / 1-3 people 8 cups / 1-8 people 8 cups / 1-8 people 8 cups / 1-8 people
Heating Method Conventional with Advanced Fuzzy Logic Conventional with Advanced Fuzzy Logic Umai Induction Heating (IH) Umai Induction Heating (IH)
Inner Bowl Type 2mm Ninja Ceramic 2mm Ninja Ceramic 3mm Joubu Ceramic 3mm Joubu Ceramic
Control Panel Button Type Smart Button MoTouch MoTouch MoTouch
Number Of Rice Cooking Functions 4 6 7 7
Number Of Add on Functions 4 6 4 4
Display Ice White LED Cool Ice Blue LED White Rose LED Ice White LED
Exterior Colour White and Grey Black and Silver Champagne Rose and Black Metallic Silver

Buy on Amazon

It’s a bit of a hefty price tag but the saying that ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true. Got it to try doing sushi rice, and after a couple of tries nailed it. For anyone doing the same i’d reccomend a 1 to 1 cup ratio of rice to water, instead of the 1 to 1. Makes good rice, and the steamer tray means you can make whole rice meals in one go.

Can be confusing at first use.

Easy to use and makes perfect rice.

Cooks rice to perfection buy it.

I’ve used this 3 times this week. Once on quick rice cook, once on regular rice cook and once on regular rice cook and also using the steaming basket over the rice to cook some pork. The cooker is easy to clean, but make sure you have the water reservoir attached right in otherwise you get a little puddle of water on the work top. The holder for the handle is a bit pointless as it clips on to the handle (which then gets knocked off if you need to lift the cooker to the table). A magnetic holder would be better to sit on the side of the cooker. It’s easy to clean and i like it you can remove a the inner lid and also the steam filter at the top for wiping/cleaning. It’s a nice looking cooker and fits snugly in my kitchen cupboard without taking up too much room. The cooker is quiet and beeps when the rice is done. Don’t go for the cheaper rice cookers, you pay for what you get and this is by far one of the best cookers i’ve owned over the years.

Bought this as a gift for my daughter and heres her review:-this machine is easy to use, stylish, and provides great results. The rice settings give perfect fluffy rice, with an easy to manage ratio. The slow cook facility is very handy, as is the 24 hour delay timer. It does take up quite a bit of kitchen space, and it lets out a lot of steam from the back, so it can’t be placed directly under a unit. Very pleased with it and have used it daily since purchasing.

I never knew i was cooking rice wrong all this time. My sakura arrived very quickly and i am impressed so far with everything it does. The rice, whether long or short grain is perfect every single time- i’ve tried all of the rice cooking settings and each one produced brilliant, fluffy rice, even the quick cook produces better rice than a saucepan or microwave. Texture is great and the taste is out of this world. It comes with a very detailed and useful manual with recipes included and guidance for cooking other grains and pulses which is great. Included with the rice cooker is a steaming basket and it has a steaming function as well- very easy to steam veg at the same time as cooking rice for whole meals. The sakura looks really stylish in my kitchen and is very easy to use, intuitive and very easy to clean. The ceramic inner bowl is an excellent addition as when i was looking for rice cookers, all of them seem to have teflon bowls which i’m really not keen on. This was a brilliant purchase, well worth the money if you want restaurant quality rice by just pressing a button without any messing around.

I bought this rice cooker immediately after a visit to japan to continue having well cooked rice. So far, this machine has worked wonders. The rice is always perfectly cooked, be it sticky rice or brown. I have yet to try the other functions that are available on sakura, but i’m very happy with the purchase. The rice spatula fluffs up and gets the rice out really well and more importantly doesn’t scratch or tarnish the cooking pot inside the cooker. It is easy to clean with the removable pot and looks stylish in my kitchen.

  • Simplicity itself

  • Best kitchen gadget I have ever baught.

  • No Rice No Life!

