ZOLO Liberty : Great sound quality

These are the first truly wireless buds i’ve had. Before i bought, i did a fair bit of research – aiming at getting the best value. Spending £300 would be too much in my view, and these were at the upper limit of what i’d spend on headphones. Prior to these i’ve had the £25 anker in ear bluetooth headphones (ear buds connected with a wire), a pair of shure e2cs (wired), as well as cheap wired in-ear buds. First, the good:sound quality is top notch in my view. Better than my shures were, definitely better than any of the cheaper headphones i’ve owned. If you come from owning ‘regular’ headphones (i. You haven’t spent a lot on getting audiophile level quality), then you should find these to produce exceptional sound. They do a pretty good job of filtering out background sounds, but don’t expect bose qc35 levels of noise cancelling.

But left ear keeps dropping out for half a second. Hopefully this will be fixed with a firmware update. It takes 2 seconds to change eq settings and nothing can be fine-tuned to the user’s preference. Again, hopefully this issues will be fixed with software and firmware updates, but as it stand the product appears buggy and as a work-in-progress, which is disappointing for a costly product like this. I see great potential in this product.Please don’t let me down anker.

I absolutely love them – sound quality is very good and connects to my phone automatically.

I have only had these for about a week, and have some things to note. Unlike others i have not experienced that the left earbud stops working. However, when i am calling someone, i only get audio on the right earbud. The lid of the case is somewhat flimsy, and it takes a while for the buds to disconnect once they are back in the case. The worst part is possibly the microphone. When i am calling people wearing these, they can rarely hear me, and if they do they can’t hear me well. Yet the microphones are very sensitive, as you will notice when you turn on transparency (a very handy feature that lets the outside noise coming through your music. In other words; turn it on for when you’re at the register, and then turn it off when you’re done. No need to take them out, which minimizes the chance of losing them. Considering how new this technology is, and that you get bluetooth 5, i believe it’s a good product for the price.

Sound was great, in ear fit was good, however left earbud stopped charging after 4 days****editcustomer support contacted me and delivered me a new set which as of right now are functioning, will increase this to 4 star for now. Will update in a month or so if i remember to see if these stand the test of time.

While the first pair had connection problems the customer service team were quick to offer a replacement pair which worked admirably. I personally found the fit to be good with better than expected noise exclusion, the battery life is also very impressive for the size and i found it matched the quoted time from a charge. Overall a very good product with only very rare connection drops. Only misses the 5th star by being somewhat bulky.

I had to come back and edited my previous review because anker’s customer service have been excellent. I had an issue with my liberty plus earphones where the left earbud stopped charging for some reason, however anker very quickly sent my a new pair and i’m happy to say they are working just fine. Once again thanks anker for the great customer service.

Nice very convienment and enough battery.

  • Great idea, keep falling out during sport / gym sessions
  • No AAC
  • Great sound quality

ZOLO Liberty+ Total-Wireless Earphones, Bluetooth Earbuds with Graphene Driver Technology and 50 Hours Battery Life, Sweatproof Total-Wireless Earbuds with Smart AI and Toggle Sound Isolation

Coupez le cordon Alors que la plupart des écouteurs Bluetooth se disent sans fil, vous devez quand même vous accommoder d’un câble autour de votre cou. Les Liberty Plus sont véritablement sans fil, avec 2 écouteurs finement réglés pour une écoute sans retenue et une commodité sans précédent.Son immersif Les drivers révolutionnaires de Liberty Plus sont rigides mais légers. Ils produisent une oscillation de précision pour un son supérieur sur toute la gamme de fréquences. Une clarté exceptionnelle et une signature sonore délicate offrent un son immersif qui met l’auditeur au centre de la scène.Autonomie longue durée 3h30 de batterie renforcées par le puissant boîtier de recharge pour une incroyable autonomie de 48 heures.Connexion instantanée PUSH AND GO vous permet de connecter vos appareils sans effort : sortez les Liberty Plus de leur boîtier et connectez-vous via Bluetooth. Après la configuration initiale, les écouteurs se connectent automatiquement lorsqu’ils sont retirés du boîtier et se déconnectent lorsqu’ils y sont replacés.Isolation sonore désactivable Coupez-vous du monde ou restez connecté avec votre environnement. En appuyant longuement sur n’importe lequel des écouteurs, vous pouvez activer le microphone et entendre tout ce qui se passe autour de vous. Idéal pour votre sécurité.Activation au toucher Changez de morceau ou activez Siri facilement, directement sur les écouteurs. Les microphones de Liberty Plus sont optimisés pour la reconnaissance vocale.Tenue parfaite La technologie GripFit permet aux Liberty Plus de tenir confortablement dans vos oreilles, en toute sécurité et sans risquer de tomber. Insérez et tournez-les pour les bloquer dans vos oreilles. Les écouteurs sont livrés avec des embouts souples de différentes tailles en silicone liquide, pour plus d’aisance.

