Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-YSQ10 Stainless Steel Brown – Rolls Royce of rice cookers

If you are a rice obsessive, the this is the cooker for you as every conceivable type of rice cooking is catered for. Cooking times are much longer than i expected though. Also, the minimum quantity of rice that can be cooked at a time is quite large (a whole measure of the supplied cup) too much for one person. Any attempt to cook a smaller amount gives puddingy results.

I’ve been cooking various kinds of rice (indica, japonica) on the stove with a heavy pot for years and was happy with the results (i steamed the rice at the end, never scorched it, used just the right amount of water so that the grains were separate and fluffy, etc). After reading raving reviews of the zojirushi cookers on the us amazon website i decided to try one (from yumasia. Uk), namely the ns-yqs10 (the same as the one depicted and commented upon here even though the ref is different). I was more than ready to be sceptical but after just one try on the ‘umami’ setting with thai rice my husband and i were blown over. It seriously puts to shame all my previous attempts at rice cooking. It’s the difference between merely competent and expert cooking. The grains are tighter, more fragrant, drier, and this without being hard or unpleasantly separate. After that i tried nishiki rice and akitakomachi, this time using the sushi measurements but still the umami programme (more on this below), and the results were equally out of this world.

Being in japan with family for 12 days we noted every household owns an appliance like this. However, in europe it’s very exotic to find it. Luckyly there are some companies importing those appliances into europe, approved for eu market (220v). The price was also ok as we’re using it almost daily. And finaly: youngsters can cook their lunch & dinner for themselvses ;).

Surprising me, rice is very tasty, strongly recommended.

Japanese quality, nothing more can be said. This replaced my old cheap rice cooker that didn’t even have an off switch. Yes it’s expensive, but sometimes you’re ready to pay for top quality. So far rice has been perfectly fluffy and sticky, using akitakomachi rice and it’s good.

Just does everything brilliantly and without any fuss. It takes its time but you just need to factor that in.

Simple basmati so organic from sainsbury’s was out of this world. I never knew i loved the rice until today.

Worth every penny – faultless rice every time – love love love it.

Bought this unit this week to start learning how to make sushi at home instead of paying ridiculous prices for home delivery sushii tested the unit by putting some basmati rice through it, and i must say it was the best rice i have ever been able to cook manually prior. It took a while to warm up, so was not sure it was working, then after a few minutes you could hear the elements heating up and all went like clockwork, inducing the alarm when the rice was ready and the nice feature that the unit automatically goes into rice warming function. Easy to use and to set-up, with clear and concise instructions. Expensive, but in this instance you get what you pay for. I definitely recommend this product.

This rice cooker is the right product for those who want to enjoy their rice just right. It has a variety of functions to cook different type of rice and other type of food (i haven’t tried this yet). The quality of the cooker is much better that the other similar i had so far and the pan i hope it will last for many years if it washed with care. This item was shipped twice to me as the first time it did not reach in a good condition. Yet, the people from ‘rice passion’ have been excellent in replacing it. I would definitely order from they again.

Can’t deny japanese quality is one of the best, if not the best, in the world. Cooked rice and congee with this cooker, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Part of the reason i got this was because of hands free congee cooking. That being said, normal rice comes out perfect. One thing to note, it takes more time to cook compared to other cookers, as do all good things, it takes time.

Great product – best rice cooker we have had, simple to use, easy to clean.

But perhaps cheaper ones would work as well.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fantastic rice cooker, which can also be used for cereals and pulses
  • is the right product for those who want to enjoy their rice just right
  • A new way to enjoj the Rice