Yum Asia Sakura Rice Cooker with Ceramic Bowl and Micom Fuzzy Logic / 6 Rice Cooking Functions, 6 Multicooker Functions, Motouch LED Display (1.5 Litre) 220-240V UK/EU Power (Black and Silver)

The cooked rice is delicious (far better than a friend’s [expensive] zojirushi), it’s convenient (set it up to prepare rice for roughly the time you are planning to serve dinner and it’ll cook the rice beautifully and satisfactorily keep it warm for hours [in many ways the rice is better if allowed to rest for a period]). One minor criticism: only a weird “rotating dial” indicator of the preparation time remaining. Far better would be a digital countdown timer. And in regards to volumes, we find that one cup will easily serve two people, so maybe the smaller machine would be better for regular family use?. However, highly recommended overall.

This piece of equipment in a small amount of time has become more used than my stove. I love this machine and it can do so much. Rice is only the tip of the iceberg for this. From banana cakes to fresh yoghurt it does lots of things and also the information and recipes from the yum asia website is fantastic. So overall a great bit of kit, essential for anyone who enjoys making asian cuisine.

It’s really a good product. No smell of cooking rice and every time we are having a five star hotel serving.

Been looking for a rice cooker for a long time. Came across this and best kitchen gadget i have now. Rice comes out perfect eveytime. Very easy to use and very easy to clean. Love the fact u can carry it from the kitchen to the table if u want and that u can lift the inner pot out while it’s still hot without burning my fingers on the handles. I have recommended this rice cooker to others as all the additional features is perfect for any family and anyone to use. My parents are going to be getting one also and my friend has ordered one.

Easy to use with good results.

I used to have a zojirushi one, which was very good, and then bought several cheap ones. You get what you pay for, and this one is well made and has all the features i want. It is not cheap, but it is good value.

Used it a handful of times in just a few days, can’t fault it. The pre-set and keep warm for 24hours features are extremely useful. 6hours kept on warm and the rice was still superbabsolutely love the added recipes specifically for this cooker.

I had been debating getting a rice cooker for a while but wanted one that had a few additional programs. This fit my budget, does beautiful rice better than i could ever make it on the stove and i’ve used for cakes and soups with great success. Stylish design, easy to use, couldn’t have asked for better. Really chuffed with this gadget.

It is great we have no kitchen at the moment as restructuring this has saved us.

I bought this to make rice mainly and omg. The rice is just cooked amazingly. Everyone that comes to our house always compliments me on our rice all thanks to this cooker. I have also tried their other function and it works just as amazingly as the rice function.

Does it do it better than 10times cheaper rice cookers?. I sure hope it lasts longer.

Makes barely any noise while cooking, no mess on the counter, super easy to clean. The rice was never this good before.

Features and Spesification

  • ADVANCED FUZZY LOGIC RICE COOKER TECHNOLOGY – Computer controlled 7-phase rice cooking technology with tailored useful multifunctional options including steam, porridge, casserole, soup, cake baking, crust (Tahdig), slow cook and yoghurt. Including 24-hour timer and keep warm function
  • VERSATILE SIZE- Capacity of 8 cups of uncooked rice – sufficient for 1-8 people, 220-240V, 50Hz. Supplied with a UK plug. INCLUDES OUR EXCELLENT 2 YEAR WARRANTY!
  • PERFECT RICE AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON – White/long grain, short grain/sushi and brown rice settings using 7 different cooking phases to automatically achieve the best taste, texture and aroma
  • NEW IMPROVED HIGH QUALITY 5-LAYER 2MM NINJA CERAMIC COATED INNER BOWL – For healthier cooking with new improved water level lines, easy-to-lift handles and a durable, long lasting finish. NEW! – Stainless steel inner cover. Including instruction manual, steam basket, measuring cup, rice spatula, spatula holder and soup ladle.
  • STEP INTO THE FUTURE OF RICE COOKING – Modern, ice blue, crisp, bright LED display. 10 minute countdown for the rice functions (NEW!). Korean ‘Motouch’ control panel and 3D phased heating technology in a glossy black housing with a silver metal lid