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These are fantastic true wireless earphones however i’m not sure they’re fully compatabile with a huawei p20 pro. I’ve had these for about 3 weeks now and they’ve been great. I’ve used them for flights and train journeys and they’ve done the job for both. The only 2 things i can fault is that they have a tendency to fade in and out quite often, which could be due to compatability with my p20 pro. I’m not sure if it’s notification that’s causes this, but nothing pop ups on my phone so it would seem that isn’t the issue. I’ve tried a couple of the jackets that they include and different ear tips, but after bakut 25 minutes of listening, they begin to get uncomfortable. Otherwise, the product is packaged beautifully and professionally. The active noise cancellation works great when used correctly. I would recommend spending the extra money and getting these over the standard zolo liberty’s.

I have been using these earbuds now for 3 days in the gym and sorry to say i am returning them as not fit for purpose intended. The reason i got these was they seemed to have good youtube reviews and the reviews on here were alright about the product so thought i would give them a try. I have been using them in the gym last 3 days and the major issue i have is they keep falling out or becoming so loose that all bass is lost and sound is ‘tinny’. For a good bass you need a tight seal in the ear canal from the bud and dad to say these really don’t measure upwhen in the gym i seem to be adjusting them and pushing back in every 5 minutes between my weight sets. Running was a nightmare with them. And yes before you think i didn’t put them in right i have ensured i did the ‘twist and lock’. Even when to a mirror in gym abs ensured i twisted and locked them but they just don’t fit well. But i tried all adapters that came with it but still no joy.

Great, great, great what a quick delivery.

I was given some of these by anker for free after being dissatisifed with another pair of bluetooth headphones that i bought from them. I bought those as a temporary replacement for my jabra elite sport earbuds, which i had to return for repair. For reference, the jabra elite sport can be had for £154. 99 for the grey model, so a bit more expensive but not a massive difference. The jabra elite sport can be had in lime green for £199. 96 – it’s not clear why there is such a big difference for a different colourway. I think that this puts them in a similar price bracket as the zolo liberty+ – once you account for the fact that the elite sport also has a heart monitor which bumps the price up, i would expect the other features to be on a par between the two models. So, as i have experience with both and they are at a similar price point, i’m going to compare the two in a number of areas that are important for true wireless earbuds. Fit and comfort—————the liberty+ comes with 3 pairs of outer jackets and 3 pairs of silicon tips, while the jabra elite sport comes with 3 pairs of jackets, 3 pairs of silicon tips and 3 pairs of memory foam tips. With both models i was able to find a combination that gave me a nice snug fit and a good seal in the ear canal, which i find is essential for sound isolation and quality, especially where bass is concerned.

The great news is these fit my ears well with the medium pieces. This is absolutely key with these types of units. Music is great but you have to accept that you use the phone to control volume (only option) and charge tracks (only useable option). Using siri and making or receiving phone calls is not possible as the sound out of the right earpiece only is not good enough. My first set failed after 4 months anker/zolo replace without any quibbles. I don’t make many phone calls and so i am happy with these as they fitt me well and sound very acceptable for the money paid on kickstarter.

I bought these to use with my original google pixel and they work great. They also work perfectly on my macbook pro too. I am still playing with the different ear bud sizes that the liberty + provides but so far they have been comfy, secure and audio wise very good. I use these primarily for work and cyclingmy only grief with them is that i wish they were usb c charging, still stuck in the old days of micro usb.

Good product lots of different fittings so should suit most users.

Maybe ok for i phones but not for android devices. Android 8 oreo uses the aac codec but these are not recognised, so audio quality is not what it should be. Other aac bluetooth devices are recognised. I decided to keep them for further testing. My main usage is for audiobooks, when listening to music i tend to use wired. I’ve upped the rating as the connection is excellent.

  • Great idea, keep falling out during sport / gym sessions
  • No AAC
  • Great sound quality

ZOLO Liberty+ Total-Wireless Earphones, Bluetooth Earbuds with Graphene Driver Technology and 50 Hours Battery Life, Sweatproof Total-Wireless Earbuds with Smart AI and Toggle Sound Isolation

Using them with s9+ and they haven’t missed a beat so far. I put off buying them for ages after reading all the issues with them but i gave them a shot thinking i could return them if i have any issues.

Sound was good, but they hurt my ears after a while and were uncomfortable. Maybe ok for others, but not for me.

Great quality product but had to return this as i gave it as a present to a child but it was way too big for his ears.

Features and Spesification

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  • No Wires, No Limits: Flagship Total-Wireless Earphones with immersive graphene-enhanced sound, adjustable ambient sound levels, and extended battery life.
  • Graphene-Enhanced Sound: Pioneering audio technology delivers jaw-dropping clarity and treble. A sound-tight seal generates deep bass with exceptional isolation.
  • 48 Hours of Power: Get 3.5 hours of playtime from a single charge, boosted to 48 with the included charging case.
  • Simplified Setup: PUSH AND GO™ ensures ultra-fast pairing, while a single button-press activates Smart AI.
  • What You Get: Liberty+ Total-Wireless Earphones, Liberty Charging Case, 4 x GripFit Jackets, 3 x EarTips, a Micro-USB Cable, and a 12-month warranty.